There’s No Place Like Home

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There’s No Place Like Home

By Brandon Branch

A week ago, I closed on my new home built circa 1892 in historic Downtown Savannah.

I finally have another home to call my own, after bouncing around from home to home for 3 and a half months. The bad news is, every square inch of this house has to be touched by my hands. So I had my contractor immediately tackle the living room, because I need at least one room where I can go to have a little peace. Since I sold my last home fully furnished, I had to start from scratch. In the photo above, you can see what I’ve purchased so far.

Craftmaster, the makers of Paula’s upholstery line for her furniture, custom built me these two sofas. The chandelier and floor lamps came from a killer company called Currey and Company. And the paint color is Benjamin Moore, “Iron Mountain”.

One of my pet peeves is a white ceiling. I paint all of my ceilings. The living room ceiling is a pale, pale gray. I think by painting the ceilings, it just really finishes off a room.

Cream drapes are being made for the windows, floor to ceiling. I’m on the hunt for a killer piece of art to hang above the chest of drawers. And I’m also looking for a coffee table…which isn’t easy, but I’ll keep you updated!

More blogs about my home, and pictures to follow!

And now for a sneak peak of Paula’s home, take a look at this:


Paula recently threw a baby shower for her stepdaughter Michelle Reed. Since she’s having a boy, I wanted to give my centerpiece a masculine flair. Paula recently found this statue of a man at a junk store in Savannah. So I set it atop several blocks of wet oasis, and created a foyer centerpiece. All the flowers and greenery were grown on Paula’s property. I used Casablanca lilies from the cutting garden, oak leaf hydrangeas from the front of the property, and I used English ivy from the pool area. I think the look was quite dramatic for a baby shower, but my philosophy is go big or go home, and that’s what I did!

Stay tuned for my next blog which is all about Liza with a “Z”…and me!


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Reader Comments:


Brandon, I love your work....such creativity and style. My partner and I were of the "Restoration Hardware" look for many, many years. Last year we bought a 170 year old farm house in Georgia that has never been painted inside and had no "modern" conveniences until the late 1980's (we upgraded to meet current codes). Over the past year we have restored the home, leaving much of it looking like it has for 170 years...unfinished floors, ceilings, and walls. The new look for us is very primitive which we love, so I am interested to see what you think about a period home from the 1840s...we are researching the look and have had a feature in This Old House, but would love your perspective on "must haves"....

By Kit on August 06, 2013


I love your style and taste. I cannot wait to see the rest of your home. I also love Savannah. It holds a special place in my partner and I's hearts. xo

By Ron on July 20, 2012


I just love the Witch Brew. It is AWESOME! Paula Deen I hope one day I will get the chance to eat at your restaurant in Savannah, GA

By gloria thomas on May 26, 2012


Hi Brandon, I watched the Oprah episode with she and Gail staying at Paula's home, and have a question about the lanterns on each side of the entrance to her house as well as the guest cottages. Are they gas lanterns, or electric ones using flicker bulbs? Thanks for your assistance!

By Julie on April 30, 2012


Paula I have a wood frame mirror for sale 48 across and 31 inches down, if you need one.Love you jenna

By jenna schoeffel on March 03, 2012


What a handsome home! With the dark walls are you considering up-lights to supplement your lighting - showcasing the walls? Love the symmetry - I'm the queen of pairs of things, lamps, candlesticks, sconces, etc!! I have the Paula Dean Southern Style book and refer to it often for inspiration. Best wishes from my living room to yours!!

By Julie Mc on February 26, 2012


Hi Brandon...Loved your appearance on My Life on the D list:0! I live over on Hilton Head, would you please please share with me, if only the street name, where the "junk shop" shop that she found the male statue is located. Pretty please. The shots of your house are amazing- one lucky man!

By Elizabeth on December 25, 2011



By VICTORIA KING on November 29, 2011


Brandon I really love your style! I'm patiently waiting for you to write another book filled with more of your decorative ideas. Please keep us up to date on your new house transformation!

By Crystal on July 20, 2011


Beautiful clean lines and great color! I'm hope'n you can help with a couple of design questions. In some older homes you can see one room that will usually have a textured ceiling. It may have a flower, circular, or fan design. Any ideas on what material is used to create this look? It's almost like stucco or a mud mix, and I don't think this is still a common practice. I've also been looking for entertainment glassware and haven't had much luck with what I'm looking for. I'm trying to find footed tea glasses with the old designs like a fleur de lis or a shield?? In antique stores it's impossible to find a full set & even so it would be about $30.00/glass. Any ideas on a more modern company with the same type of designs? Thanks so much

By Tennessee on July 19, 2011


Brandon, this is Arma-dilly Bread Sharon! So great to meet you in Savannah with the RWOP! You are such a fun person and I'm glad I got to meet you! Your new home looks beautiful! I love your Savannah style! Decorating is one of my passions also...

By Sharon on July 04, 2011


i dearly love this lady,she is so husband and i watch as she cooks alone and with her husband and preacher at church thinks she is a dear soul.i am so glad we are blessed with cooks as paula deen and that we are able to use her recipes for our families.someday i would really like to meet her in person and be able to eat at her resturant. but for now i am glad to watch her on tv.---love you paula

By dee jaggers on June 21, 2011


Amazing, your sense of style continues to amaze me! Thanks for sharing pictures and congratulation on your new home! Always - Tracey

By Tracey Lopez on June 21, 2011


Brandon, so happy you've found a gorgeous historic house, you'll make it a "home" in no time!

By Mandy on June 14, 2011


Paula, you must know how good you make us feel, you are so real and let us all share your life, why you are almost family. Always stay the way you are. Love you bunches, Diane Flowers a Va. girl 65!!!

By Diane S Flowers on June 13, 2011


Paula, i really love how you add a combination of new, old, and sparkle. When you mentioned how you always paint your ceiling something other than white, it made me wonder if you ever use blue. For some reason lately i have been wanting to see a very very light shade of blue on my living room ceiling. The room itself is furnished in a very neutral, clean ivory & tan with hint of light green. What color would you feel to be peaceful & cozy on my ceiling? Thanks & Have a Wonderful Summer Connie

By Constance Bailey on June 13, 2011


I absolutely love Paula Deen and her family, and of course Brandon. My husband and I have been to Savannah several times, attended A Spring Evening with Paula Deen at her home she hosted for Bethesda Boys Home. It was a fabulous dinner. Then I was one of 12 that cooked and had dinner at her new home that she hosted for Safe House. She is true, genuine, as well as her entire staff and family. Can not say enough wonderful things about them. I have seen her boys a few times in the Paula Deen store and they are so gracious and friendly. Brandon is a true Southern Gentleman who is so sweet and very funny! Enjoyed him as well. Can't wait to be in Savannah and Tybee Island in August, staying in the Paula Deen beach house!

By Lori Lesley on June 13, 2011


I totally agree with the comment from Anonymous.....I absolutely LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Paula Deen. I have all of her cookbooks, have been to see her on several occasions,watch her tv show and have a subscription to her magazine and collect everything that I can get my hands on pertaining to Paula Deen. I am from the DEEP south as well....and I say ya'll on occasion but Never in my life have I said ya'll 50 times in a 30 minute time frame(which is the number of times that I counted it's use , on one of her shows)It sounds to me as if the shows producers have asked that she use the word ya'll as many times as she can....which makes her sound hickish (and I know ,that this is not the case).Someone needs to tell Gordon Elliott that true southerns, DO NOT TALK THIS WAY.

By Anonymous on June 13, 2011


Paula - I love watching any show you are on. You have such a bubbly personality and you really just liven up everyone. You make food seem so easy and enjoyable and I love it when you have your husband on. Michael seems like such a sweet teddy bear. Some day I hope to make it down your way and eat at your resturant. Love you Paula.....Annie

By Annie Nodwell on June 13, 2011


Brandon! I love the colors! Nicely done! smile You have such a wonderful gift!

By Noelle Hoppe on June 13, 2011

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