Seeing Diabetes in a New Light Contest!

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Seeing Diabetes in a New Light Contest!

By Paula Deen

Hey y’all,

Jamie and Bobby, and I have a big announcement to make!

Y’all know I’ve been working hard to live a healthy life; I try to exercise once a day and have redesigned my plate. I’ve been making even more small changes to manage type 2 diabetes and I’m really seeing big results!

But now it’s your turn! I want you to join me and share what kind of healthy changes you’ve been making in your life or what someone you know and care about is doing in their life! Tell me by entering the Seeing Diabetes in a New Light® contest, and I hope to see you in Savannah!

Watch the video to learn more!

Love and best dishes,


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Reader Comments:


my how wonderful for you! i can't walk 30m. let alone 10 between my arthritis since 5yrs old. and 15 yrs with type 2 and now type 1 i feel very frustrated. eating less, hungry all of the time !! balancing this mess is hard for me. i look for ways to enjoy foods with out all the fuss of cooking. paula your peach filo dough would be too much sugar and i use splenda . but u keep up the good work i am glad for you

By phyllis grossman on August 02, 2014


Hi Paula Bobby and Jamie . I miss ya'll so much !!! So many great memories ... People know the t.v. Paula but i know the real Paula I know the great humanitarin that you are , the same one who fed a billion people out of the kindness of your heart, my mom put it best "Paula loves everyone " she had type 2 dieabities and passed away a lillte over a year ago , she kept a pic of you and the boys in a heart shaped frame next to ber bed . A friend loves at all times ... I too have been dianoised with type 2 dieabitics ... i still struggle daily to Jamie says "do the right thing " ... i walk and exercise on days that i am off .. but still need to do better ... Paula i just wanted to tell you ..that all of your fans believe in you we know your heart .. and always know .. i will always love you ..... Billy T ...,, Big Starr

By Billy Tatum on August 04, 2013


Hi Paula..and "Boys" I had started noticing that you were loosing weight and now i know why...You look absolutely wonderful. My story: My husband passed away 2 yrs ago and before he died w/enphysema, he would not eat and of course i tried to "feed" him and being from Louisiana at the time, he was loving the fried and anything fattening food AND I LOVED "FEEDING" HIM. Well, we made it to 48 years of marriage-he always said we wanted to get to 50...ALMOST!!! As a result of trying to feed him, i gained and gained now at a little over 200 lbs. and of course high blood sugar. So far, I am not on meds but my brother is and my weight still creeping up. I have a bad hip but i do try to walk in late afternoons when it is cooler and i walk as long as my hip will let me which is not very long. But i figure anything helps!!! i would love seeing more recipes for us. maybe i can get rid of this weight and watch the blood sugar stay at a normal level. Cant tell u how much i miss you on TV and as a result,dont watch much. Just know that your fans love you and the boys to pieces. smile

By Kathy Stevenson on August 02, 2013


My husband has diabetics type 2. He takes care of himself thru exercise, regular doctors appointments and a healthy eating. He also is a fantastic cook. One more thing. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a nice person

By Wanda outlaw on July 24, 2013


Miss Paula, I am at my wits end trying to manage my appetite and type 2 Diabetes. I have been a long time lover of your food, been to your restaurant many times. When I would visit Macon for training, some of us would drive to Savannah just to have a meal at your place! In the time since, I have developed diabetes and gained a bunch of weight. Between the weight and my work, my knees went out, had both of them replaced, but if I stay heavy, they won't last very long. I see the weight you have lost and how great you look and would love some tips or advice on how to eat more healthy, without being hungry. I really want to be able to walk and play with my 2 young daughters and live long enough to see them mature. In addition to this, my employer came out with a safety policy that if we weigh over 275, we are forbidden to do an essential part of our duties, giving them the right to fire us. Please help me get on the right track! Bill @ Boeing

By Bill B on June 26, 2013


I to have type II diabetes,I'm ashamed to say I don't understand food that is good for me, I just had a heart attack in December, and after 50 years of smoking I can't seem to have the determination to put them down, and it seems like the harder I try to quit the more I smoke. I need help in eating good and able to walk, to help get weight off, i am over weight. I am only 65 and got 6 grandkids and would love to see all of them graduate, gotten 3 thru but got 3 to go. Can you please help me on eating and things that taste good, {oh have arthritis real bad and poor circultion} i just can't seem to win for loosing. thanks for your time Ginny

By Virginia Henderson on April 07, 2013


I am 34 years old and have been chronically sick from birth. I've been in the hospital around 400-500 times. I was born with Sickle Cell Anemia, and I also have Asthma, Blood Clots, Osteoporosis, Osteopenia and now I have a tumor in my skull and I am starting radiation now. My mom has diabetes and high blood pressure, but she is so busy daily helping and taking care of me in so many ways I've lost count. The little things that most people think nothing of doing, I'm unable to do and she does them as well as the harder things for me. She is so busy helping & taking care of me that she has put herself and her health on the side and down the street. She helps keep me on track with all my medical appointments, runs my errands, cooks for me, etc.. She also drives me a hour each way every single week to U of M hospital, sometimes multiple times a week. I was in the hospital last time for almost a whole month, (I have been in there for 3 months at once). I was very, very sick in ICU, and in a coma for almost a week. She never left the hospital once for anything. I really have the best mom in the world! I am one of your biggest fans and watch your show everyday and have made a ton of your recipes. I love to cook when I can, and it serves as a huge distraction from the pain I deal with on a daily basis. One of my favorites, along with many others is your Lady and Sons Chicken. I made it last for my brother and his family when his son was threatened with cancer a week after I went home from the hospital. And they devoured it! My mom and I did make it to the Lady and Sons Restaurant in 2010, but sadly Paula, Jaime or Bobby were not there. That was a big disappointment, I was really hoping to meet one member of the Deen family. But we loved the food! My moms favorites were the hoecakes, which she fell in love with (mine was the fried chicken and oooey gooey butter cake). Due to my health issues, I am unable to work which means I'm on a very, very strict budget I don't think we will be able to get back to Savannah and your restaurant. It would mean so much to be able to say "thank you" to mom in a very special way like being able to come back to your town & restaurant. I would love to be able to meet you one day. I am very glad that you and your family have been able to take control of your health and loose the weight. It is inspirational to more than you know. My mom use to walk at the mall or the track daily, but my health has completely taken over not just my life, but my parents as well. Thank you for being so sweet, and entertaining and sharing your wonderful recipes and family with the world! I hope that one day I will really get to meet you! From one of your biggest fans, Kandace.

By Kandace Cunningham on April 06, 2013


I am 34 yrs. old from St.Clair Shores, Michigan, and I have been chronically sick my entire life. I've been admitted to hospitals over 400-500 times. I have sickle cell anemia, which I was born with, asthma, blood clots, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and now a rare tumor on my skull and I am starting radiation now. My loving mom has diabetes and high blood pressure. She helps me daily by doing things most people don't even think about, that I can't cant do. She runs all my errands, takes me to U of M hospital, and hour drive from our house every single week, sometimes multiple times a week. She helps me so, so much that it leaves barely any time for herself to do what she needs to do for her. She has put her health on the side and mine first. A few months ago I was in the hospital and went into a coma for almost a week, and almost died. My mom never one left the hospital for almost a month, the entire time I was admitted. Now she will be driving me back and forth for 5 days straight for the radiation to my brain. I would love to do something special for her. We did make it to your Lady and Sons Restaurant in 2010, but unfortunately neither Paula, Bobby or Jaime were not there! I so disappointed and was really hoping to meet at least one member of your family. I am one of your biggest fans, I watch your show everyday and have made a ton of your recipes. I love to cook when I can and it serves as a huge distraction from the excruciating pain I deal with on a daily basis. One of my favorites were your Lady & Sons Chicken. I've made that and other of your great recipes multiple times, last time I made it when my nephew was threatened with cancer one week after I got out of the hospital for him and his parents & siblings. Because I can't work, due to my health issues I am on a very very tight budget and don't think I will be able to make it back to Savannah to your restaurant. So it would mean a lot to be able to come back with my mom, who fell on love with your hoecakes (for me it was the fried chicken)! I hope that maybe one day our paths will cross and I will get to meet you!!! Thank you for being so sweet and very entertaining and sharing your wonderful recipes with the world! From truly one of your biggest fans, Kandace.

By Anonymous on April 06, 2013


Dear Paula, Bobby and Jamie I have watched your show for years and have always wanted to meetall of you in person. I have been an insulin dependent diabetic sinc 1987 and have had fairly good control of my sugar but in the last few years (I am now 64 yrs old), my diabetes has taken over control of me! I still work 40 hrs a week and am so tired to take on the walking that i know i need to do. I am so inspired by the fact that you really "took the bull by the horns" and made such a wonderful transformation in not only your physical body but have been able to change your thinking and made it so positive. My daughter lives in Greenville SC and we have been trying to get down to the Lady and Sons but something always comes up. My granddaughters who i am always worried they may become diabetic, are 16 and 12 and have also watched your show alot. I have spoken to them about the way you have handled the problem with diabetes and they also are inspired by you. Keep up the good work for yourself and all your fans.

By Nancy Sowers on April 05, 2013


I struggle with Type-2 Diabetes. I have been dibetic since 1995. I now take insulin. I downloaded your "Delicious Living Y'all" . Oh, by the way, DH is now dibetic so the two us have to work at it. So glad you are doing well.

By Candy Dennison on April 04, 2013


loved your recipes on the DR OZ show .....tryed than loved than ...thank you i have type 2 diabetes

By marilyn crimeen on April 04, 2013


People complain about you making all the rich and fattening foods and then finding out you are diabetic. Have any of them seen other chefs who weigh over 200 pounds on the food network. Alot of chefs are big. So what!I am proud of you for letting us know and that you are doing something about it. You can be diabetic and be thin or less than a year old. I tell them to shut up and look at their own bodies. My daughter and I both have type 2 diabetes which we inherited from my side of the family. It isn't just because you eat good tasting food. I think you and your boys are terrific. Thankyou for being there.

By Sandi Flanders on April 03, 2013


I have tried several times to enter the diabetes contest it will not go through, van you tell me if my use try was recieved. I can't tell you how badly I want to win this! Thank you Carol Trytek

By Carol trytek on March 26, 2013


My type two diabetes, really sucks, i have no other way then to say it that way, I went from counting calories to rearranging my plate and portions, So now I am doing it differently again, I've lost nine pounds yet more inches then pounds, ya its a good thing, . This is in the family the doctors say, lol, I have always been active,sports, swimming, running, walking lifting weights, For many of years, even during the raising of my children, (4) Boys, after our youngest graduateded from high school and went off to basic, i joined his father in the truck driving business, Sorry i am a truck driver yet it wasn't my cup of tea, I was a grandma the year before truck driving, A preious little girl, any how, I returned to Oregon and i was a school bus driver, helped with the empty nest I was experancing, only about 7 days into driving a school bus i fell answering my cell phone thinking it was my husband coming home. I thought i dislocated it, so if i stand up it will pop back into place, not a chance, I broke my left ankle in three places, off to the hosiptal I went, in a wheel chair for ten months, none weight baring for serval more months, then only 25 pounds of weight, then full weight, yet type 2 diabetes came into my life, nasty little thing, since then i have been doing low impact exercise, limited, walking when the sun is out, and have odered and waiting on a tred climber to arrive. I still have three plates and ten screws in my left ankle waiting and praying the lord will grant me the words yes will take the hareware out. So I will join you and your boys on this jounery and pray one day will met. Bobby your awesome and I watch your show just don't like the reruns, sorry. Any how y'all My God continue to bless all of you, and many blessing, from OREGON, Marla Francis.

By Marla francis on March 24, 2013


I was diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes in November at the age of 38. Talk about abrubt life changes!! I find it difficult to cook for myself and my family. I am a southern girl and I enjoy my fried squash and breads of all kinds. Now, its all about moderation. Instead of having a pound of fried squash, I'll just have 5 or 6 pieces. With warmer weather comes more and more fruits and fresh veggies. I hope that I can continue to be my own advocate for this disease. I am the only one that can control it. Well, me and God. Best dishes to your and your beautiful family!

By Jennie Shelpman on March 23, 2013


Hi Paula, I too have been a fan of yours for a long while now. Love Love Love you and your family. I've been to Savannah three times to see you, have eaten at your place twice. Bought your products, and Bobby and Jamie even signed a bag that I bought at your place, cause you were out on a tour somewhere..I would love to come see you when you are there. Can't get to website to enter contest, you see I too am a diabetic. I have silver grey hair and everyone says I look just like you. Bubbly and all that. Please fix the site so I can enter please. Your fan Jayne

By Jayne Gehle on March 17, 2013


Being from Georgia, I am a die hard Paula Deen fan but I am saddened to see that Paula Deen and her boys are the faces of a contest that does not allow members of the military, weather it be active duty, their families or military retired who utilize Tricare/VA Benifits and/or other Goverment funded Healthcare programs for their Diabetes to enter the contest.

By Michelle on March 15, 2013


I have been trying to change my eating habits to healthy choices & trying to walk more.I would love to meet you & I was going to enter your contest but after reading the email from Sallie Crews I hope she wins it!! Oh! my daughter Kelly is going to be in Savannah Georgia tonight & made plans for your restaurant tonight. I hope she bumps into you!! She is very excited to visit there, on spring break with her friends. Love your show & you are looking marvelous! Janet Collins

By janet collins on March 13, 2013


Hope this message arrives to the right people. I was so happy to enter contest for diabetss, but then noted that medical professionals are not allowed. I am a Registered Nurse, presently working in a Neurosurgical private practice. I am a diabetic, in need of some help, to learn how to behavioral control this disease. My beautiful Mother, deceased, struggled /w diabetes for many years. The medical knowledge of today was not available to her then. Today myself, and a sister and brother are living /w diabetes. I find it very disappointing that I cannot enter the contest. I understand the conflict of interest for Novo Nordisk. If there could possible be a modification for my entry, I would be one happy diabetic for personal improvement, not for my profession. Does that make sense? I hope so. Thank you for considerations. Sincerely, Santina Ziccardi

By Santina Ziccardi on March 10, 2013


Just wanted to share a fantastic Cole Slaw Recipe that I have made up for my two diabetic daughters, who just loved cole slaw. I love it for helping with my weight, but it lets me splurge a little. Diabetic Spring Cole Slaw 2 Cup Light Miracle Whip 1/2 Cup Slenda 1/4 Cup Canola Oil 1/4 Cup Tarragon Vinegar 1/2 tsp. Onion Powder 1/2 tsp. Salt Mix all above in an empty mayo jar, and shake well keeps in refrigerator for a long time. This makes enough sauce for at least one head of cabbage. Just mix in enough sauce to coat coleslaw mix or thinly sliced or chopped green cabbage, very little red cabbage, little carrot and just a bit of green peppers. Hope you all Enjoy!

By Marilyn Gilmore on March 07, 2013

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