What does the perfect nutritional day look like to you? No matter what it looks like, always be sure to include a little H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.! Of course, delicious flavors are one way to create happiness. When I am building one of Paula’s Perfect Plates, my first ingredient is always flavor.

If you’ve watched Paula’s shows, you know that her copper cookware is rather iconic. Her copper pots and pans adorn her kitchen walls and are used to make delicious sauces. Of course, keeping copper shiny and beautiful takes a little bit of work (emphasis on “little”!).

Summertime is allergy season for most of us in the world of veterinary medicine.  It’s a time when every third appointment is some form of allergy. Itchy skin, inflamed feet, infected ears, and hot spots are common manifestations when our dogs’ immune systems overreact to benign pollens. Some dogs, like some humans, are unaffected while others are miserable.