Savannah Style: Easy Red and Green Holiday Centerpiece

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Savannah Style: Easy Red and Green Holiday Centerpiece

By Brandon Branch

Paula absolutely LOVES decorating her house for the holidays. Honestly, her favorite time of the year is Halloween, but a very, very close second is Christmas and New Year’s.

We normally get an earlier start on decorating her house for the holidays, but this year has been a busy one! This week, we finally were able to get a move on sprucing up her house to be a true Southern winter wonderland.

One of the things Paula enjoys the most during the holidays is entertaining. When she asked me to create a beautiful centerpiece, I wanted to make something easy that y’all could make at home, too!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Flowers from your local market or florist. I used a mix of roses and inexpensive red carnations from our local super market. You really don’t have to spend a lot of money.

2. Magnolia leaves – or any other large, green leaf from your yard

3. Scissors

4. Hurricane glass, vase, or other vessel of your choosing

5. Oasis floral ring, soaked in water

6. Cooking spray and paper towels

Here’s how to get the look:


Step 1 Collect all of your materials.

Step 2 Prepare the Oasis floral ring according the package. It should be soaked in water to preserve the life of the florals.

imageStep 3 Trim the stems from your flowers to be more manageable size using your scissors. Prepare your magnolia leaves accordingly, getting rid of any excessive twigs or leaves. Make sure to choose the prettiest, and brightest materials.

imageStep 4 Start by insert the flowers in the side of your floral ring. Make sure to stick them close enough together so that the ring doesn’t show. Continue this all the way around the ring.

Step 5 Spray your magnolia leaves lightly with cooking spray, and wipe any excess off with a paper towel. The spray gives the leaves an extra special shine that will catch the eyes of your party guests.

imageStep 6 Create a skirt of magnolia leaves around the bottom of the centerpiece by sticking the leaves into the ring, below the flowers you’ve chosen.

imageStep 7 Finish by insert your centerpiece inside of the floral ring. For Paula’s table, we chose an old silver wine bucket she found in an antique store. You can also use larger candles or beautiful vases you already have at home.

Enjoy, and happy holidays, y’all!

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Reader Comments:



By Lindy Bushnell on December 09, 2013


Paula. I miss seeing you on food network. They really goofed. You look great. God bless you and best of everything. You are number one with me.

By Sallyfromsyracuse on December 08, 2013


Merry Christmas Paula and thanks for sharing those beautiful centerpiece. I may just have to give those a try have a wonderful Christmas. We still miss you so much and We wish you all the best. I don't know what I would have done without your helpful cookbooks. Keep writing them such good recipes. I love getting all those many complements. I do tell them that they are your recipes thanks for sharing. You are such a special lady. Hugs Rozanne Nargie

By Rozanne on December 08, 2013


Gorgeous center piece and doable to anyone's skill level. Love it

By penne on December 08, 2013


Paula, You look absolutely great and sooo thin. Time off did wonders for you, girl. Merry Christmas to you and all your family and stay healthy and hope to see you soon back in the public where you should be. Judy..

By judy cooper on December 08, 2013


Paula, you look simply great!!!I can't believe how thin you are. Time off agreed with you. Merry Xmas.

By judy cooper on December 08, 2013


Paula,so happy you're doing well and putting all that junk behind you !! Love your Holiday centerpiece and can't wait to make it. Thank you !

By Moncie Johnson on December 07, 2013


We missed YOU

By Harold on December 07, 2013


that so lovely I like it very much

By patsy allen on December 07, 2013


So glad I found your site.The center piece is beautiful.

By Patricia Osborn on December 07, 2013


Thank you paula for your wonderful receipe's happy holiday to you and family love you food

By Anonymous on December 07, 2013


How many stems did you use? Lovely arrangement!

By Linda Kenley on December 07, 2013


Love Paula Deen. We live in Colorado now but Southern at heart. Merry Christmas to you and your family from Estes Park, CO. The Van Brunts

By Anonymous on December 07, 2013


Thanks Paula for all that you share with us, I love all of your wonderful recipes and also love to look at table settings and floral designs. You are my hero, thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

By Jere Ann on December 07, 2013


Good to see you coming back.

By Joan Anastasiades on December 07, 2013


Dear Paula, I sure miss You on the tv.. I have been cooking as long as you have but, oh, I have learned so many thing and quick tricks. from you. Keep the faith and keep going you lovely lady.

By Gayle Cooperr on December 07, 2013


Paula,you look wonderful.As always,your ideas and recipes are just perfect.

By Carol Gayheart on December 07, 2013


Paula, it all looks beautiful and you look amazing! Could you tell me the brand and style of your glasses?

By Teresa on December 04, 2013


Paula, I am a retired 70 year old Psych nurse. I am so pleased you and your family have pulled together and formed a wonderful company. It was time and you were handed the excuse to move on. How sad that some in our nation has turned to such sickening nitpicking. Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and yours. Jewel Hall

By Jewel Hall on September 20, 2013


I LOVE Paula's glasses! Can anyone out there tell me the brand? Thanks!

By Victoria on December 07, 2012

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