Savannah Style: Father’s Day Hunt Brunch Table

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Savannah Style: Father’s Day Hunt Brunch Table

By Paula Deen

I’ve only hosted a couple of small dinners at my new house. It seems every time I have people over it turns into a big party and that’s fine by me, because nothing makes me happier than to have my house filled with family and friends. But for Father’s Day, I really wanted to do something special for the “Southern men” who touch my life every day. A lunch in front of the fire place seemed to be just the ticket –even if it is too hot to light a fire!

Here’s what I used:

imageChina: The wooden chargers were a Christmas present a couple of years ago from my niece Corrie. I think they look perfect under her wedding china! She couldn’t believe I asked her to drag all of her china over to my house, but I think it looks so good on that dark tobacco stained round pedestal table from my furniture line.

Linen: Seersucker just means Southern gentleman to me. For the table runner and napkins, I bought five yards of seersucker fabric from my local fabric store and asked the lady who alters my clothes to sew everything from it. Y’all, there are a couple of things I am good at, but sewing isn’t one of them! She did a great job and I think I might take them to have them monogrammed for a Christmas present for someone this year, but that’s a secret.

imageFlowers: Y’all as usual, Brandon outdid himself on the flowers. I know it may seem crazy to have a pair of shoes and a hat on a dining table, but I just love it. He planted an old men’s boater hat as well as a pair of oxford bucks with apricot colored roses and other things he clipped from my yard! Isn’t this the cutest idea ever. If there is one thing I have learned from Brandon, there is nothing you can’t use for a container for flowers!

Glassware and Flatware: I have a couple of different kinds of glassware on the table. The cocktail glasses are a wonderful (code for very heavy) cut crystal. What I really love are the stemmed amber glasses that I picked up at Habersham Antiques Market where I love to go junkin’ when I’m home. They are so pretty and remind me of something my mother kept around her house. The flatware is my own good silver, except for the soup spoons.

imageTake Away Tip: I fell in love with these stamped silver spoons the first time I saw them! My Senior Food Editor, Libbie Summers, gave me one as a gift that had “Paula’s Garden” stamped on it. Libbie said the girl who creates them could stamp anything I needed. I decided to make them my place cards AND a soup spoon ‘ta boot! Now I can’t wait to use them for other things. Wouldn’t they be precious as the tag on a present?

I hope you all put your own Dad’s or the special men in your life up on a very high pedestal this Father’s Day. Shower them with love. You can set a fun table with the things you have laying around your house and make a great meal! Let’s face it, if your men are like mine, the food is all they will remember anyway. The table décor –heck, that’s just for us!

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Reader Comments:


Hey Roberta! The China is Spode and the pattern is Woodland Hunting Dogs.

By Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen on July 04, 2011


My dad has been gone for almost 35 years, he died in 1976. My dad was great to me and I always found ways to say Happy Daddy Day to him but I wish I would have had this ideal with the shoe and hat, that is great!

By Yvonne J. on June 16, 2011


Paula - just when I think you can't top yourself, you do it again. I love the Father's Day hints. You are a girl after my own heart. I'm from Maryland but I consider myself a southern girl. I feel a special bond with you from your stories to recipes, they harken back to my childhood where my relatives were farmers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and cooked very similar to you. One other special note. My husband met you several years ago at the Savannah Airport while he was on a business trip. He of course had picked me up a cookbook and left it at the store for your sig. You were gracious & he snapped a pic and you have a permanent place on the fridge with the rest of the fam.I've visited your rest. in Savannah twice and am sure it won't be my last. Hugs - Sandy Shepard

By Sandra Shepard on June 15, 2011


HI Paula! I just love the whole tablesetting! The seersucker, shoes with flowers in them and especially the stamped silver spoons. that is such a quaint touch. By the way, my boyfriend LOVES your squash casserole and I make Bobby's Pimento Cheese spread for him all of the time. He won't eat store bought pimento and cheese! Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas and you're right, Brandon DID outdo himself smile

By Vicki on June 15, 2011


Thank you for including my hand stamped spoons in your Father's Day Table feature. It was a pleasure making them for you! I love the looks amazing....and very masculine for dad! Heather

By Heather on June 14, 2011


I loved the shoe planter on the table. I kept a pair of my dad's shoes after he passed away many years ago. I think this is a wonderful idea.

By Glynn on June 14, 2011


i liked the table setting, but the only thing I didn't like at all was the shoes placed on the dining table. In our culture we treat food as God and so dining table is also one of the pious places and so placing shoes is not at all a good idea. Sorry to say so . The idea of hat is much appreciated. Devangi

By Devangi on June 14, 2011


It's beautiful, but, there's no way I'm going for a nasty old shoe on my table!

By Marie on June 14, 2011


I love this table, it's definitely one of the best I've seen. Thanks for sharing!!

By Debra Johnson on June 14, 2011


Hey Paula!!! -- I REALLY LOVE THE CHINA WITH THE DOGS ON IT!!!!!!! Who is it by??? Thank You! Roberta & Ellipsis English Setters

By Roberta on June 14, 2011

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