How to use the Paula Deen Network


How do I watch videos?

There are several ways to watch videos — but you have to be a Network Subscriber!

If you are a Network Subscriber, you need to be logged in with your email address and password. You can log in by clicking on the “login” button at the top right of the site.

If you are not a Network Subscriber, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to watch videos (be sure to log in after that).

You can choose videos from the menu items (in the horizontal green bar near the top of every page) called "Cooking Shows," "Lifestyle Shows," "Game Shows," "Vintage Paula" or "Paula Uncut." Choose the main menu item you would like to see, scroll along its drop-down list and click the episode of your choice. When its page loads, simply click the play icon to watch the video episode of your choice.

When on the Paula Deen Network home page, you can click on one of the big scrolling images at the top of the page. If that carousel image is about a show, clicking on it will take you directly to the show page.

Also, if a recipe you're looking at has a large image near the top of the page with a play button in the center, that means you can click the play button to watch the recipe's video. Anything with a play button is a video!

PLEASE NOTE that if you’re using the Paula Deen Network on your tablet or smartphone, you cannot watch videos in the web browser on your device. Instead, you need to use the Paula Deen Network app.

The app is FREE and available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad users and on the Google Play Store for Android users. (Most smartphones and tablets that are not made by Apple are Android devices.) Download and install the app, and then browse the categories or check the app homepage to find a video you want to watch. Click on the video and enjoy!


How do I find new episodes and see what's coming up next week?

There’s a schedule you can check! On the homepage, just below the carousel (the huge, moving images at the top of the page) and to the right is a big button that says Network Schedule (next to a picture of a calendar). Click it to get to the Network Schedule page, where you can see what’s new this week and what’s coming soon.

The newest videos are also right on the homepage for you. Just below the carousel and the “Browse Products” and “Network Schedule” buttons, you’ll see a group of videos under the heading
New This Week.

Click the MORE button to see them all.

To watch most videos, including the newest episodes, you need to be a subscriber. Try a free trial now for access to videos for 14 days!


How do I add shows and recipes to my Favorites?

Anyone who is a Registered Guest or Network Subscriber can save recipes or shows (such as “Deen Family Table” or “Sketch Your Supper”) to their list of favorites. Just look to the right side (just below the big image) of the recipe, show or episode page for a button that says +Favorites. Click it, and you’ll add the recipe or show your list of favorites.

To see your favorites, click the stack of three lines near the top-right of any page (this is your personal menu) and select Favorites from the menu.

Or, click on your name at the very top-right of the page to access your account information, and at the bottom of the info box you can click on View Favorites.

You can also click on Your Favorites from the menu at the very bottom of every page of the website.

Only Network Subscribers can watch videos and save individual episodes of shows as favorites. You save individual episodes of shows the same way you save recipes or shows, by clicking the +Favorites button.


How do I use the Shopping List?

If you're a Registered Guest or Network Subscriber, you have the option to add the ingredients to a shopping list. Just click +SHOPPING LIST to the right of the recipe, and a pop-up window will appear, listing every ingredient. If you already have some of the ingredients, you can uncheck the box to the left of the items you already have, and they will not be added to the Shopping List.

When you’re ready to go to the store, go up to the top of any page and click on the stack of three lines under your name near the top-right of the page (this is your personal menu) and select Shopping List from the drop-down menu.

Or, click on your name and scroll down to click on View Shopping List, which is the very last item on your Account Dashboard.

No matter how you get there, everything you’ve added to your Shopping List will be displayed, grouped into categories by the aisles in the store where you’ll find the items.

At the top-right of your Shopping List is a PRINT button if you have a printer and want a paper copy of the list.

You can also access your Shopping List from the website on your smartphone. If you do, you can cross things off the list by checking the box to the left of the ingredient. You can also sort the list by remaining ingredients by clicking Remaining, which will refresh the list and eliminate the crossed-off ingredients, giving you a shorter, cleaner list to shop from.

If you want to look at a specific type of ingredient, you can use the Sort menu just above the Shopping List to cross things off the list. Use the Sort menu and select All to see your entire list again.

Once your shopping is done, you’ll probably want to use the CLEAR button to erase everything from the list. Otherwise, those items will remain and you might overbuy on your next shopping trip!


How do I use the Meal Planner to make my own meals?

The Meal Planner allows you to group your very own selection of recipes into a meal that is saved in your Favorites, for your convenience. The link to the Meal Planner lives inside your Favorites, at the top right of the page.From the Meal Planner, you can also click on +SHOPPING LIST at the top of the page to add all the ingredients for all of the recipes into the shopping list at once. 

Click CREATE A MEAL to start your meal planning.

To give the meal a name, click on the big words on the left that say TYPE TO EDIT and type in the box your meal’s name. Click APPLY to save the name.

Now it’s time to plan that meal! You’ll see green buttons a bit below your meal’s name. Use these buttons to add meal categories, such as an entree or dessert, to your meal. The +Other button will lead you to things like sauces, spice mixes and anything else Paula has a recipe for that doesn’t quite fit into the earlier categories.

All the buttons work the same way, so we'll use +SALAD as the example.

Click +SALAD. It will be added to the beige area. You can click as many meal categories as you'd like, but you'll need to get suggestions for each separately.

Click Suggest Salad. You will be given a list of every salad on the site, in no particular order. You can scroll through all of them to find the perfect salad, or you can use the Refine Search items to narrow the list down.

Let’s say you’re looking for a salad with fruit in it. Scroll down to MAIN INGREDIENT, and choose Fruit, which will narrow the list down to salads that include fruit as a main ingredient.

When you’ve found a salad you want to check out, click on it to read the recipe. If you like it and want to add it to your meal, click +MEAL at the top right of the page. You’ll be taken back to the meal planner with your chosen salad in the list.

Click on additional meal categories, such as +ENTREE or +APPETIZER, to add more elements to your meal, until you’re happy with your selections. There are thousands of recipes on the website, so you’ll definitely want to use the REFINE SEARCH area to narrow your choices down!

You can make as many meals as you’d like, and they’ll all be stored with the name you gave them in your Favorites, to come back to again and again.


How do I register as a Guest?

If you're not ready to start a free trial or subscribe, you can register as a Guest, so you can use the Favorites and Shopping List.

Click on JOIN at the top of the page, or click anywhere you're prompted to subscribe.

Fill out the first page and agree to the terms of service by checking the box next to it, then click on NEXT STEP. Your name will now appear at the top-right of the page, and you’re registered. Remember your login!

To access all of Paula's shows as well as her cooking tools, you can easily upgrade your account. Your first 14 days are free, and you can cancel anytime — sign up now!