Savannah Style: Paula’s 4th of July Deck Party

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Savannah Style: Paula’s 4th of July Deck Party

By Paula Deen

There’s the sweetest little house at the end of our property that sits right over the Wilmington river. It’s actually the oldest structure on our property and truth be told, it’s my favorite place to be. The cool breeze comin’ off the water makes our Savannah heat almost bearable. This year Michael and I decided we are going to host a little July 4th holiday dock party out on that tiny deck, right smack in the middle of the day!  Most likely the weather is going to be so hot I could spit on the ground and watch it sizzle, so I want to be prepared with plenty of cool drinks and simple foods to snack on. As you may have seen already on my website, I am a little obsessed with pinwheels right now. Just like the way I used to decorate the handlebars of my bicycle, I’m going to decorate my dock house deck with pinwheels for my party. Y’all, if I’ve shared with you nothing less, I hope it would be not to fret any party giving! Look at how a bunch of pinwheels and some simple foods can make anyplace –even a sweet little space like mine seem grand. Happy 4th of July and as always from the bottom of my heart, I thank all that have served and continue to serve our wonderful country and thank you to the families who support them at home.

imageMy Menu: Mason Jars, cutting boards and simple melamine plates are all I used to set up the food for this little get together. When the temperatures are rising, I’ve found people sometimes like just a few snacks and not a heavy meal. Summer melons are so sweet this time of year you don’t even need to fuss with a dessert.

imageDrinks: Because the temperatures are rising so high, I want to make sure to have plenty of drinks on hand. My Watermelon Cooler is the perfect summer sipper. Since Bobby and Jamie are stopping by, I wanted to mix up a batch of something from their new book Get Fired Up. I chose the Cucumber Sangria. Now that one will just be for the adults!

imageDecorations: These table decorations are as festive, inexpensive and easy as they come. Simple paper pinwheels stuck inside some monkey grass I’m going to plant in my garden later. I used some old galvanized buckets to put the monkey grass pots down in. You can use whatever paper you want to make your pinwheels. I like the idea of stars and stripes paper too! Let your imagination run wild. If you forgot how to make a pinwheel, let me remind you how. It’s really easy and look how fun these are! Summer Pinwheel Centerpieces.

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Reader Comments:


We support and think your America's Best cook.. You have to be the best because you are a Southern and that's something to be proud about!! Southern people cook the best anyway that is why we are all FAT and Fine...LOL I wish you lot of Love and Hugs, THEY CANT KEEP YOU DOWN FOR LONG... WHEN SOMETHING GOOD IT KEEPS ON COMING BACK!!!

By Maurice Hennis on July 08, 2013


It looks like you all are going to have a great 4TH ! I wish I was going, the table and deck look so inviting. I may be sitting there with my knife and fork. It sure beats the tornado's and heat we have had. May God bless you and your family. Your OKLAHOMA FRIEND!

By Dina Fothergill on July 01, 2013


My wife is a big fan of Paula so we love to visit Savannah on our vacation to eat at The Lady and Sons, Uncle Bubbas and of course to shop at her store is there any way to be able to attend her 4TH of July Deck party. Thanks John Kelley

By John Kelley on January 11, 2013


I have your recipe from July/August 2011 with the Oceanside Sipper recipe. We are on vacation and would like to make a large pitcher of this recipe. Could you supply me with the amounts needed for a large group as I have left the recipe at home.

By gloria on September 05, 2011


I would like to wish you luck with your feathered family! I rescue furry friends in North Florida and love every last one of the spoiled little critters. I know where you are coming from with your critters, as I had nothing but problems down south! THEY ARE FAMILY! You have been my favorite because you use ingredients I actually have in my kitchen and use my favorite foods! In addition my husband and I both love your personality. We send our support.

By Louise Crane on July 08, 2011


had to come home and leave savannah on the third, so i missed the festivities. but i left behind my oldest (permanent move)and youngest (just for the summer) daughters. am missing savannah already. your picnic on the deck looks so inviting, just where i want to be! happy 4th everyone and god bless all our savannah troops who ensure our freedom every day. Sandy

By sandy clark on July 06, 2011



By KIM BURRELL on July 03, 2011


Meeting you is on my bucket list!!!! As I am 62, I hope it won't be too long until I do, so I can remember that I did! LOL Have a wonderful 4th with your family & eat some of your wonderful shrimp for me. Love ya lots, Mikki

By Mikki Holdeman on July 03, 2011


I like your dishes Mrs. Paula Deen you always have the best one, and your shows are always excellent, Hope you and your family have a wonderful July 4th holiday. God bless you all.

By Julie Phillips on July 03, 2011


I absolutely love the July Deck Party decorations!! I have always loved pinwheels too, they are easy and make a festive fun decoration. I too use mason jars for drinks and love all kinds of containers. I found a huge sale on galvanized buckets and I plan on using them on my 4th of July table, they even came in candy apple red!!I was at your home in October for the Safe House Charity dinner and you showed us the dock house and it is the most adorable place!! Happy 4th of July smile

By Lori Lesley on July 01, 2011



By MARY FOSTER on June 30, 2011


Great pics of your upcoming party for the 4th. I love your beverage dispensers. Where did you get them? Love your show!

By Donna B on June 29, 2011


hi paula i just love your cooking showes and all your recipes you are a igreat lady n my book keep it up linda roland june 29,2011

By Anonymous on June 29, 2011


By c on June 28, 2011


Paula, I love your shows and your recipes...I love the fact that you are a down to earth cook who uses ingredients that we can readily find..I also appreciate your support of our troops...My son, Sgt. Tyler A. Wright, is now serving in the U.S. Army...He is stationed in Fort Bragg, NC...He will be coming home to Missouri for almost a month before his deployment to Korea where he will be stationed for at least a year maybe two (very hard on a mom)...His birthday is on September 3rd and he will be returning to Ft. Bragg on September 2nd (also very hard on a mom)...He is planning on visiting Savannah and trying to eat at the Lady and Sons for his birthday before he leaves...I hope he gets to do so...Wish you could be there...That would be something...Oh, yes, and I wish I could come with him...Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

By Pat on June 28, 2011


Paula, I'm living summer through all of your posts on facebook and with the help of your magazine. I just returned from vacation with my two adult sons and feeling depressed once again because of the empty nest feeling. When I see your post or get your magazine I am truly inspired to snap out of it and start enjoying summer and entertaining again!The fourth of July must be really nice at the end of the dock and that inspired me to get out all of my decorations like I used to and party it up! Thanks Paula, you rock! Gloria Let me know if you would like to do a traveling critic's corner on vacation foods in the Midwest. I have a few years of foodservice under my belt and posted all of the places I ate at and stayed for my facebook friends, on my last vacation. It helps them to plan for their visit because looking for the right place is so time consuming.

By Gloria on June 28, 2011


Love your recipes,because I love to cook. Thank you and happy 4th of July!

By Sharo Dyar on June 28, 2011


Hi Paula, Thanks so much for your recipes and showing us your house on the looks divine...Your the Best!! Thanks and Happy 4th Patty

By Patty on June 28, 2011


It sounds wonderful!! I'm sure you have a large family gathering as we do when we all get together. Hope to see pix posted later!! Happy 4th!

By Diane Urbanski on June 28, 2011

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