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A bone in roast will cook faster than a boneless roast because the bone conducts heat.

Know Your Eggs

by The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

If you aren’t able to raise your own chickens like Paula, then get the eggs you want from your local market. What’s the difference between a Conventional egg and Cage Free egg? We consulted the U. S. Department of Agriculture to clarify egg carton labels.

Conventional: Hens live in stacked cages, usually four to eight chickens to a cage with at least 67 square inches of floor space per chicken.

Cage Free: Hens live on the floor of a barn rather than the outdoors or in a cage.

Free Range: Hens live outdoors or have limited access to the outdoors.

Organic: Hens are fed vegetables grown without any antibiotics, growth hormones or commercial fertilizers.

Omega 3: Hens are fed a diet containing ground flaxseed, which produces eggs containing slightly more polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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