The Deen Bros. Father’s Day Grilling

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The Deen Bros. Father’s Day Grilling

By Jamie and Bobby Deen

When it gets hot like it has been in Savannah, we really love inviting our friends and family over a cookout. It’s always nice when everyone can get together over a burger and a cold beer while the Jack and his friends can run around in the sprinkler or a pool.

In fact, we can’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day then good ol’ cookout, grilling burgers, hotdogs, and corn on the cob. You name it, and we’ve probably grilled it. Good friends and good food, it’s what life’s all about! We used to love cooking outside with our dad. We’d eat outside and then play all day until we heard Dad whistle, and that’s when we knew it was time to come home.

We’ve got some really great tips so that you can host a really special Father’s Day Cookout. We’re happy to share these with y’all in our latest cookbook The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up. So this is the just a sampling. For tons more tips and recipes, pick a copy up for yourself- you’ll love it, especially now that it’s grill season!

We hope that you’ll find them useful, and if you’ve got some tips of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Looking for that tasty recipe for those burgers in the image? Those are our Hot Buffalo Burgers with Blue Cheese!

Gas vs. Charcoal?
We generally use our gas grill when we’re grilling at home. Since it can be preheated and ready to go with just the flick of a switch and turn of a dial, it’s just easier. On the other hand, charcoal-burning kettle grills are great when you don’t have a lot of space to set up the grill or if you want to wheel it over to one section of your yard.

Must-Have Grilling Tools
While some tools and gadgets are unnecessary, you can’t grill without long-handled tongs, a long-handled basting brush, metal skewers, a grilling basket, and a good pair of heavy-duty grilling gloves. These simple items will make your outdoor cooking experience much more enjoyable.

The Perfect Burger
When it comes down to it, a good grilled burger is all about the meat. We like to use a blend of fatty ground chuck and leaner sirloin (at a ratio of about 80 to 20 percent), for a nice, juicy burger.

It’s All About Ambience
Christmas lights on the patio are a perfect way to light up an after-dark barbecue. Hurricane lanterns work nicely if you don’t have access to electrical outlets, and citronella candles will do double duty, lighting up the backyard and keeping mosquitos at bay.

Easy Cleanup!
Use brown craft paper instead of a tablecloth for outdoor dining. It makes cleanup much easier, and you can put out a jar of crayons for the kids to color with while they’re waiting for second helpings.

Get Fired Up Giveaway Contest
Thanks everyone for your great grilling tips in yesterday’s contest! Congratulations to Tricia! You’ll be contacted privately so we can send you your copy of the The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up.

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Photo courtesy Ben Fink.

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Reader Comments:


Thanks everyone for your great grilling tips in yesterday's contest! Congratulations to Tricia! You'll be contacted privately so we can send you your copy of the The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up.

By Lisa the Admin on June 10, 2011


I like to grill my corn wrap in foil with butter, salt and pepper. Grill rib and I dry rub the them the night before and put on the grill with the meat side down first before i flip over to the bone side.

By LOWANDA on June 10, 2011


Love, love, love beer can chicken. It's the best!

By Carolyn on June 10, 2011


Make foil packet using aluminum foil heavy duty 4 foot by 18” piece. Fold length of foil in half creating a two foot length. Now on one side fold over 1” and again fold that inch in to a half inch. Pinch tightly but CAREFUL not to rip it. Fold it over the other direction once ½”. Now take that ½ inch double fold and fold it in the middle backwards developing a ¼ “ tight seal. Do same on other side to complete foil envelope. After filling the packet with what you want to grill seal top the same as sides by folding over one inch. Fold that one inch over again pinching to seal. Fold the ½ inch over backwards and pinch. Swish things gently in bag.

By Roberta Bonney on June 10, 2011


Well, I'm going to try again. I can't believe my last 3 comments have not been posted. Hopefully you will post this on. I am also surprise that there's not more comments. What's up? Here another grilling tip... have a checklist.

By Christine on June 10, 2011


I posted a comment yesterday, and this will make my second comment today. Not sure why y'all are not posting my comments.

By Christine on June 10, 2011


We like to grill mushrooms & onions in foil with lots of butter! They get tender & buttery & are the perfect accompaniment for a nicely done medium cooked steak. My daughter loves grilled asparagus also, tossed in a bit of olive oil & a sprinkle of sea salt. Love the Deen Family and all your recipes.

By Leslie on June 09, 2011


We love to cook corn on the cob on our charcoal grill. We soak the corn with the husk in a bowl of water. We lay it on the grill and let it cook for about 45 minutes. Then we take it off, remove the husks, put on lots of butter, and eat. We also love to grill pizza during the summer. I buy pizza crust mix and make it according to the directions. Then I spread it out on a pizza pan. You can add sauce and then your favorite topping. I love cutting up green peppers, onions, and fresh tomatoes. Roma tomatoes taste really great on a pizza. Then you can top it with cheese. Let it cook until the cheese melts and the crust hardens.

By Sonya on June 09, 2011


Spray bottle with water in it. I keep a small spray bottle of water on the grill to handle any flair ups. It comes in handy and has saved many a meal. smilesmile

By debbie in houston on June 09, 2011


My best tip for grilling is: Make sure that you have a good time, and include the kids! They like to help smile If your having fun grilling and entertaining then everyone else is enjoying themselves. No one wants a stressed out cook!

By Tricia on June 09, 2011


Grilling tip... instead of using old rusty brush to clean the grill, take tin foil and crumble it in your hands and clean the grill, it takes all the junk off the grill. Then toss the tin foil in the trash. Thanks for all you do, Christine

By Christine on June 09, 2011


Bless You Jamie and Bobby Dreen Bro. I come from a family that all way have cook out at my mom house in Detroit Michigan and my grand mother in Madsionville Ky We are a large family. When I see your mother I think about you mother she allway cooking. I will love to have a cook out with The Mary Phillips Senior's. The old Town Temecula Calf on Father Day Party Thurday,June 16,2011. We allway cook all meats and vegetables and sweet corn,and we will be looking Organic Broccoli.I am doing a cook book for my mom and I will love to have some of your recipes in the cook book and for our healthy food healthy life style program. By Ms Dennise Perkins on June 9,2011

By Dennise Perkins on June 09, 2011


Prep ahead. Simple but very helpful. Then you have more time to enjoy your friends

By lynds on June 09, 2011


Use long handle grill forks to stack hot dogs for an easy flip on the grill - Less turning and easier to remove from grill =:)

By Becky on June 09, 2011


My children each live in apartment complexes in the central Florida area and can't have grills. But they love hamburgers and steaks, especially, so the new "use-and-toss" mini-grills are the greatest invention ever! I pick them up whenever I can and present them to the son or daughter when they visit me. wink

By Kay McCullough on June 09, 2011


i get the grill sizzling hot put on ribs to get flavor leave for a couple min then take off and wrap i plastic wrap after adding bbq sauce then wrap in tin foil makes very works when u have little time. my wife is a paula finatic so i know ur grilling book will be the best

By thomas on June 09, 2011


We love to grill and its hot here all the time...we grill meats, veggies, fruits and even desserts. We are a large family and have 6 kids and many friends and family over to the house for cookouts. I like to spray the grill, use tinfoil sometimes or even dishes like in the oven, sky's the limit. I love watching cooking shows and reading cooking books for new recipes, I would love to have your book so I can further my grilling education! Best Dishes!!

By scout on June 09, 2011


When grilling burgers have the center of the burger dipped in the middle. While cooking the center then pops up to be even with the rest of the burger. We also found out when we bought burgers from Costco's meat department, they have a slight slit in the center. That also works well on the grill, keeping the burgers from rising up in the center while cooking. Most importantly don't forget the Paula Deen House Seasoning. grin Love your lighter recipes. Hope there is a lighter recipe book in the future. grin

By Maryann Smith on June 09, 2011


I have a large plastic serving tray that I line with wax paper and put the fresh hamburger patties on it. Once the burgers are on the grill, the wax paper is thrown away and the cooked burgers go back on the same tray!

By Kelley L on June 09, 2011


I love sweet corn on the grill and try to cook it as much as I can during the summer season. I do not husk the sweet corn, I put it in the sink and cover it with cold water and little bit of sea salt in the water. I let it soak at least 3 hours. I have the coals in the grill nice and white when I put the corn on and cook it slow turning every 5 minutes or is usually done in 25 minutes. The husks will be all black but don't let that fool you, inside is nice sweet corn that is hot with a little bit of grill marks and a wonderful flavor from the grill and the salted water.

By April Frisby on June 09, 2011

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