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A bone in roast will cook faster than a boneless roast because the bone conducts heat.

Paula’s Best Dishes

How many people does it take to make a television show? Season 6 of my Food Network Show, Paula's Best Dishes, will be setting up to tape this week in…

Mini Mummies, a fun treat to make with your kids

Two ingredients. There has been no easier recipe we have tested in our Paula Deen Test Kitchen and no recipe that disappeared any faster out of the oven than these…

Pass the Milk

Paula's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie. I think it was either my mamma or my Aunt Peggy, I can't remember which, who told me that the lady who created the original…

Tips for perfect deep frying

Frying has long been the preferred method of cooking in our part of the country. Even though we share a multitude of delicious chicken recipes on, we would be…

Just Add Salad, A week of affordable easy meals

Who has time to cook a fancy meal every night? Here's one week's worth of easy to prepare hearty main dishes. Sure to save you time in the kitchen and…

After School Treats

Kids can be so strong willed when it comes to what they will and will not eat. It's a daily struggle for almost all mothers (and fathers too!). If this…

Table Manners

Teaching young children table manners can pay off big dividends – they will be more confident when dining away from home, and their good manners will cause them to be…

An invitation to lunch

Every teacher looks forward to summer break, however there may be a daily break more precious...lunchtime! Lunchtime for teachers is what I consider a thirty-five minute “mini vacation."

10 Tips for Making School Lunches Healthy and Fun

It’s been a number of years since Paula packed a school lunch for Jamie and Bobby, but parents today have the same concerns as Paula did when she packed those…

Keeping it Healthy

Paula Deen Online Food Editor, Libbie Summers, interviews Bobby Deen to discuss healthy eating habits, exercise and his new role as the creator and head of Bobby Lightens It Up.

Refrigerator Pickling, fun and easy

Refrigerator pickling is surprisingly easy to do and the results are one of summers great treats.

A Peachy Summer Recipe

Featuring a brand new recipe from Paula.

No Ordinary Lemonade

Libby and Phil talk about their favorite twists on a summertime favorite.

Summertime Picnics

We've put together some tips to make your next picnic a hit. One lucky commenter will be picked at random to win an Igloo Cool Fusion Icy Tunes cooler.

A Juicy Southern Burger

Libbie Summers gives you the inside scoop on creating the perfect southern style burger, and a bit of behind the scenes dish as well.

What’s Your Summertime Dish

Summer is in full swing here in Savannah. Here are a few recipes that are summertime favorites around our office. We would love to hear about your summertime go to…

Father’s Day Coupons

Father's Day is this weekend, here's an easy craft for the kids to show dad how much they care.

Blueberry Breakfast with Paula

It's blueberry season and Libbie gives you tips on their use and storage as well as a new Paula Deen blueberry recipe.

For a Great Wedding it’s Location, Location, Location

Betty Darby shares some Savannah secrets on having a fantastic wedding. How to pick the perfect location both here and in your hometown.

Perfect Produce

Fresh is tough to get just right! Let us help you pick that melon. Why is local produce so important? It DOES taste better if you can get it

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