Recipes for a Spring Brunch

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Recipes for a Spring Brunch

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and the new buds are forming on the trees.  There is nothing more delightful then when spring is in the air.  After a long dark chilly winter those first glimpses of spring and the warmer days ahead brighten everyone’s mood.  It also marks the bounty of the first growing season of the year.  Along with the leaves on the trees and the wildflowers in the fields, delicious vegetables and fruits are becoming ready for the picking.  Artichokes, radishes, spinach, fennel, strawberries and asparagus are just a few example of what we can find in a springtime garden. 

Fruits and vegetables are best when they are in season.  They taste better and are better for you.  Produce loses so much of its goodness when it has to travel a long ways to get to you, when you eat with the season it can always be local.  March 21 marks the first day of spring, and a great way to celebrate the end of winter and the new season to come is to invite your friends over and have a brunch revolving around some of those fresh fruits and veggies that spring has to offer.  Decorate with some fresh flowers and use these recipes from that accentuate the produce of spring.

Asparagus quiche is a delicious and simple recipe to serve as a main course for brunch.  The fresh crisp asparagus and flaky crust set the stage for this wonderful quiche.  By placing the asparagus on top of the quiche in a circle like spokes on a wheel, it really stands out in a beautiful way.

Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing is a prefect dish to accompany the quiche.  Spinach is a wonderful vegetable full of nutrients and it is in season in early spring.  The fresh spinach adds lightness to the meal.  The bacon dressing is absolutely divine and the bacon goes with the brunch theme.  Serve up some sweet potato home fries to round out the meal.

Make the occasion really special and decadent with mimosa punch.  Orange juice and sparkling wine together with club soda are all you need to create this delicious drink.  Spring is a time of celebration so why not treat yourself and your friends to a fun cocktail.  Garnish the glasses with some strawberries and there you have a beautiful drink.

Fresh fruit desserts are a wonderful way to have a sweet treat.  Both strawberries and rhubarb are in season in the spring.  Paula’s strawberry rhubarb ginger crisp is a lovely finish for your classy brunch.  The rhubarb gives a delicious tart bite along side the sweet strawberries, and the ginger adds a hint of spice.

So whether you grow it yourself or visit your local farmer market, celebrate spring this year with a fantastic meal using recipes full of the season’s bounty.

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Dear Paula I am writing to ask if you are planning any trip out west. We all love you here in Montana and would love to have you come for a book signing. I have your web site on my computer at home and at School. I am a school cook and am all ways looking for something new for my kids to try. thank you Mary Ellen Ryan/ Melstone School cook for 80 students.

By Mary Ellen Ryan on April 07, 2014


Hi Paula, Please buy your own network and get back on TV. I can't tell you how much I miss you! Is Jamie's show going to be back on? It was really good and loved seeing his wife and the kids on the episodes. Thank you and have a lovely day,

By Linda on March 21, 2014


I just wanteed to say. That I love every thing u make. It is so good. & your ideas so great. Cannot wait until u get back on TV. I love hearing your Sothern voice. I said u would be back. & U r doing just that. Yeah for Paula!. I always knew u were a fighter. Keep it up woman. U know u could become President of the USA. That all of us women would vote for. & I bet the men would also. Good Luck lady. Jackie C.

By Jackie Copeland on March 21, 2014


Hunting a recipe you printed a few years ago that included sausage and stove top dressing. Served it for Easter brunch and now I can't find the recipe! Hope you can find it again. My guests loved it!

By k on April 05, 2012


this is great idea for a date for two or for your do it yourself wedding.

By benita wheeler on April 02, 2012


hunting a recipe you made with choc. cake or brownie mix and put hershys bars in the center. I watched the show and cannot remember what anf how to do it.......thank you

By merlyn carroll on March 21, 2012


Never change Paula. Love you! Happy Spring.

By Sharon Liendecker on March 21, 2012



By MARIE FRENA on March 21, 2012


Dear Paula; Just a word of support for a great lady and a terrific cook. Your recipes are and have been a source of great fun and entertainment and delicious to eat. We all have brains. We know when and what and how much to eat of a certain food. You cannot be blamed for the ignorance of some. We adore you and we want to wish you the best of everything including the best of health! Much love to you and Michael and all your family!

By Barbara A.Murray on March 20, 2012

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