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Favorite Halloween Candy

In the life of a busy family, even a work family like the one at Paula Deen Enterprises, meal time is the perfect time to really listen to those important people in you life, in our case....coworkers. Gathering around the board room table over a catered lunch from The Lady and Son's has been a great time to delve just a little deeper into each others thoughts and feelings. For us, finding out what song Paula remembers dancing to on her prom night leads to a room full of laughs and colorful stories.

Sometimes, a simple question can also bridge a gap or mend a fence where needed. Finding out through this form of sharing that you each would want the same “last supper” seems to bond infinitely better than sharing a copy machine. Try a question tomorrow at work and see where the conversation can lead you. In Paula Deen land, our questions always seem to be centered around food, but it's funny how the answers can quickly take the conversations elsewhere.

This is an easy and timely question to get you started. It was fun for us!

What candy did you eat out of your halloween loot first?

  • Paula Deen: I would steal the boys Milk Duds when they got home from Trick or Treating!

  • Michael Groover(Husband): Snickers and Butterfinger bars

  • Bobby Deen(Youngest Son): Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Jamie Deen (Oldest Son): Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Brandon Branch (Design Director, Paula Deen Enterprises and Paula's Personal Assistant): Skittles

  • Jay Hiers (Nephew): Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

  • Jamie Cribbs (Hair Stylist): Candy Corn in the little plastic packs

  • Dora Charles (Head Cook, The Lady and Son's Restaurant): Almond Joy

  • Lisa Jackson (General Manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood House): Candy Corn

  • Cookie Espinoza (Office Manager, The Lady and Son's Restaurant): Sprees

  • Darrell Myers (Kitchen Manager, The Lady and Son's Restaurant): Snickers...the big ones not those little ones

  • Karl Schumacher (CFO, Paula Deen Enterprises): Candy Corn

  • Tanya Hazel (Prep Cook, Uncle Bubba's Seafood House): Candy Corn

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