Garden Fresh with Claudia Deen


If you are into healthy living or enjoy researching the newest health trends, you’ve probably heard about golden milk.


This tea/milk has its origin in Ayurvedic medicine, and many praise it because of all the benefits of its main ingredient: turmeric.


Turmeric is a root, very similar to ginger in shape, but it has a way brighter color on the inside.  It’s a super powerful antioxidant that is full of anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a natural anti-depressant, and it lowers blood sugar levels and regulates cholesterol in our bodies.


In my opinion, turmeric has a pretty mild flavor, but a lot of people prefer to take it in the form of pill as a supplement. You can find ground tumeric in the spice section of your grocery store or you can get the entire root in the produce area. I like to buy the entire root.


Golden milk is a very powerful beverage that you can drink everyday as a coffee substitute, an after-lunch treat, or evening beverage to help you unwind.


There are tons of recipes that you can find online. Many of them include coconut oil, but I’ll be sharing with you a basic one. From here, you can get fancy if you’d like. This will make one serving; enjoy!




-       ½ cup filtered water

-       ½ cup unsweetened dairy-free milk (almond, cashew, coconut, hemp)

-       1 inch turmeric root peeled

-       ½ inch ginger root peel

-       Raw honey or stevia, to taste

-       Pinch of black pepper




-       Place the water in a pot and bring it to a boil

-       Grate the ginger and turmeric and bring it to simmer. Let it sit for about 5 min.

-       Add the milk, sweetener and black pepper; bring to a boil, cover, and turn the heat off.

-       Let this sit for about 3 minutes, and then mix everything in a blender.

-       Serve warm.




-       If you don’t like grainy textures in your drinks, you can pass the mix through a strainer before drinking.

-       If you can’t find fresh turmeric root, you can use ½ tsp. grounded turmeric instead.


Claudia Deen is a Certified Health Coach based in Savannah, GA, and the founder of The Trendy Smoothie. Claudia is a brown belt in karate, thirteen-time half-marathon finisher, seven-time marathon finisher, and two-time Ironman 70.3 finisher. After a career in advertising, her passion for fitness and fresh eating led to a career centered on helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. In 2013, Claudia married Paula’s son, Bobby. You can follow Claudia on her blogFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.