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A bone in roast will cook faster than a boneless roast because the bone conducts heat.

Kitchen Essentials

These are the essentials for the basic kitchen. A $300 investment will save money on dining out and buying costly prepared, packaged food. As your cooking skills grow, and your techniques are honed, the kitchen can branch out with more tools, cookware, and prep materials.

1-2.  Medium and Large Saucepans, (the largest being 6-8 quarts) preferably with lids.
-everyday pans for boiling water, cooking soups, making sauces
3.  10 -12 inch Large sauté pan with lid.
-basic pan for sautéing , pan frying, sauces and gravies
4.  10 inch Cast Iron Skillet
-traditional southern skillet for pan-frying, sautéing, baking, roasting
5.  8 inch Non-stick Skillet
-small, light skillet for frying and scrambling eggs, sautéing
6.  Quality Chef’s Knife
-basic large sturdy knife needed for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, cutting
7.  Paring Knife
-small knife needed for cutting, peeling smaller, more delicate ingredients
8.  Colander
-though mostly used for straining pasta, a colander can be used to strain vegetables and meat as well
9.  Box Grater
-a rust-resistant grater’s four-sided functions make it essential for many meals, and not just cheese
10.  Flat Spatula
-rubber cooking tool good for turning and flipping
11. Kitchen Tongs
-tongs are a must have for tossing, turning, and moving food on hot surfaces
12. Slotted Spoon
-multi-use tool for serving, removing , straining
13. Wooden Spoon
-the basic cooking/baking tool, good for stirring, scraping, mixing, moving
14. Metal Whisk
-needed often in cooking and baking for beating, mixing, removing clumps
15-16. Rubber Spatula
-versatile tool that is great in every size for scraping bowls, mixing, folding, stirring
17-18. Measuring Cups and Spoons (dry and wet measures)
-needed for accurately measuring out all ingredients for baking and cooking
19. A Set of Nesting Glass Mixing Bowls
-every size bowl can be used for mixing ingredients in baking and cooking, and as double boilers when combined with a saucepan full of water
20. 9x13 inch Baking Dish
-extremely versatile baking dish perfect for meats, casseroles, brownies, and sheet cakes
21. Cookie Sheet or Sheet Pans
-essential baking sheet for everything from meat to cookies
22. Plastic Cutting Board
-cutting boards are essential for preserving knives and countertops, the plastic versions are more easily washable than wood and take up less space
23. Can Opener
-a must in every kitchen, for opening cans and bottles
24. Liquid Mixing Cup
- An easy to read Pyrex measuring cup for measuring hot or cold liquid ingredients

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