Nestled along the banks of Turner’s Creek is the Deen family’s brand-new restaurant, Paula Deen’s Creek House. With a nod to the coast from the beautiful blue hues and found driftwood hanging on the walls, guests can expect delicious Southern and seafood classics, along with the Deen Brothers’ signature barbecue!

Grill season is officially here, and if there’s one thing we love to grill most, it’s burgers! There are so many great burger recipes and toppings to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Zoodles are all the rage these days with people looking for lower-carb, lower-calorie, healthier dishes. A zoodle, for those of you not familiar, are zucchini “noodles,” but people have been using all sorts of veggies, like carrots, asparagus, cucumbers, and more, to make yummy veggie-noodle-based dishes.