Sweet Chocolate Bowls

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Sweet Chocolate Bowls

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Get the Chocolate Bowl Recipe here!

Are you looking for a sweet treat to make your Valentine this year? Look no further because Paula has crafted up the perfect little bowl of love! This quick and easy project will dazzle your kids with it’s “magic” or be the perfect surprise sweet ending to a romantic meal.  These whimsical chocolate bowls can hold ice cream, berries and cream, pudding, candies, anything that you or your sweet heart desires!

image1. First get your set up ready, line a sheet tray with parchment paper or wax paper. Blow up your balloons, being careful not to blow them up too big, since the tops of them will ultimately be the size of your bowls. It’s wise to use smaller thicker balloons so you can get more bowls out of your batch of chocolate. We used balloons we purchased at the local grocery store.

Add half your chocolate to a bowl set over simmering water, making sure the bottom doesn’t touch the water or it will seize up, and stir until it’s completely melted. Remove from the heat, add the remaining chocolate bit by bit, and stir until all the chocolate is smooth and melted. This step will help to temper the chocolate, which makes the chocolate firm up and give it snap. Let the chocolate cool for 8-10 minutes, you don’t want the chocolate so hot that the balloons pop!

image2. Make the base of your bowls by spooning about a half tablespoon of chocolate onto the prepared sheet tray and swirling into a disc shape. We found that 6 discs per sheet tray worked well.


image3. Hold the balloon by the knot and dip into the bowl of melted chocolate. Swirl the balloon around to make a nice even coat.


image4. Let the excess chocolate drip off into the bowl and place the balloon on one of the chocolate discs.


image5. You may need to hold for a few moments to make sure it sticks. Repeat with the remaining balloons and chocolate.


image6. Place the whole sheet tray into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to set.


image7. When the chocolate is completely set, use scissor to gently make a whole in the top of the balloon under the knot. Be careful not to suddenly pop the balloon because the bowl could break from the force. It’s best to slowly let the air out so the bowl remains in tact.


image8. Repeat with the remaining balloons then peel away all balloon remnants from the bottom of the bowls.


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Reader Comments:


I love Paula and her recepies and I am a good cook, however this recepy was total failure, was very messy and impossible to cover baloons acurately, the chocolate cover was uneven and borders messy. I used good semisweet chocolate.

By Yuna on February 14, 2014


I miss you!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Regena. Flannery on February 10, 2014


lookin in

By cathy mckinney on February 06, 2013


Hi Kathy, You can find the recipe for the chocolate bowls here: http://www.pauladeen.com/recipes/recipe_view/chocolate_bowls/

By Jonathan Able on March 23, 2012


I love this idea, and we are actually trying to do it for a culinary competition we have coming up. Our only problem is getting the bowls to be thick. Any suggestions on how to make it thicker?

By Mindi Cramer on February 16, 2012


This sounds inocent enough of a project until you realize that balloons are not regulated by the FDA and are not manufactured as food safe.

By Greg Grenevitch on February 14, 2012


Hello Paula & Test Kitchen Staff, I like this idea of yours for the Chocolate Bowls"is quite clever. I think it could be paired up nicely with a favorite ice cream or fresh fruit for a really delicious dessert. Also, I just realized you have a recipe for "Rocky Road Cupcakes" I have to take a look at that recipe as well. Thank you so much. And, Happy Valentine's Day to you!

By Sue on February 14, 2012


Hi Paula...Love~Love you and all your receipes. Been to your place in Savanah several times but haven't been lucky enough to see you. Please don't ever go off TV cause I look foreword everyday to watching your show. My question is about the chocolate bowls. How much chocolate do I melt. In this case I'm not a very good estimater. LOL God Bless

By Dolly Sentz on February 13, 2012


what kind of chocolate did you use and how much?

By kathy bugg on February 10, 2012


Dear maam, I never think that you had a problem, because when i watching you in your show you are very happy. that is why you are my idol you had a good life a good kids and a good husband. I though you have everything, while I watching you i'm really happy i forgot all my problem . I'm a filipina marriage to a retired american i think i'm not a wife i dont have the rigt in the house he always have a decission in everything even my food i ate only at night in the morning my breakfast pop corn if i'm hungry i steal crackers or nuts in the bathroom because he doen't like me eating because he doesn't like fat i had ulcer and i'm high blood maybe my poor diet. I need to work so that i have money,even allowance i don't have i'm tired of always asking for my personal needs. I asking that i want to study sewing so that i can apply sewer he doesn't like. anyway sorry i want only to ease of myself because i can not share to his friend i can't share to his friends maybe they will tell him and i can't tell to my family because i don't want them to worry about me. i wish someone can help me that i can get work. Anyway maam Paola i will pray for you that you will be fine, so that i can always watch your show. thank you! PLEASE DONT POST!!! Respectfully yours, julia

By Juliana G. Ramos on February 10, 2012


Very Clever!

By Kren Spalter on February 10, 2012


Paula you are the best i love you for being you always the no matter what your food look great i would love to meet you one. love your's truly Sophronia Birch

By Sophronia Burch on February 10, 2012

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