The Blooms of Riverbend

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The Blooms of Riverbend

By Brandon Branch

There are so many flowers blooming at Riverbend, what Paula calls her property, that I had to take pictures this morning and share with y’all!  I will start at the front porch, with these urns of Japanese Lace Leaf Maple with hydrangeas.  The ivy has gotten out of control in the pots so I braided it and made swags.  I love the contrast of colors!


The snapdragons are just going wild. We did all white this year and I pinched them back heavily this fall.  If you sacrifice blooms in the fall you will be rewarded in the spring!


My favorite flower is the anemone.  We planted several colors in the raised cutting bed.  While I love this flower I have discovered that Paula doesn’t. I may still have to plant a few next fall! Shh!! Don’t let her know!


Last year we planted several lily bulbs and they came right back up this spring.  Nothing smells as good as a lily bloom.  I love this color lily cut inside Paula’s home.


We also have several clusters of Foxgloves on the property. These in the cutting garden are finally sending up their blooms. This is a favorite of Paula’s and mine.  They don’t last long with our heat but they are so worth planting.


We have a very wet area on the property where we planted purple iris.  Growing up in Louisiana and Mississippi, it brings me right back home!


No garden is complete without a pair of ducks.  Well maybe that’s not true. My feathered friends have followed me all over the gardens this morning.  Right by my side at all times.  Paula and her grandkids just love the ducks.  I have a love/hate relationship with them! They are the first to eat my water lilies, and snack on delicate blooms in the garden. Bread has become my latest device in protecting my garden from these troublemakers! 

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Dear Paula, Hang in there! You are a much loved & very talented woman. We all make mistakes. Isn't life about learning & growing? And, what about forgiveness? I won't ever feel the same about the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, etc. How judge-mental, unforgiving, & downright mean. Shame on all of them! This will pass, & you will be okay. Your friends & family will get you through this. Much love & compassion for you! Mary

By Mary on July 29, 2013


Paula, I miss you and your boys so much. Never missed any of your shows. Love your southern cooking. Your garden is gorgeous. I am trying to grow flowers this summer. Really enjoying trying. Please buy a network so you will be in control of your entertainment(sincere, from the heart entertainment). He who is without sin, please cast the first stone. We all have said things that we didn't mean, no matter what color. It's part of the growing process. You are the best and we love you and your boys.

By Carolyn on July 28, 2013

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