Scarin’ up a Real Good Time

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Scarin’ up a Real Good Time

By Paula Deen

When it comes to Halloween, y’all, I’m a kid at heart. I always go trick-or-treatin’ with my grandson Jack at my good friend Donna’s house because she lives in a neighborhood filled with kids. On Halloween, her neighborhood is totally devoted to the children but the adults are there having a good time, too. It’s the one time of the year that all the neighbors get out on the street. They walk the neighborhood, catch up, visit and just enjoy the fellowship—in costumes, of course.

I don’t take myself too seriously, so I usually think up a harebrained outfit to give folks a good laugh—like the year I went as a stick of butter and Michael went as bread. Even when my boys were little, I can remember making their daddy and me pumpkin costumes that I filled full of balloons. We were totally round. We wore black leotards and I even made us a little pumpkin hat with a stem on it. Their daddy and me had more fun wearing those outfits, but trying to get into the car was another story.

I also get a kick scaring the wits outta people. I remember one Halloween in particular that I dressed up like a witch, painted my face green and sat out on the porch, stirring a cauldron full of dry ice. They say I sound like a witch when I’m laughing, so when the kids would come up the steps, I’d go, “Hee, hee, hee, hee, heeeeeee! Come up my little precious!” I had so much fun scaring ‘em.

Now, don’t even think of scarin’ me back. One time, when the boys were teenagers, we tried to watch that movie “Halloween,” but it scared the livin’ daylights out of us. I remember being in the kitchen with the boys—they were standing behind me—and we would watch the TV reflect in the window ‘cause we couldn’t look directly at it. And when that Jason character jumped out of nowhere, we’d all run and scream. We never could get that movie watched.

I grew up with Hitchcock films—movies that were suspenseful rather than just plain gory. So this year, I’m taking a page out of “The Birds” and decorating my house with black birds and birdcages draped with cobwebs. Ladybird, my macaw, looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, but I know my girlfriends will get a kick out my nod to the films from our time. Keeping with the theme, I’ll serve up my delicious Lattice-Top Blackberry Blackbird Pie, complete with a blackbird sitting on top. Even that creepy little thing isn’t enough to keep y’all from diggin’ in.

You see, Halloween is for everyone. It’s a time to make memories that you’ll always treasure, like how Jack’s eyes get as big as saucers when he sees what I’m wearing. This year, I’m doing it up big and going as a princess. I already have my outfit—it’s orange, representin’ Halloween—and it’s got a full skirt. It’s just so beautiful. And Michael is going to go as my Prince Charming. Jack will still be surprised, but this time it’ll be because his Grandmomma looks downright beautiful.

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Reader Comments:


When I worked at Donutland many moons ago, hehe, they made a awesome pumpkin donut! I have never been able to find any that come even close or for that matter I have never been hardly able to even find anyone that makes them. I was wondering if you have a recipe that could bring back those wonderful memories I have of one of my favorite Halloween treats:D Thank you and I love your show and recipes! :D

By Wendy Rutherford on October 13, 2011

Dear Paula,
I have been put on dissability and money has been tight, But somehow my husband bought me your cookware set. It is a joy and I am so proud to have them hanging in our kitchen. I use them and with the quality I am sure I will have them forever!!!Thanks…P.S. We love u!!!

By Anthony Catanese on October 16, 2010

I love your cooking shows,food fun and you are beautiful.Want to cone to Our Lady and Sons some day.

By Fran Seymour on October 15, 2010

Hi Mrs. Paula I Love your show, your family your receipes and your happy spirit. I watch your shows everyday. Please keep them comming they bring a smile to many faces. Your are a beautiful talented women.

By Cathy Tucker on October 15, 2010

Hi Paula!!
      I am a SUPER HUGE fan and i just want to tell you that you are my inspiration and i am planning on going into Culinary Arts school after High School!! I watch your show every chance i get! Also,(don’t take this offensively) i think you are the CUTEST.. “older” woman in the world =)

By Kim Almaguer on October 13, 2010

Paula You are a sweet heart. I watch you every chance I get as you brighten people’s lives with your wonderful and real personality! I love to try your southern recipes as I spent my childhood in Texas and remember where I came from. I love your house!!!! Keep up the joy you give us as we need it now more than ever. Love girl!!!!!

By Alice on October 13, 2010

I love you, your family, your show, your cookbooks and other wonderful items.  My hope is to eat at the “Lady and Sons” someday.

I am diabetic and wondered if you have any recipes for me to use with the diabetic in mind….?

By Deb Elderton on October 08, 2010

Hi Paula ! Im glad to hear that you lovvve Halloween and much as I do, but one thing I noticed was an error in your message, in the movie ‘HALLOWEEN’, the killer is Michael Myers, you had send Jason, but he is from the movies ‘Friday The 13ths’. Ill come over anytime and watch the scary movies with you and your boys! haha and hold your hand so you dont get so scared ! haha Have a Happy and Fun HALLOWEEN ! XOXO -Vince

By Vince on October 08, 2010

Halloween is a blast for us my son was born on halloween its always been extra spiecal this year he will be 21 years old every year has gotten better with planning. And Paula you look great. I might use your crow ideas for my party Thanks for being you. Happy Fall

By Dana Hotaling on October 06, 2010

hi paula my wife and i are having a surprize for our daughter her 18th birthday.the theme is mardi gars. i was just wondering if you have any suggestion on what kind of food i can serve for the party. anything be appreciate. thank you dane

By dane on October 06, 2010

Paula, as cute as you can be in your halloween photo and I love this idea! I love a fun filled halloween myself…so thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and recipes with us. have a booful halloween, ya’ll!!!!!

By charrell reese on October 05, 2010

Hi Paula, Sounds like you have a fun Halloween planed.  Think I’ll try some of your treats.  Your princess gown sounds lovely and I hope you and your prince charming will have a great time with Jack.  You deserve it.  To me you kinda have a Cinderella life. You have such a beautiful spirit about you and I wish you all the best.  God Bless, Gloria

By Gloria Sue Howard on October 05, 2010

Oh my gosh, seriously, even with all those awful scary black birds you look stunningly beautiful! I hope you post pictures as a princess with your prince charming!  I love love love halloween, in fact I just finished decorating my office smile  I’ve started at home but I’m lagging, I’m normally decorated on October 1st!!!  We’ve just moved so I’m digging around to find all our halloween decorations.  Happy Halloween Paula, see you at the Women’s Conference in a few weeks.
Tracey Lopez

By deenbrosfan3 on October 05, 2010

Paula you are just amzing person that has overcome alot and I want to thank you so much for making it public to your felow coks!

By LaDonna Sue Dailey on October 05, 2010

I find it to fun and show that there other people like me who are not afgraid to show it is alright to have fun awhile cooking!

By LaDonna Sue Dailey on October 05, 2010

I love to watch Paula on her TV shows. And I love to make her recipes for my family to evjoy.
As for her Halloween costume this year, she picked the right one. I think Paula is such a pretty lady and her personality makes her all the more beautiful. Hope you all have a very “Happy Halloween.”

By Joan Lolley on October 05, 2010

I love reading Pauls’s stories!  I have been a fan of her’s for years.  Keep up the good work girl!!!

By ruth lanthier on October 04, 2010

Hi Paula….I love keeping up on all the tings you do!!! You are a terrific person. I love baking and cooking and my oldest daughter, Heather, is coming around to having an interest in baking and slowly getting domesticated!!! She is 21 and she is going as you this year for Halloween!!! She looks a bit like you!!! She is very excited and keeping it a secret.

By Tina Denise Newton on October 04, 2010

Too cool! (But you don’t have four-and-twenty blackbirds around there, right?) Meanwhile, I’ll have to find that stick-of-butter costume.. :D

By SeanTater on October 04, 2010

paula,i think your great,i wish things were as good when i was akid,im like you,just a big kid at heart,the children are a reflection of our soul.mean people go away!thank-you,mary

By mary quick on October 04, 2010

Love the picture.  You make a most beautiful witch!  Love your show.  Have been to your restaurant and we had a fantastic time.  I am going to try some of your Halloween favorites. When are you coming to Ft. Lauderdale, FL?  My girlfriends and I would love seeing you.

By Maria on October 04, 2010

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