Boiling an egg may seem like an easy task, but making it perfect requires an exact timing and a foolproof method.  For the perfect yoke texture and no discoloration of the egg white you better have your kitchen timer ready!

Spending time with friends and family reigns supreme in the warmer spring and summer months in our neck of the woods. Often when we are planning get-togethers, we like to keep our menu simple so that we’re not stuck in the kitchen, missing’ out on all the memory-making that’s happening. That’s where Low Country Boils come in!

It’s officially spring, and that means I’m spendin’ as much time in my garden as I can. Right now, I’m workin’ on growin’ tomatoes, watermelon, and a whole mess of veggies: cucumbers, eggplants, bell peppers, and collard, mustard, and turnip greens! Y’all, we are goin’ to be eatin’ good once they all pop up!

If you are into healthy living or enjoy researching the newest health trends, you’ve probably heard about golden milk. This tea/milk has its origin in Ayurvedic medicine, and many praise it because of all the benefits of its main ingredient: turmeric.