What’s Your Summertime Dish

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What’s Your Summertime Dish

It’s in the nineties here in Savannah and with humidity to match.  Most of our favorite summertime recipes don’t involve the oven, long cook times or intricate preparation.  Some of our favorites are chilled grilled corn and watermelon salad, blueberry and grilled chicken salad, and cherry balsamic grilled stuffed chicken breasts.

These recipes all have a few things in common, they are simple, quick, and don’t heat up the kitchen.  Let us know what your go to summertime recipe is, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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Reader Comments:

I live in Florida and fresh fish is always available.  I love to bake fish!  I first rub/squeeze juice it with fresh lemon, salt and pepper lightly then add a very generous slathering of mayonaise topped with Parmasean cheese.  Bake at 400 degrees until golden brown.  It is wonderful!  The cheese makes a great crust.  Mayo keeps the fish moist and delicious.

By Kelly Koontz on September 06, 2009

In summer time I usually like to take fruit salad. I shall add your recipe with me.

By Tableware on September 02, 2009

Dear Paula,I would love to have your recipe for a grape tomatoe sauce you made for ice cream.It has been some time ago.I have looked everywhere I can think of. No luck.I would love to have it. I watch your shows every day. Steve Brown

By steve brown on August 17, 2009


By virginia on August 10, 2009

Hey Nancy! Thank you for noticing the beautiful jars. This was an old ball jar that Paula had at out in her garage.  Aside from gorgeous old ball jars, Paula loves these new jars from Leifheit.  We used them in Bobby’s Pickled Shrimp recipe image. Hope you get to Savannah soon.  Best, Libbie

By Libbie Summers on July 02, 2009

Paula can you tell me where you got your pretty jars for you blueberry lemon preserves.  The picture with your article and your directions shows them and they are so much nicer than the usual glass jars.  Thanks so much for giving me moments of smiles and enjoyment.  My life’s desire is too actually go to your restaurant where you have your cooking class.  I know that won’t be possible for me but I dream! Nancy Wood

By nwood on July 02, 2009

Anything but to have to go out to get lunch in the heat. My favorite thing to take is a little hummus with veggies or pita chips. I really like the cilantro and jalapeno flavored hummus. A little fruit salad to go with and we’re set. Of course if a DQ drive through was close by I would be getting a chocolate dipped cone. I think the veggies and hummus would cancel those calories. :D

By Tink918 on June 27, 2009

Nice Michellee, don’t forget a bit of lemon zest, under rated as an addition to anything lemony.

By Phil P on June 24, 2009

Ohhhhh great idea, Lisa!!!! I am die hard for the “cookies and cream” blizzard smile. I also love using a simple dressing for my salads in the summer - just a bit of olive oil, some fresh lemon juice, a smidge of vinegar (not much since you use the lemon juice), one toe garlic finely chopped and salt and pepper on some yummy mixed greens! Use balsamic vinegar and a touch of dijon mustard for a creamier texture and richer color! I LOVE SUMMER!

By Michelle E White on June 24, 2009

My “go to” recipe is the drive through at Dairy Queen! I just love the turtle chocolate blizzards and oreo brownie earthquake sundaes.

By Lisa Scarbrough on June 24, 2009

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