The Berry Best!

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The Berry Best!

By Paula Deen

In that space of time marking the end of spring and the beginning of summer, something magical happens: strawberries! And believe me, you gotta get ‘em while the gettin’s good because those plump little darlings ripen faster than you can pick them. That’s why as soon as strawberry season arrives Michael and I hightail it out to a local farm, snatching them up faster than a duck on a June bug. Of course, I always get in a little trouble for filling my mouth instead of my basket (my stained lips are a dead giveaway), but I just can’t help myself.

Once we get home, Michael and I come up with all sorts of ways to use ‘em before we lose ‘em. Sure we could enjoy strawberries year round by freezing them or turning them into jam, but nothing holds a candle to eating farm-fresh berries on the spot. So I whip up sweet and delicate strawberry cake for us to share while Michael mixes some refreshing strawberry lemonade to wash it all down. Then we enjoy the sweet gifts of the season by sampling our wares while sitting on our porch swing beneath a Southern sunset, thinking how our life together is, in fact, the berry best!

I hope y’all enjoy all the berry best we have to offer this week! Strawberry Recipes galore can be found in our gallery. Strawberry Crepes from our food historian, Damon Lee Fowler, and everything you could possibly want to know about strawberries in Kitchen Basics. Our Kid’s Kitchen has Strawberry Banana pops that the kids are sure to want to help with. And, an amazing old Southern shortcake biscuit recipe, The Best Ever Southern Shortcake Biscuits, to pour your fresh strawberries over from Senior Food Editor, Libbie Summers. Finally, y’all will just die laughing when you read about the Culinary Coward attemptin’ my Strawberry Pretzel Salad. Fix yourself a big old glass of strawberry lemonade and cook yourself up a mess of berries! Happy Spring Y’all!

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Reader Comments:

Hello Paula,
I can’t tell you enough how much you are LOVED!!! You always have such a beautiful, loving, and warm beauty from within and not afriad to let it show!! My DREAM IS TO ONE DAY get to meet you!!! Until then, please know how blessed so many people are that you are helping pitaful women like me, who their poor husbands says no honey i’ll cook LOL!!!! I have gotten so much better over the years because of your wonderful recipes that you share. Paula, I love you so dearly and many blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving. A FAN FOR LIFE!!!!

By Pamela Cline on November 24, 2010

All your shows and articles are just wonderful.  I try to watch all your shows..everyday.  You have a great loving family, and I wish I lived closer to meet you. I saw you in Richmond, VA last month. Your show was fabulous. You and Michael are the cutest ever.
Have happy holidays….
Love ya, Beverly

By Beverly Pullman on October 25, 2010

Paula, I really enjoy watching you cook with all your heart I use to work seven days a week,but I was diagonis with rheumatoid arthritis in Oct. 2009which affect my gait,balance and mobility. This defect has effective my ability to function as a hospice traveling RN and American Red Cross and Network Volunteer. I’m homebound now. THANK YOU THE LAUGHS!

By Juanita Bravo on May 23, 2010

This is a great ! I love all the emails from the fans and the recipies that are shared.

By linda yorde on May 23, 2010



Dear Paula, LOVE your show, recipes, and YOU smile My Dad became ill a few years back, and was not able to drive, so he started following you on Food Network. He passed four years ago, but my Mom and I continued to watch and follow you. Whenever I hear your voice, I think of my Dad, and how happy he was learning your recipes while he was housebound. Thank you for the joy you give so many, like sunshine! Love and Best Dishes to you!

By Brigid Venti on May 21, 2010

Love, Love, Love your show and am so amazed at what all you can do to make meals so appealing and delicious. I come from of a family of 8 brothers and five sisters so I learned to cook at a very young age. My family calls my place HOME anytime they come to West Virginia for a visit. Each Labor Day weekend I host a family reunion here for all the family’s and they look so forward to it. Of course they all chip in with food items etc. but I go all out and work on preparing for days. They refer to me as Paula Deen!!!  Elaine Dawson

By Elaine Dawson on May 20, 2010

your strawberry tall cake sounds kinda like my strawberry truffle but yours is much prettier !!  here’s my recipe in case you want something really, really sweet !!!
Strawberry Trifle
1 8oz pkg cream cheese
1 small jar marshmellow cream
1 can Eagle Brand milk
1 12oz Cool Whip
1 Sara Lee pound cake
lots of strawberries

Mix 1st 4 ingredients until smooth, layer in trifle bowl w/pound cake and strawberries, chill for at least, 2 hrs, top w/whole strawberries before serving…ENJOY !!!

By Diane Sessions on May 19, 2010

Dear Mrs Paula.      I love your show. I try to watch it everyday. I love to make the things you make on your show and then try them out on my friends. So far no complaints. I would like to share something with you about myself. Back in November of 2007 i was told that i had cancer. A very rare cancer Mesothelioma. I have been cancer free now for 2 and a half years. My husband had to work to support us so i was at home alot by myself. You kept me company while i was taking chemo. I wanted to tell you thank you for always having a wonderful smile.And like you would say at the end of your show I send you Love,Hugs and Gods blessings for you and yours.

By Mary Love on May 19, 2010

Hi Paula:  I believe I watched you make some sauerkraut and kiebelsa on your show but cannot find the recipe on line.
Is there anyway you can tell me where to go to find it or can you publish it in your recipe folder on line?
I love your food and I am inspired by your history and how you got so far in life.  You are a true winner and an inspiration to all of us.
Your friend mary

By mary hess on May 19, 2010

paula love you me and my husbund watch you everday i have the pots pan would not use anything but that will i just need to say it is just a joy you and the boys .and the recipes i make are so good love to you all

By cindy ford on May 18, 2010

Hi, Paula, well, it is no wonder everyone loves are the BEST!  I would love you even if you didn’t love butter so much as I do. LOL Donna said that she was going to mark all of the recipes she wants to try; well, good luck because I tried that, and I ended up with a sticky-note
book since I wanted them all!!!  One day I will get to see you, I just know it..until then, hugs to you and yours, Lynda

By Lynda Chase on May 18, 2010

I love the milkglass in the picture. I too, collect hobnail milkglass and enjoy using it. I miss seeing you on the FOOD network. I have your cookbooks, and am going through them to mark all the recipes I want to try. We picked our first rhubarb of the season yesterday. I must make some more rhubarb marmalade - it disappears quickly as I give a lot away. God bless!

By Donna Haffenden on May 18, 2010

Paula I love you and your family. I enjoy watching your shows.  You remind me of my mother so much.  My sister got my mothers cooking talents. I do not have any of them so I need all the help I can get.  I am disabled and my husband is as well.  So we have to eat at home and I am not very good at all planning meals or cooking them.  What do you suggest I do?

By Melody Anders on May 14, 2010

Strawberry lemonade?  Not fair to mention a food and then not tell us how to make it!  Will you share how to make strawberry lemonade?  Enjoy your recipes, your magazine, even articles (Culinary Coward) where the dishes don’t come out perfect every time!  Will watch for the strawberry lemonade recipe.  It’s getting strawberry time here, too!

By Cecelia Cauble on May 12, 2010

Saw you on Suzie Ormans show. She needs to have more people like you on her program.  I’m growing my own strawberries for the first time this year. Can’t wait!!! Glad you and Michael are taking time out to be with each other. I do enjoy your show, but I find the ones that have your family on them the best. Can’t beat family. Plus they work cheap.  Best Always,

By Nancy Kauffman on May 12, 2010

Hello Sweet Paula, My husband and I enjoy those sweet strawberries too As soon as the Stawberry Tent goes up on Hwy 78 my husband is there buying a couple of gallons of them special big as your fist strawberries from Edgefield, SC. My family and I ate in your restaurant in Savannah, GA. It was so good! My Daughter Missy and her hubby came from Portland,OR just to go there and eat. We love you and your show.
Take care sweet Lady and give Michael a hug for me.

By Penny Studebaker on May 11, 2010

I’ll never forget when my daughter was a little over a year old and I took her strawberry picking with me…..the girls working the patch were so taken with her…they wanted to weigh her to see how much she had eaten in the patch! She had strawberry juice all over her hands and chin!....needless to say…she still probably eats more than picks to this day….she’s 20 now!

By katherine on May 11, 2010

Hey Paula!
I hope you got the chance toake it over to our neck of the woods…..strawberry capital..ponchatoula!! Where my friends the"Liuzza s” have their family strawberry farm.  Not to over look the family steak restaurant “buddies”, I know I may be a tiny bit partial being that my Hubby is the gm and cooks all those fab steaks.  It would mean so much if you would come have a visit and check out this amazing family…..and their berries haha:)

By Megan Leblanc Kinchen on May 11, 2010

oh Paula me and my mom love your cooking show we love all the ways you cook your food i have learned alot from your cooking ,and yes I LOVE MY BUTTER TOO! lol!i love to cook,my mom got sick and moved in with me , since then my mom and me we both watch your show together,i thank you for that.i love my mom but,you brought us closer together,thank you paula love you keep up the good cooking and great recipes! thanks so much from me and my mom joann and lisa

By lisa simpkins on May 10, 2010

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