This Ship has Sailed (Paula Deen Cruise 2013)

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This Ship has Sailed (Paula Deen Cruise 2013)

By Paula Deen

On January 27th the Paula Deen Cruise set sail on board the Royal Caribbean’s “Mariner of the Seas” with Ports of Call at three of the most beautiful places in the world: Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. It is truly a blessing for me to leave behind the dead of winter and get rejuvenated in the tropics. The beaches were breathtaking, the coral reefs were incredible and the partying with friends and family—well, what happens on the Paula Deen Cruise, stays on the Paula Deen Cruise.


But because I’m not so good with keepin’ secrets, I will spill the beans about a few of the highlights that made this cruise—our 5th annual—one of the best yet. To begin, I have to tell you that about 30 of my closest family and friends joined me on this cruise—a good number of them being the people I only get to see once a year, including a bunch of old high school friends. (‘Course, we aren’t actually old, but we do go way back.) A lot of them brought me sweet, sweet things; some of ‘em brought me cookbooks, one of my friends made me this beautiful purse with my initials on it in rhinestones, and my special friend Georgeanne made a doll with my face on it. I just love that doll. I’m going to put it up right in the store for everyone to see.

Then one night, my friend Doc surprised us when she came in my room wearing a horse’s head. Y’all heard me right: a horse’s head—like a mask.  And I said, “Well we really have the horse’s ass with us now!” She has a real good sense of humor so we had a big laugh over it. That’s the kind of craziness I’ve come to look forward to when I’m traveling with my friends.

It was a family affair as well.  Michael and Bubba prepared some of their favorite dishes and of course, I was there putting my two cents in. 


The Deen Family Olympics was so much fun.  At the orange-passing game, I started the line and had to pass an orange along without using my hands!  Courtney, my make-up artist was shaking her booty to get the golf balls out of the tissue box that was strapped to her waist.  That was a sight to see!

But in all seriousness, my favorite moment of the trip was when we held our annual auction and raised money for a very special cause that I’ll be sharing with y’all in the future. So while this wonderful trip with my friends and family changed my life, the money we raised will do so much more.


Without a doubt, it was a wonderful vacation y’all, but sometimes the best part about leaving is coming home to the life that I know and love. I adore the tropics, the sun, the beaches. But I adore coming home to Savannah even more. Yes, we have cobblestones instead of white sands, and kudzu instead of coral reefs.  But nonetheless, it’s good to be back—refreshed, renewed and re-inspired.

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Reader Comments:


I am behind you 100% Paula, hang in there and show them you are not the person they want to make people think you are. If I was put on the carpet for stuff I said 20 yrs ago OMG what would they think of me today. you are only human and a wonderful human at that. you are not in the wrong and you have not done anything others have not done in their life time. We love you Paula don't give up keep pushing and they will see how wrong they are and how wonderful you are. thanks you paula for being you and hanging in there through all this sandy

By sandy heinman on July 26, 2013


Good morning Paula, First of all, I want to say I have been praying for you and the nonsense you are going through. So have many others I know. A year or so ago, my girlfriends (from texas who grew up together since kindergarten) planned a trip to Savanah to come and visit are loved by all 8 of us.....We will be celebrating our 70th Birthdays together while we are there,,,we were all born in Bonham Texas in 1943 and still have maintained our friendships throughout all these years. We are coming December 5 thru the 8th and would love to meet you. We will be staying in the Historic District...can we arrange to get together with you one of those days? We really would like to do an article for our little hometown newspaper with a picture of you with us. All of us have idolized you for years and share your recipes from coast to coast. Please let me know what day and time we could get together for a little while and snap a few pictures. Thanks so much Paula. We will continue to pray for you while you go through this rough time...we know you will shine on the other side, but realize how hard it must be for you right now....praying for you to keep holding your pretty head up high. Love from the 8 of us, Patti, Janet, Elaine, Cyndee, Ruth Ann, Mary Ann, Jo Ann, Pat you can email me back at

By Patti Gault on July 22, 2013


Paula, You are a national treasure! Hold your head high and just move on.... this will all pass and you will be vindicated. The good news is that now you know who your REAL friends are! Although I don't know you personally, I feel like we are sisters and my heart goes out to you during this most difficult time. Sometimes God makes the road very difficult to navigate, but he will see you through and bring you safely home. Best wishes and much love.......I am your devoted fan! Catherine

By Catherine on July 19, 2013


Who are you fooling? Paula doesn't write this blog any more than she post on her facebook page.

By Anonymous on July 06, 2013


Good to see your still going. They are wrong in taking away your show, but it does give you more time to do greater things. YOU GO GIRL

By Karen S. on July 05, 2013


This is the first I have heard of the Paula Deen cruise and I would love to hear about future ones. I would love to meet Paula! I imagine it is a week of crazy fun. Keep me posted and keep that smile on your face lady!

By Susan Foster on July 02, 2013


I just want to say,I absolutely adore and love Miss Paula.I am so thankful that I am able to watch you on Food Network...God Bless you..

By Melissa Walls on March 04, 2013


There was no Bobby and no Paula and Bobby cooking demo. Who wrote this story? Brandon?

By Anonymous on March 01, 2013


Fun fun was had by all on the cruise. The highlight for me was the charity auction. The spoon necklace I designed raised $600.00! I was so pleased! I saw lots of old friends and made tons of new ones. Looking forward to our next cruise to Alaska.

By Diane Cook on March 01, 2013


The cruise sounded and looked like such fun. And nothing better than family and friends around when you're having fun. I'm almost jealous as my children and their families live in other states but when my husband was' promoted to Heaven' nearly 10 years ago I elected to stay put. AR is a beautiful state and I love my church and home here.... But I love watching Paula cook with her sons and like watching them on their own too. What a blessing for all of them to be close! Keep doing the good cooking shows for us and I really like Pauls's new look too. She has always been beautiful and now the slimmer Paula is a knockout....I think men would agree. She has 'aged well'. I commend her for taking care of herself and losing weight and making all the adjustments I know she has made and is making to her recipes and for the 'guys' gettinga step ahead of her on this. I need to follow her encouragement on weight loss for sure. Sounds like a great time was had by all and cruisin for a good cause is terrific

By Marna Short on March 01, 2013


I thought it was a great cruise. I don't recall Bobby being there.

By Teresa on February 26, 2013


i love you and you recipes you inspyer me and give me great ideals wean i cook

By Darlene is building their Crystal Garden and needs on February 26, 2013

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