The Waiting Game

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The Waiting Game

By Brooke Deen

As the countdown to the birth of my second child ticks away, I’m getting a little impatient. I’ve prepared the nursery, stacked diapers and pre-washed every onesie. Now I’m in a holding pattern, flying in circles above the airport waiting for the ground crew to clear me for landing. But they must be asleep on the job ‘cause no one’s making the call. So I wait. And the longer I wait, the more I stress.

Jamie’s finally home after a book tour with his brother to promote their new cookbook, The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up. It’s another baby of sorts for us—one we’re both very excited about and proud of. I can handle things on my end while he’s gone, but I’m sure glad he’s home in time. Usually our 4-year-old son, Jack, and I would tag along, making a family vacation out of it, but not this close to my due date. Sure, I have family near to help, but I prefer to take care of things on my own. It’s my job, after all, and one that I take very seriously. Some people may think I have nannies and babysitters on speed dial, but I don’t. Jack’s had a babysitter about two times in his life. It’s not that I don’t need a break, I just know that no one can care for him like we can—and these early years are so fleeting, I want to hold on to every precious moment.

So today I find myself chasing around my rambunctious boy wondering just how many rounds of duck-duck-goose it will take to shake this baby loose. The doctor informed me that it could happen anytime between today and two weeks. Today sounds good, but sometime after taking Jack to Paula’s to play with the new bunnies and before Jamie leaves on another plane would be just about right—so, yeah, if you’re listening, lil’ man, 4:18 works for me.

Everyone keeps reminding me to use this time to get some rest—to bank my sleep before the baby arrives. But that’s the third-trimester irony: you can’t sleep. Your hips feel like they’re being prodded with a burning stick and if I have one more dream about birthing a dinosaur, I’m going to need counseling. Lately, I wake at 3 AM and stare at the ceiling fan for about 4 hours. Right about the time I think sleep might be possible, Jack pounces on the bed full of energy and remains that way until 8 PM.

I know, by comparison, this is supposed to be the “easy” part. Soon I’ll be juggling two children. Swaddling a newborn while simultaneously gluing Batman’s head back on. But by comparison, the “hard” part is what I look forward to the most. After all, it’s the part where I finally get to meet my baby boy face-to-face. The part where Jack becomes the overprotective big brother and Jamie and I share quiet look-what-we’ve-made-together moments as we watch our boys grow.

So please, give the signal. Ring the bell. Unleash the hounds. Whatever. Just land the plane already.

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Reader Comments:


I aways love your shows. I am a big fan of your cooking. My grandmother and I want to know if my grandmother and can met you. At one of your shows. I watch your shows all the time with my grandmother and we make some of your food. I like your mushrooms with breckfast.

By caitlin on June 07, 2014


You put Food Network on the map...You are missed very very much. So glad for FB and your website. I am so sad I deleted many of your shows on my DVR. I am sick I only have one show. But I had so many I had to delete. If I knew you were being cancelled I would have saved everyone. YOu are a fabulous teacher. I hung on every word and direction. I liked the original show when it was just you and the dogs. Those were great times. I know I speak for many that we are soooo glad Jamie has his show so we can see Jack and Matthew grow up. I hope Bobby and Claudia give you another grandchild soon. Paula, you have so much to be grateful for. Your fans love you and you have your health and family. Merry Christmas ...

By Anonymous on December 07, 2013


Paula and her family are great

By Laura schmidt on September 14, 2013


missing u so much Paula!!!! i call it a modern day witch hunt,.... love love you,, hang in there girl!!!i am doing my damnest, boycotting all the places that have pulled your merchandise!!Also have to send out more of my butter wrappers!!! take it easy and enjoy your time away for a little while!!!!!!

By becky sieg on August 11, 2013


Darling, do hold onto every moment that these cherished years bring. When you are weary just pray and God will give you all you need to do the important things. Just do not forget to feed your marriage to and keep God at its core. I have been blessed with my childhood sweetheart 31 years, Two children and three grandchildren. I pray to have my sweetie another 50. Life is good and it is wonderful to see a Mother wanting to really raise her own children in the world today that is a seldom thing. God bless you all.

By Suzonne on March 24, 2013


I watched an old episode of Paula's best dishes and i saw yall make crab eggs Benedict, was that you on the show? and i could not find a recipe for that?

By Roman Torres Jr on July 31, 2012


Brooke seems to be a down to earth girl that is not spoiled by the fame and money, not yet anyway. I am impressed that she doesn't use a nanny and has figured it out that you just can't trust many people these days.( my words, not hers )I wonder if Brooke has a maid or does she do all her house cleaning herself? I know Paula is proud of her son and his pretty wife and grandsons.

By Anonymous on July 01, 2012


Jamie and Brooke I think you have the perfect family. I love your show on saturday.Jamie and Brooke ,you are such perfect parents. There is nothing phoney about either one of you. And Brooke I made your oatmeal cookies, and they turned out so good.Thank you for that receipe. Good Luck to you both and your beautiful boys. I hope someday you show us where you live and your home of course must be gorgeous. Thank You for sharing your family and home.Hope you have this tv show forever.I love it. Sincerely, Joann Roberts

By joann Roberts on June 23, 2012



By MICHELLE on May 18, 2012


Beautiful Brooke!! Been wondering where you've been on Paula's show - now I know why! You look beautiful. I am raising my grandson so I know what it's like keeping up with a 9 (or younger) old. They never stop "doing something". God bless you all and best wishes!!!

By coolgranny on April 15, 2012


I think it's a shame that Paula is constantly "talking" about Michael and Jack, and NEVER even mentioned she was expecting another grandchild! Remember, one day Jack and HIS BABY BRO will see ALL THE OLD RERUNS. . . I'm sure! Get back to that good ole "Southern" honesty, guys!

By kay on February 02, 2012


Can't wait to hear what you name the newest baby boy! I really loved keeping the first one. . . Jack so very simple! It's all to often now days we are hearing some many strange, weird names. I think strong and simple is always the best route, for ANY Mother and hopefully the child will NOT grown up "hating" their given name and somewhat "blameing" the parents! I also like the fact that Jamie and Jack each begin with the "J", maybe number two will begin with a . . . J too? Oh well I guess NOT I just read a reader's comment, now I'm assuming baby number two is Matthew, it's a good strong Biblical name, I like it! Enjoy your life with these precious gifts from God, time really does "march on!"

By kathy on January 25, 2012


Brooke: Reading your blogs takes me back to the most wonderful and memorable times in my life...when ,my children were little. You sound like such a wonderful mother. I am a little disappointed that Paula has not had your new baby and you on her show oe in her magazines. I woulkd love to see and hear more about the 2 boys. Enjoy this time (you and Jamie), it is the best time of your lives.

By Paulette Dukes on January 02, 2012


Dearest Southern Mamma, Let me tell you a little something, not only are you "cooking" in the USA, but here in South Africa, you're quite the hit!! My mother is a registered nurse and day after day when she returns home, sometimes quite late, it's Paula time!! I too really love your show and honestly, I never really had an interest in cooking shows however, when I say my mother adores you I really mean it. I have her sending me text messages at all hours of the night, not "Hi, my child. How was your day?" She seems to keeps it short and sweet with: "Quick, Paula channel 174" smile My message was just to say thank you for you uplifting mood on television, you're truly wonderful to watch. So from my house in SA to yours in the States. Hope to see you soon x Lauren P.S. Is there any possibilty of a signed cookbook, it'll be the BEST Christmas gift for my mother xx

By Lauren on November 19, 2011


good luck on your new grandson and big brother jack now brooke could be daughter-in-law and sons god is with all of you all happy for you mary

By mary on November 10, 2011


I am so happy for you all, and can't wait to see him on his Grandma's show!! Your all such a sweet family, and that along with the cooking, keeps me watching the show, would love to be in on all that family love to, it is so wonderful!!! Congratulations to the family, and I know Jack will be a great big brother, can see the love in him as he touched his baby brother. grin God love you all, Bonnie

By Anonymous on October 11, 2011


Congratulations to you and Jamie and little Jack on the birth of your new son Matthew... I bet there is a really happy grandma about her 2 grandson's.. I wish you all the best in the world with your new family, enjoy them as much as you can, because they grow up so fast, and leave the nest way to soon sometimes.. Can hardly wait to hear grandma paula talk about her new grandson on her cooking shows.... Have a wonderful life and be safe...

By Shanna Briggs on July 28, 2011


I am thrilled to learn you have another little bundle of joy!!!!

By Terri on July 26, 2011


Congratulations to the Deen family on the new addition! I wouldn't miss your show for anything. I have been married for 34 yrs. and have been inspired by your show to try new recipes. Thanks! Sharon from KY

By Sharon on July 19, 2011


Best wishes to y'all on your new baby. If he is half as good-looking as Jack he will be a knockout. As hot as it has been I know your ready for this one to arrive. To a easy delivery from the east coast of va. Judy

By Judy on July 19, 2011

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