Sweet Succulents for Fall

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Sweet Succulents for Fall

By Brandon Branch

During the spring and summer months is when you see people out and about in their gardens, getting a head start on growing their own produce, or landscaping their yards with beautiful seasonal flowers and blossoms. When the fall finally comes around, though, the temperature drops and we tend to want to take our green thumbs indoors for the cooler weather.

In most fall décor, we see a plethora of red, orange, and yellow leaves strewn about, and plenty of gourds adorn table settings, bookshelves and entryways. But how can you add a little horticultural twist to the season?

With succulents!

I love succulents for a lot of reasons. They’re low-maintenance, so anyone can keep them. With the right care, they keep year round. And best of all? They’re stylish and super in-demand right now.

Never worked with succulents before? Here are some quick tips on care:

1. Watering. The good news about succulents is that they’re desert plants, so they require very little water, which makes them so easy to care for.  Water indoor succulents sparingly, and make sure that the soil is dried out between watering.

2. Light. Again, because succulents are desert plants, they prefer lots of natural light wherever possible. Sit them near a window with plenty of sun, or an open room with lots of light.

3. Soil. In most plant stores or garden shops, you should be able to find a blend of soil that’s specialized for cacti and succulents. However, a coarse or gritty soil will work best. I’ve even used sand before. You want a soil that’s fast-draining that will prevent overwatering.

Now that you’ve got the 1, 2, 3’s of succulents, how can you decorate with them? Here are three simple ideas:

1. Centerpieces. Jazz up a festive fall table with a mixture of a colorful gourds and handsome succulents.

2. Coffee tables. Adorn your coffee table with an array of smaller succulent plants of fun and patterned pots.

3. Entryways. Find a bold and beautiful planting vessel, like an old galvanized bucket, or large stone pot, to fill with varying colors of succulents to greet guests (and trick-or-treaters!) at your doorstep this fall.

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I love the succulent ideas. I have used them in many containers. The colors are striking and soothing. Thank You

By Rebekah Cline on November 08, 2013

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