Summer Vegetable Dishes

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Summer Vegetable Dishes

Carrot, Zucchini, Squash Ribbons


Just have a slicer handy for this recipe! These ribbons are super simple and great for a warm weather day!


Baked Potato with Ring Tum Ditty

Who doesn’t love cheddar cheese and bacon? These little baked potatoes will bring your taste buds to life! You can serve as a side dish or even an appetizer.



You’ll scoop this soup up in no time! Stuffed with a tasty mixture of cilantro, garlic, tomatoes and lots and lots of spices!




Southwestern Corn and Black Bean Salad

Just toss corn and black beans into your pan. Add a little fire with bell peppers, poblano peppers and some chipotle powder for a mouth-watering salad!



Black-Eyed Pea Greek Salad

Perfect for the hot summer days, this Greek twist is a true favorite among salads!




Spicy Black-Eyed Peas

This Southern legend is part spice, part savory and so easy to make. Ideal for a weeknight dinner, make extra to share with good company!



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By morrine Hamilton on July 31, 2014


So glad your back. You got a raw deal. I loved your show and now will be able to enjoy your show again. Good for you, glad your back.

By Karen Mueller on July 19, 2014


Our faimly love you Paula. You have brought me from a young cook to cooking for a whole faimly. Ihave followed you for years and i hope this all blows over soona nd we get to see you on tv again soon. Thanks for all the good times you have given me and my family. Using your recipes we all cook together and i am passing thing you taught me to my kids now. Thanks again Steve from CT.

By steven brault jr on August 23, 2013


we love your food thanks.faye

By faye aymond on August 15, 2013


I don't read negative comments. Don't know what you said. Don't care what you said because I am not perfect. I loved watching you on Food Network. You were an inspiration to watch and motivate non cookers to want to try your recipes. I wish you the very best. There is room on this earth for your blessings to us.

By Virgie on August 13, 2013


Hi Paula, i just wanted to say i love you! When my mother was ill(she had end stage renal failure and ended up passing away) but she loved to turn on your show and she would say after spending the morning in dialysis that it was like coming home to a friend when she turned your show on. The best part is whe would want us to try and make some of your dishes and we would but because of her kidney problems she could only have a spoonfull sometimes but she loved it. And now when i see you on a magazine or the cooking books i pick them up because they make me think of her so Thank you! wishing you all the Best and i wantting you to know that you have brought a lot of people joy and that even though you haven't meet all your fans you have a lot of us that feel like we know you just from the person we have seen and loved through your shows. Theresa

By theresa on August 12, 2013


Love you Paula, Hope to get to Savannah for your book signing, love eating at Uncle Bubbas. Hope everything is getting back to normal, you are a great lady. Sarah Hall, Gallatin, Tn.37066

By Anonymous on August 07, 2013


Love you Paula, Hope to get to Savannah for your book signing, love eating at Uncle Bubbas. Hope everything is getting back to normal, you are a great lady. Sarah Hall, Gallatin, Tn.37066

By sarah hall on August 07, 2013


Love you Paula and Your Family. Hold your head up. We will be praying for you. I miss seeing you and quit watching food network. Gehring Family

By May Gehring on July 29, 2013


Love your summer recipes---love veggies and needed fresh ideas!! Keep them coming!!

By Dede Bierbrauer on July 29, 2013



By juanita howze on July 27, 2013


I love your recipes. You have such down to earth, common everyday recipes. Your magazine gives me such great ideas on how to serve the menus so much more attractive, Thank you Paula, you're great!

By Lisa Turner on July 26, 2013


Hold your head up high Paula. No matter what comes your way good things will happen. I love all of your products and I will continue to use your recipes and buy your cook books. You have a lot of fans and I am one huge one. Take care and please continue to make available all of your wonderful recipes. Many of them are ones that my own mamma used to make when I was growing up. You brought back a lot of memories of cooking with my mamma. I believe in you!!

By Becky Carter on July 26, 2013


Love you Paula! Im going to my daughters in August she goes to school at SCAD and I visited last year and ate at The Lady and Sons and shopped in your store. Ain't nothin stopping me im going again. Ilove your recipes and Bobbys lighter ones too.

By Dianne Calafiore on July 25, 2013


I love you recipe's and I love your stores. :( I didn't get to finish my daughters collection of kitchen spoons, and spatulas'

By Cynthia Snyder on July 24, 2013

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