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What’s green, grows on a vine and is often times a bit ugly?  A cucumber of course! From May to August our gardens are busting at the seams with cucumbers. Even with just a couple of vines planted, it seems we don’t have enough neighbors to give all our harvest to. 

There’s the sweetest little house at the end of our property that sits right over the Wilmington river. It’s actually the oldest structure on our property and truth be told, it’s my favorite place to be. The cool breeze comin’ off the water makes our Savannah heat almost bearable.

Here in Savannah, we enjoy warm, sunny days almost all year-round, but come summertime, it gets so hot that we take advantage of any available place to jump in the water or at least enjoy a cool breeze!  And what better way to accompany a day of waterside fun than easy, finger-food snacks with dips!