Sending Love Somebunny’s Way

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Sending Love Somebunny’s Way

By Paula Deen

Holidays change as we grow older. I can remember my daddy hiding eggs around the yard when I was just a little girl. Those hunts went on so long, you’d think I was searching the four corners of Albany, Georgia to fill my tiny basket. We used hardboiled eggs back then and didn’t worry one bit about them lying in the morning sun (though we probably should have). I dyed eggs with my boys as well, but the real fun for me was making them big, colorful bunny baskets filled with hollow chocolates and plastic soldiers. The boys were better hunters and gatherers than I ever was; they could find their baskets in less than 30 seconds. I was never too clever about hiding them, but there aren’t many places to stuff a basket so big and beautiful that its bow would peek out from behind the sofa!

I just loved watching Jamie and Bobby race through the house to find their baskets, even if it meant that I’d be picking up those strands of plastic grass months later. It came with the territory.

After my boys got too big for baskets (or so they claimed in front of their friends), Easter wasn’t quite the same. I’d still cook up a big family dinner, but I couldn’t help missing the sweetness that little children bring to the holidays. That is until my grand baby, Jack, came into the world. You couldn’t slap the smile from my face. Still can’t. He has put a fire under my once sluggish Easter spirit.

I take Easter up a notch for Jack. I’ve gotten with the times and realize that kids don’t get too excited about hunting for warm, hardboiled eggs. And after being subjected to a childhood of Easter-egg leftovers, I can’t blame them. I hide quarters in plastic eggs and Jack just goes crazy racing around the yard for them. And you should see the look on that boy’s face when he finds his big bunny basket (hidden behind the sofa, of course).

Because my Jack loves to cook, I try to think up fun Easter-inspired recipes that we can make together. This year I’m gonna knock his socks off with these darling Bunny Cupcakes. Their little bunny faces make a sweet treat even sweeter.

Once we’re done fixing up our army of bunny cupcakes, Jack and I will share them with all our friends and family—to let them know that “somebunny” loves them!

My thoughts and blessings to you all this Easter. Revel in it’s joy… remembering the old customs and embracing the new ones. Happy Easter!

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Dear Paula, We still love you and your infectious energy and of course, your delicious food you love to share! People can be ridiculously cruel and in plain English, just plain $%#@%$%stupid! Ok, lets all follow the rest of the sheep!!! If any of your so called fans dropped out, well, so be it, they weren't really TRUE FANS to begin with! You have MANY admirers and always will. You'll ALWAYS have lifelong REAL "FANS" for life! Susan

By Anonymous on March 24, 2014


Paula I Adore you, I love everything about you I have been watching you for years and have recently received your book Southern cooking Bible I think your beautiful and your personality is as well.

By Brian on February 01, 2014


Paula I so want yo come to pne of your Resturants one of these days

By Lisa McKinney on February 22, 2012


Hi Paula I love the way u cook and I used to see your show But now I cant cable and satelite is to expensive for me. Hope you come to California soon I would really love to meet you in person.

By Maria ontiveros on April 19, 2011


Hey ya'll,

By Janice Smith on April 17, 2011


Hey Paula i love you so much ur such a great women and a wounderful cook. I love the ham recipes they are really great im thinking about have the ham from a yr ago that i use this yr again they really liked it. If i had enoght money i would by two of everthing that ur selling lol. I just bought your bowl that u use for batter and it works really great. i also have boought your Paula Deen's Kitchen Journal also. I love to cook so much that evertime i see some of ur items in the store i see how much it is and save a little money up so that i can get it. I want to get a tea pot to the red one i love the color red.

By Crysta lingenfelter on April 02, 2011

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All In all, my truthful greetings to you and all the greatest.

Truly yours,


By SalmaErax on January 06, 2012

Hi,I think you are a wonderful lady.Do you have any recipes for a meat dish ,for Halloween   and it has to look real gross there are 10 of us.Would really appreciate it Paula.Thank You

By Ruby on September 21, 2010

    The ribbed Jadeite bowls you are pictured with here are the same kind I have. I had left you a comment about my ribbed Jadeite bowls on your Savannah Style A Table For Two article and when I finished I clicked on this article and there you were pictured with the beloved ribbed Jadeite bowls. I have a question for you, which is your favorite Jadeite the smooth or the ribbed? Of course mine is the ribbed ones. smile

By Jacqueline Woodard on April 08, 2010

i can’t wait to see you at your book signing you are my hero i love you…

By tracy farmer on April 04, 2010

I just love reading your story. Each line I could vividly see in my mind. I too, can remember dipping hard boil eggs in our special dyes, thinking “mine” was the most beautiful. I love watching your shows and reading on your site all those wonderful recipes. Being from the south, Family is the most important thing that we have in life. Being able to provide a loving, homemade dinner is the key ingredient we all need in these difficult times. Cherish each day with love and good food. Give thanks to all. Happy Easter Paula to your Family from Mine.

By Diane Gayle on April 04, 2010

My boys are 18, 19 and 21 and you knew what my husband just did?  Made Easter baskets…  He just can’t give it up!

Thanks for your story. We are happily waiting for grandchildren.  Hopefully it will be a long way off, but if we are blessed with grandchildren I’m sure we will not be able to wipe the smiles from our faces as well!

By Kim on April 03, 2010

Hey Paula,
Another heart warming story of your’s! Isn’t it just amazing what Grandbabies do to ya? I too get so excited when all the grandkids (8) come to hunt their eggs and find their baskets! Our Grandkids range from 18 years old down to 4 months….so we still get alot of giggles at all the Holiday times, and FUN FUN FUN!!! Happy Easter Blessings to you and your wonderful family.

By Karyn Harvey on April 03, 2010

When I was a kid we dyed and hunted eggs out side in the yard. sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. My two boys now still like to dye eggs, they are 16 and 25 years old. My two grandaughters(twins 2) get to find them. We use both hard boiled and plastic. speaking of i need to get busy and boil the eggs they are getting together tonight to do a little coloring.

By Gail Koby on April 03, 2010

Beautiful story! I remember those days of hiding hard-boiled dyed eggs. It was so much fun! I still do that with my grandchildren but we use the plastic filled with candy…maybe quarters would be better. Have a blessed Easter!
We have dined at your restaurant several times!!
GREAT FOOD and LOVE those hoecakes!!

Keep up the good work!!!

By Elaine Stansell on April 03, 2010

Hey Mrs Paula Deen,

My 8 year old daughter is a hugh fan of yours, she’s always asking if we can make Paula Deens grandma’s fried chicken… We homeschool and we have mail day Monday and she would love to write to you.. Is there an address she could write to that will get to you.?

thanks for all you do.


By Dawn Aguilera on April 03, 2010

happy easter paula from my house your yours i really love your show i watch it twice a day and i really loved your cookbooks and your bio i cant wait to be able to come to savanna and eat at your restarunt your truly my idol i want to have be a chef life you someday my b-f loves the lady and sons peach cobbler i have to make it at least 2-3 times weekly

By allyson banks on April 03, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your story.  It reminds me of how much I look forward to easter with my family.  As children we dyed eggs & had a decorating contest of course my dad never won just us kids.  Even as adults when we married we still dyed eggs and had the contest even though we had no children yet.  Every year my dad still never won. Now my parents have 5 grandchildren and poor grandpa still hasn’t won a contest yet!LOL
Have a blessed Easter!

By Tanya Frazier on April 02, 2010

Miss Paula I’m wishing you the best Easter from my family to yours!!!
Im thirteen but I absolutly LOVE your show its the best!!Im gonna be doing easter egg hunts @ ghurch this sunday and it will be fun!!!
I love yah!!

By nnenne on April 01, 2010

i really lve your easters receipes for the holiday. also your website is the best and brigthcolors glad to be a members thanks cat.

By catherine walllace on March 31, 2010

Paula, I loved your story.  I did the same myself years ago and then with the grandchildren.  This is the first year that I won’t be doing the baskets but we will have a great meal.
I was to your restaurant in Savannah with my daughter last September and have your autographed cookbook.  In fact, we each have a cookbook.
Have a blessed and happy Easter.

By Verna Laubenthal on March 31, 2010

Wishing you and your Family a blessed Easter! I remember as a child, my Dad, use to make a traditional Easter Pie! and it took hours, be cause he would make at least 20 pies, and would share them with family and friends! The smells of all the cooking would last until the next day in our house! It was always a family tradition, and me and my brother and sister would have to learn how to make the pies! Dad has since passed, and although we don’t make the Easter Pie every year, because of it being so, so bad for you!But when we do, our childhood memories is such a nice place to visit. Now, I’m teaching my son!
Happy Easter!

By Eloise on March 30, 2010

Hi paula, you know paula i remember mom still fixing easter baskets when i was 17, i remember my boyfriend grabbing a few jellybeans out of my basket she had placed on the kitchen table and as we went out, he grabbed a few, i do miss my mom, and i will never forget, i too fix easter baskets for my grandkids now, and i want you to know i watch your show and so much enjoy it, you and your sons. Have a very happy easter and tell your sons and their wives and kids happy easter. luv u olene

By olene mccoy on March 29, 2010

me encantan tus recetas y tu manera de presentarlas, se ve que eres muy glotona, como yo, jajaa… existe una pagina para MEXICO?, ya que en un canal mexicano se ve tu programa y me interan recetas que ya han pasado en progaramas anteriores. garcias .
alma rosa….

By alma rosa gonzalez on March 29, 2010

We always dyed eggs for Easter, but we really didn’t have Easter egg hunts. I remember getting a new outfit and shoes to wear to church on Easter Sunday. We went to church every week anyway, but on Easter, we all got new clothes. I remember when I was a teenager and my Dad was out of work that we didn’t get new clothes. That was a very sad Easter for us, but we remembered the real reason we celebrate Easter and praised Jesus for leaving that tomb empty!

By Nancy on March 29, 2010

We dont get your tv show here in Ireland yet, but I subscribe to your magazines and love your recipes. I have seen you on Oprah and I hope we will soon be able to watch you on your show here in Ireland too.

By susan singleton on March 29, 2010

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