Use Less, Spend Less

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Use Less, Spend Less

By Martha Lee

New Year’s Resolution: Use Less, Spend Less!

So has anybody else out there made a New Year’s resolution this year?  How about one you kept?  Seems like everyone wants to jump on the “let’s change” bandwagon only to find themselves three weeks in gorging out on chocolate cake screaming, “I just can’t do it!” Well, I REFUSE to let resolutions get me down because, well, they are supposed to help us live better, right?  They just need to be realistic! Gone are the days of making promises to myself that I know I cannot keep.  What I DO promise to do, especially this time of year, is to declare that I am willing and able to make small changes that can create a fuller, sweeter life for my family and me.  Now doesn’t that sound a lot better than making empty promises?

This year, I’ve got a few goals in mind with one common theme: use less, spend less.  I’m a simple gal with simple needs, so this less is more mentality just makes sense. Here are a few ways we are keeping it up:

Homemade arts & crafts as reusable products.

I love anything and everything handmade, so for Naomi, I’m taking the opportunity to create break-resistant plates and cups for her to use on a daily basis. They can be used every night and still stand the test of time. I’ll cherish these items forever and remember the days when her hands were so small and created something so meaningful and sweet.  Makit Products (available online) allow children to create their own masterpieces on paper, ship completed artwork to the company, and they send you a break-proof plate (or cup) in return. For less than $15 shipped, I think this is a great idea!  I also found the mug shown at our local arts and crafts store for under $2, and it comes with multiple inserts for children to color and change.  Naomi and mom approved!
Naomi also created a placemat on construction paper that I’ve had laminated for her daily use.  Her tiny hands were outlined and her name and date was added as she colored.  This can be something fun to do each year and during holidays too.

Buying less disposable products.

Instead of paper plates and Solo cups, we are using inexpensive dishes from home (even on the go).  I love to find cute picnic-style plates and baskets rummaging through local thrift stores.

Going out to eat less.

Not necessarily eliminating it because some nights I’m just too tired to cook, but we are making a conscious effort to PLAN AHEAD and eat out less. We’re leaving prepared meals in the freezer for quick access, and we use coupons when shopping at the grocery store to help out.

Saving money is my main goal this year as it’s important for our family to keep a nest egg growing (even while shelling out at the pump).  By using less, we are spending less and it feels good! Have you kept your New Year’s goals?  I’d love to hear what you all are doing for a successful 2012!

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Reader Comments:


Thanks, Martha! I needed that kind of encouragement - I'm going to try to cut out paper plate usagae and look for other obvious situtations I can save money on. Have a great new year!

By Angela Lopez on November 20, 2012


I love this idea!

By hannah on January 30, 2012


Paula, I am so sorry you are getting negative press for eating a cheeseburger. Whether it happened or not I just want you to know that there are real humans out here that admire how you overcame your struggles and made a wonderful life for you and your two sons. I wish you the best, I never met my grandmothers but I would hope if they ever entered the public spotlight as you have they would not have to deal with people with ugly intentions trying to smear the image of a woman who seems as lovely as you. Thank-you for sharing your family, early struggles and success with us. I truly admire you. Jessica

By Jessica on January 26, 2012


You are a kitchen goddess, the ideas/recipes you share are always a hit at the dinner table. Mostly, I love how you tie it all together with what's important in!

By Shannon Barnett on January 26, 2012


I am so upset by the news media attacking you for your diabetes. I believe everything is goodffor you in moderation. We a generation of young people out there eating at drive thrus and feeding children either that or something out of a freezer full of preservates. Paula we love you and thats all that counts.

By kim on January 25, 2012


Awesome ideas-Sounds like our resolution is about the same this year! Can't wait to check out that website for the plates!!

By Jessica Howell on January 25, 2012


You go Chicky! Love the plate idea!

By Billie Hester on January 25, 2012


When having meals that use beef, like we are tonight. Instead of buying chip steaks at a cost of $5.50 per pound, I bought a piece of top round @ 2.99 a pound. Chipped half the meat myself and chunked up the rest and froze it to make stew with for another meal. You'd be surprised how much that could add up to in a year. It's a little effort but saves a bundle.

By Dave Orange on January 25, 2012

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