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Uncle Bubba Shows You How To Size Shrimp

Paula’s little brother, Bubba, owns Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House with his big sister.  In this video recorded just off the back dock of Paula’s house overlooking Turner’s Creek, he teaches us all about shrimp sizes.  Below is a chart to help you follow along.

All Shrimp are sold by sizes, whether they are sold by the actual count or by a name such as jumbo or extra large. It’s good to know what the marketable name is and the count of shrimp per pound the goes with it. Good markets or grocers will label the shrimp both ways to help you determine the size you are buying. For example a Jumbo Shrimp would have 21 to 25 shrimp per pound.

COLOSSAL         10/15
EXTRA JUMBO     16/20
JUMBO               21/25
EXTRA LARGE     26/30
LARGE               31/35
MEDIUM           41/50
SMALL             51/60
EXTRA SMALL     61/70

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Reader Comments:


I love Uncle Bubba, such a nice family I could just gobble y’all up!!!

Mari Ann Hutchinson of Vero Beach, Florida on September 08, 2010 04:59 PM

Do you find more flavor in the extra large shrimp rather than the colossal or jumbo prawns?

Fran Kaminski of USA on September 08, 2010 05:45 PM

Great!  We just had some shrimp at the Pahrump Winery in Pahrump, and they were HUGE!  Now I know they were the Colossal one Bubba showed in video!  Tks… M. Chism

M. Chism of Nevada on September 08, 2010 10:35 PM

Thank you so much for the information!!!

Deloris of Punta Cana, Domican Republic on September 11, 2010 10:55 PM

Hey Paula! I have loved you ever since I first saw you on TV. I have 2 sons who love to cook shrimp. One in Gulfport MS and 1 here in Cape Coral, Fl. Actually they love to cook period.
I am emailing this to them. I always let them
cook or help me, since they were toddlers.I made Christmas Cookies and let them help frost them,
one problem, they insisted Santas beard be blue.
Love to you and your family and staff. God Bless

Carol Tabor of Cape Coral FL 33990 on September 16, 2010 11:02 AM

I loved Uncle Bubbs’s presentation the Deen family

Sue Flynn of USA on September 16, 2010 12:22 PM

Thank You!!! I have 2 sons myself, close to your sons age that love to cook also…I bought them the “Deen Bro’s” cookbook for Christmas and they are turning into quite the chefs…The 3 of us just love you and your family( Uncle Bubba Too)....Thanks so much for all the great tips and recipes…keep em comin!! \
              Eileen, Nick, and Brannon Gale

Eileen Gale-Perry of Lake Almanor, California (North of Lake Tahoe) on September 16, 2010 01:49 PM

This was extraordinarily helpful.  I always wondered what all that meant when people talked about shrimp, now I know.  BTW, have eaten in both restaurants and the food is AMAZING!!!

Bryan of Charlotte, NC on September 16, 2010 01:49 PM

To cute.

Lisa of New York on September 16, 2010 07:17 PM

Does the size of the shrimp affect the taste of the shrimp…which are the tastiest?  Love you all!

Jean Kohler of Forest Park, GA 30297 on September 16, 2010 07:32 PM


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