The way a napkin is folded at a place setting helps to set the mood for any meal. A simple half fold laid crisply on a white plate likely signifies a contemporary meal. A napkin loose on a plate probably means a messy yet simple meal is ahead. But a napkin folded on a plate like the one we're going to show you below means the meal to come is going to be something special!

Fall is in full force and that means winter is right around the corner. This is my favorite time of the year in the south because the temperatures drop just enough to make life more enjoyable than it already is.

Deviled eggs are a way of life down South. Holidays, family reunions, and cookouts… you’ll most likely find them as an appetizer or a side dish. They go with nearly everything from ham and turkey to hamburgers and hotdogs, so it’s no wonder they’re eaten so often down here.

If your boys and ghouls— errr, girls—are anything like we were, they’re hungry when they get home from school. Today, try preparing fun and festive Halloween-inspired after-spook—oops, we mean after-school—snacks.