Summer Salad Days

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Summer Salad Days

By Heather Jeffcoat

I have to admit I would rather someone else make my salads. I don’t know what it is about salads and me—maybe the simple chopping and tossing of raw vegetables just doesn’t generate the excitement and metamorphosis that takes place before a hot skillet. Maybe my enthusiasm for cooking is why I find the task of salad-making underwhelming, often wishing at the end that I would have made something else.

It just feels like a chore sometimes to convince myself to eat my raw vegetable creations. I know I need to because they can be super healthy and super easy—I know that a great family salad can take mere minutes and is a one-bowl meal solution packed with lots of nutritional benefits. I just need a creative boost in an unexpected topping or zestful dressing to spark my enthusiasm for the right family salad.

All of the farmers markets are brimming over with perfectly ripe produce just begging to be savored fresh off the vine. Sometimes the thing that tips me over the edge on a great salad is the dressing and, believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to make your own. Plus, with simple, fresh summer salad ingredients you can be assured your family is eating well.

Jamie Deen has come up with some delicious options that will spark your salad-making motivation. Join me, and let’s give it a go on Jamie’s creative home-prepared salads.

The Asian Chicken Salad combines wonderful flavors of tangy and sweet with a zesty zip to it. And, you can use rotisserie chicken, which means you just saved some time in the kitchen. Click here for the recipe.

The Chopped Steak Salad is a great way to get in some much-needed iron. It’s a very filling salad, keeping everyone happy. Plus, it has bacon in it! That’s hard to resist. Click here for the recipe.

After trying what Jamie came up with in the July/August issue of Cooking With Paula Deen, I will be making these family-friendly salads at home again and eating them with a smile.

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Reader Comments:


Dear, Paula Deen Well I think you are the most amazing person, you are my role model if they took you off from the set I would of died inside your the best cook and I can't waite to see you again

By Alexis Conner on December 04, 2013


I love salads all kinds and it is healthy too. smile THanks Paula

By Tootsieroll on August 26, 2013


Paula your the greatest, so sorry Food Network cancelled your show, I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot by just watching you cook. Keep your head High...

By Bea Plumley on August 24, 2013


Paula Congrats on your victory. I haven't watch the food channel since they cancelled you. They convicted you without a trial. Not very fair or American or smart business move. Love you and your show. Your seem to be the real thing and not a put on act. Take care of that new grand baby.

By Judie Wiltse on August 24, 2013


Ms. Paula we are so happy the lawsuit was thrown out. My daughter, Alyssa, did a Make-A-Wish with you in August 2007 right after she had both kidneys removed due to a rare kidney disease. We met you and Michael in Nashville. You called her up on stage and made her Queen For The Day. Then you gifted our family with Viking appliances! We are an African American family and we know that the allegations accusing you of being racist are false. You made our daughter's dream come true and we can never thank you enough. Alyssa was 12 yrs old then. Since that time, she received a transplant, survived a brain tumor, lost the kidney because of chemo, and is back on dialysis. She is 19 yrs old now and still considers you as a grandmother. God bless you!

By Gloria Peterson on August 23, 2013


I'm happy with the outcome of your case. Upon reading of your case I knew that the media was behind the noise but I feel there was a more powerful organization is involved. I can only guess who. I'm not happy about this! I am grossly offended by the Food Network and all the other businesses who did not wait for the legal outcome of your case, but dropped you without fair trail. I have dropped them as a business I will honor. They are not good Americans. My best to you and your family. You will always be in my prayers. Gods' Blessings, Janice

By Janice Fish on August 23, 2013


My Dear Paula, I pray that you get to read this. I have been so upset with the food network that, I, tell everyone not to watch it !! I also go to Best Buy 15 miles away and other stores in San Antonio, randomly to make sure they are not showing the Food Network, You made it what it was, I hope that they know what they are missing! I pray for you daily and your family especially your grandchildren, I don't want them to see that people have problems, because they are just jealous of you !! Love and Miss you so very much. I gave up cable because you where the one I watched the most you have made unhappy days for me, happy. I would hope that maybe CREAT on PBS could pick you up. I don know how that works but would be happy to help if I can. Much Love and Blessings to you and your family.

By Mary Carnes on August 23, 2013


We miss your show! Hope you are well. Haven't watch the network since you left. We stand by you.

By Cher Yeager on August 23, 2013


Paula, I miss seeing you on TV and I have to say that since Food Network dropped your show, I am no longer a Food Network fan. I am so disappointed in the way you were treated. Until Paul Deen is back on Food Network, I will not be watching. I love how your family is so close and all of your meals are centered around pleasing the family. I have two sisters and we are also very close and huge Paula Deen fans. We make many of your recipes for family gatherings and they are always a big hit. God Bless you Paula Deen. JoAnn

By JoAnn Williams on August 23, 2013


I was very upset when food network cancel your show. I have not watch them since. You made cooking fun and interesting. Some of the chiefs are very boring but, not you. I think you were the heart of food network.

By Sandy Thompson on August 18, 2013


Love the ideas for these two salads. Love your products and shows. Jaime and his family are great. He has such a happy look on his face ever since he has been married. I think he did well for himself. Bobby has done wonders with his show thanks to your meals. Your sons have grown into some very respectable, people loving people. Love their shows. Paula, I am so glad that the Judge threw out your lawsuit. The Food Network and their chefs should be apologizing for their dropping your shows and not standing up for you. It was you and Emeril who showed them the ropes of having their own shows. In fact, they were guests on your shows: Bobby Flay, Giada, Ree Drummond, The Neelys, and Trisha Yearwood, and all the rest of the chefs who were guests on your shows. Where were their support for someone like you who opened the door for them? I knew they did you wrong. I think you should do like Oprah and Martha Stewart - create your own Network and watch what happens. You will be amazed at the support you would get to be on your show. Love ya Paula from a long time fan.

By Nancy on August 15, 2013


These salad recipes sound great to try, especially when you are trying to lose a few pounds before a special family outing or event. I like the way you arranged the tray with all the ingredients. Cool! I love watching Jamie's show. You know he is a happy camper. He has a great family. I love the simple creative recipes he has on his show.

By Anonymous on August 14, 2013


Love ya Paula and stand by you. Wonderful cook and good person

By Wendy on August 13, 2013

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