Wickedly Fabulous Halloween Treats

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Wickedly Fabulous Halloween Treats

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Wickedly fabulous food is a must for Halloween. These recipes turn simple things we love to eat and drink into ghoulishly glam party hits. 

Set the spooky-licious scene with a bubbling cauldron of Witches Brew. A large metal bowl of spicy apple cider and pomegranate juice is nestled in a cast iron Dutch oven holding crushed dry ice and water; guests dip into the foggy vat with a long-handled ladle for a drink. 

Bite-size Hairy Eyeballs make gruesome starters: wrap sausage balls, with a floating pimiento-stuffed olive eyeball, in ramen noodles and bake. Moldy Guacamole is perfectly sinful for dipping Creepy Critters into: cut out tortillas into bats, witches, or ghosts and toast them into crispy chips. Kid-friendly Mini Mummies look just like they climbed out of the tomb: cover hot dogs in strips of prepared piecrust to summon the ancient spirits.

Scare up some cake for the unsavory course, and turn chocolate malt cupcakes with green-tinted frosting into Wicked Candy Bar Cupcake witches. Their hats are made of ice cream cones, cookies, and melted chocolate, and hair of black string licorice; cinnamon candies and candy corn decorate their faces. Ghoulish Eyes are popular cake balls, made by mixing baked red velvet cake mix and canned cream cheese frosting, rolling into balls, and coating them in white chocolate. Decorated with red-tinted white chocolate for blood vessel streaks and M&M candies for eyes, they are devilishly easy to make.

Halloween is one day of the year when tricksters of all ages look forward to a little friendly fright. Bedazzle and bedevil their taste buds in true creepy style, and create a bewitching event that’ll haunt them until the next time around.

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good mornin paula do u have a recipe for a pumpkin choc chip cookies

By nancy on November 03, 2012


Hi, i watch your show shows every day, i just love you and your cooking i have made alot of your food, i have books of yours. i live in North Carolina, we just moved here, we moved from Milw Wi. I do wish that i could meet you in person,if you ever come to North Carolina i would so like to know. Well i guess that is all i have to say.Keep cooking, love you. Lori McDowell, Whiteville N.C.

By LORI McDowell on October 10, 2012


What day, time & channel does Bobby's cooking light show come on? Thanks, Marianela

By Marianela Watson on October 09, 2012

Going to try the left over ham recipes.  They sound wonderful and always hard to do just so many things with left over ham.  Thanks, Paula.. karen packard

By Karen Packard on October 05, 2010

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