The Makings for a Perfect Father’s Day

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The Makings for a Perfect Father’s Day

By Brooke Deen

If I asked Jamie what he wants for Father’s Day, I know what he’d say: “I already have everything I want.”

It’s true. He has two happy, healthy and adoring sons. He has a wife who loves and respects him, and a family that often considers him the glue that holds us all together with his humor, kindness . . . and irresistible dimples. But all the same, I wanted to do something special for him this Father’s Day—something that money can’t buy.

I’ve always thought it’s important to involve your kids as much as possible when coming up with a gift for Father’s Day—he’s their daddy after all. I can remember spending hours making my daddy a card with construction paper and crayons and he always acted like I had given him the world. I think a child’s touch means so much more than a store-bought card or a big, orchestrated event. Find fun and creative ways to get them involved and at the same time teach them how important it is to say “thank you” for all that their daddy does for them—all the time he makes and love he gives.

One of Jamie’s favorite gifts from Jack is a steppingstone we made for the garden. I helped Jack press his little hand into the mold and then he decorated it like only a child can. He’s still so proud of that stone. We’ll always cook a nice dinner for Jamie, too. He’s usually the one in the kitchen (can you blame me?) so we like to give him a night off. Jack picks the menu, sets the table and acts as my Sous Chef. The point is, we always make something.

Of course, when the kids are small, you have to be a little more creative when it comes to involving them. On Jamie’s first Father’s Day, Jack wasn’t quite a year old. That gave me plenty of time to take hundreds of pictures of the two of them together and collect them into a scrapbook. I put all this time into it and it turned out perfect—something that we’ll enjoy forever. Sometimes Jamie and I flip through it together hardly able to remember when Jack (or Jamie!) was ever that young. I like taking the time to frame photos because these days they often get left on the camera’s memory card or stuck on the computer’s hard drive. You may have a ton of photos, but what’s the point if no one sees them? So I bought Jamie a cube photo frame made of glass that he could put on his desk. If he’s having a hard day at work, he can just look at those pictures of him and the boys and know the joy that’s waiting for him when he comes home. Now that joy has doubled—and so have the number of pictures!

Jack and I really worked hard on this year’s Father’s Day gift. And even though Baby Matthew couldn’t really participate in the process, Jack figured out some ways to involve him one way or another—even if it meant tickling Matthew’s toes and making crazy faces to get him to giggle for yet another photo op. Eventually, Jack and Matthew will come up with a plan for Father’s Day all on their own. They’ll make him a breakfast o’ champions, treat him to a weekend Braves game, a fishing trip . . . .

But for now, I help my sons find thoughtful ways to tell their daddy that they love and appreciate him. And I don’t forget to say it myself. Jamie has always been a wonderful husband, but seeing him be a daddy to our boys fills my heart with more joy than I could ever imagine.

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Reader Comments:


I love reading about your family and seeing your pictures. I respect the fact that you are teaching your son's family values because so much of that seems to be going by the wayside anymore..maybe someday we will meet and by that time your son's may even have their own cooking you lots and lots of love from this country girl's kitchen to Brooke Deen's kitchen of love.

By Linda Miller on May 19, 2013


hi brooke/who were the little boys in paula's christmas video? and i reallylike your video of jamie and the boys

By anita davidson on May 03, 2013


brooke what a wonderful photo, no money cannot buy that, you are a really good photographer, you are truly blessed. sincerely lisa faith

By lisa faith on October 17, 2012


For all you haters out there.... I think BOTH the Deen boys are good boys and love their Momma, indeed, Jamie has a more traditional lifestyle with a wife and children, but it doesn't make Bobby "annoying", its clear he has great love for his mother and his family. Some people choose to keep their love interests private, nothing wrong with that. But at the end of the day, sons or no sons, I LOVE Paula Deen, she makes me smile everytime I see her face and hear her voice, not to mention trying her fabulous recipes... Thank you!! Irish-

By Anonymous on September 18, 2012


Jamie is by far my fav of the two Deen boys. He seems to be so in love with his wife and children, and seems to love everything that he does. He is very good looking, but does not come out as full of himself the way his brother does. At least that's how I see it. He was so fortunate to meet Brook the way he did, and to have had such beautiful children. He seems like such a decent man. All the best to you and yours, Jamie.

By Sanddwer on August 04, 2012


I too adore this family! I love Jaimie's new show. It really shows how much the family adores each other and brings tears to my eyes when I watch it! Bless you with love and happiness.

By Claire Carter on July 07, 2012


I think that this is the most adorable family I have ever seen! I know these are great parents....all you have to do is look at Jack's smiles and know that ! It really was up to Brooke and Jamie to decide when to announce little Matthew's birth. We are glad for any good news from them especially about a new baby! I love Paula, and all of her family! Nothing will ever get in the way of that, not even the scandal seeking media....we know what they are about. Keep being strong, Deen family, and as happy as ever!

By Diane Adelstone on June 20, 2012


I have just finished reading about Brooke's second child, Matthew. You don't have to respond to my earlier email where I asked if they had a second child. I loved reading about Jamee's newest from Brooke.

By Charlene Nix on June 19, 2012


Congrats, Brooke and Jamie (and Jack) on the latest addition to your family!

By Susan on May 03, 2012


GIRL!EVERYTHING YOU DO IS GREAT! when people want to say hateful things,just say to yourself,...well they can kiss a fat monkey's A..! and then smile....i am just bad! i could have said something biblical,but hell,you just got to laugh sometimes and say some wirty dords...i luv ya ms. paula!.....gramma nell,aalyhdeazey's grandma.

By jenay pringle on January 28, 2012


i am going to get me a laptop so that a printer can be hooked on so i can print all these wonderful recipes,and pictures.Jamie and the sons picture is beautiful,it had me in tears.though i am 61 and my dad has been in heaven since 2002 i miss him a lot,so father pictures touch my heart.GOD BLESS YOU 4,and the whole family,BOBBY! i am watching!....a.k.a.:GRAMMA NELL.

By jenay pringle on January 28, 2012


Paula, I was so sorry to hear about your disease. I'm also sorry the way people have attacked you. You have my full support and wish you nothing but the best. You have given me years of fun, laughs and wonderful recipes. I enjoyed seeing all your episodes and getting to see what a wonderful family you have. Just enjoy life and what it brings and don't pay attention to other people who might want to bring you down. They are just jealous of all you accomlished. Best wishes and keep on doing what you do.

By sanwil on January 21, 2012


After reading some of these comments, I can understand why you and you're family like you're privacy.

By Denyell on December 06, 2011


Hello Brooke !! i'm impressed with your kindness and genuine feeling people. I love to see Paulas cookings shows ( i can see her shows all day). i think i like very much her receipes but the family feeling makes me feel happy and conect. i love family and i want this to my family. I love to see Paulas cooking with her sons and the lovely energy she transmits. God blessing for all and the best wishes... Marie

By marie on October 22, 2011


I love reading your blogs Brooke. Congrats to you and Jamie and Jack on the birth of your son Matthew. It's hard to stay private but you are doing a fantastic job. I tried your smoothie recipe and it is delish! I made Bobby's lighter gooey butter cake today. Will let you all know how it turns out! It looks and smells delish! God Bless!!!

By Kim Colaprete on August 19, 2011


Brooke, You are truly a role model to all the mom's out there. Your sons are cutie pies...I wish you much happiness and love, being a mother of two sons I can tell you your life is going to be full with wonderful memories and laughter....

By Carol on July 19, 2011


That was really sweet. I have three kids ages 17, 15, and 12. I, myself, am a complete daddy's girl. I also ADORE my grandfather and lost a piece of my heart when I lost my other grandfather 1 1/2 years ago. Men are so important to kids growing up. Most of the focus is on mom's, but the men in children's lives make them who they are. I feel so blessed to have such good men (I have a brother and my sister's husband is like my brother)in my kids' lives. They don't have a relationship with their dad. I will never understand how he can miss out on such blessings, but the men who are active in their lives work double time to be there for them. My oldest is my daughter and the other two are boys. I love Paula, I admire her for what she is famous for, but so much more for being such a good single mom to her boys.

By April Queen on July 13, 2011


Brooke Being a photographer, i'm always snapping Pictures of my little ones and there dad, and putting them in our little family album. You don't realize how much kids grow until you look back on those pictures. That is something every family should have and treasure! Hope you and your boys are enjoying the Georgia U Mobile Rose, Deb M. and I send for baby Matthew. Much Love to you and Jamie and the boys! Andrea

By Andrea Lepinske on June 23, 2011


Dearest Brooke I have to assure you, I am NOT obsessed with your new baby.Let's get that out of the way!! I will,however,let you know that everyone on my forums think surely he truly is MY new grandson. I've posted your blog pictures and continuously rave about that beautiful new boy.They are presently taking odds on how long it will be before Paula hears about this and demands I quit going on and on about her grandson. Congratulations to you and Jamie and Jack. What a fabulous family to welcome this spectacular child into the world. Please tell Paula to keep an eye out for the lady from Covington...she better stay home as much as possible (I have a rocking chair and I know how to use it) LOL Much love and best wishes to all the Deens - love to Matthew! Carol Faver

By Carol Faver on June 22, 2011


JAMIE, I know that you are busy. But we'd like to see some more pictures of you Jake, Brooke and BABY Matthew. When are you going to come to KING GEORGE VA? how can I get the cruise cheaper for 1 it is SO HIGH. Will you email me and let me know. CAUSE I'D LOVE TO MEET YOUR MOM AND THE WHOLE FAMILY. BEST DISHES FROM MY KITCHEN TO YOUR'S LOVE ALL YA'LL

By WANDA HOUCHIN on June 21, 2011

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