Rebranding of a Restaurant, Part 2

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Rebranding of a Restaurant, Part 2

By Evan Russell

One of the most large-scale and time-consuming projects involved in the rebranding of Uncle Bubba’s is the sign. It’s the final step in giving the restaurant it’s new look, and it can be quite a task.

We enlisted the help of Doug Bean, a very talented sign-maker here in Savannah. I’ve worked with him before and I know that one of his specialties is working on things that look aged and distressed. He can take a shiny brand new piece of metal and wood and work his magic to make it look as if it’s been sitting outside for 50 years. This is exactly what we needed in order to fit in with the look we had established for Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House.

We wanted to make the sign based off the logo, and decided to go with a rusty red metal base, and add some three dimensional elements with lighting underneath to give it a pop, and really help it stand out at night. Combining the aged wood and metal elements with background lighting will really give the sign an aesthetic of old and new, which is exactly what we wanted to accomplish.


After meeting with Doug and going over the look we needed, he put together some ideas and sent along some different sketches and possibilities for lighting and materials. The sign we picked had the rust colored base mounted on what appears to be aged wooden planks, like from an old dock. The letters from “Uncle Bubba’s” will be individually crafted to look like aged painted wood and mounted on top of the base.


The rest of the lettering will be lit from a flat, lighted surface underneat the sign, not to take emphasis away from the main letters. The final touch (and my favorite part) is the actual bucket at the bottom of the sign. The bucket is an important element of the logo and it will really stand out at first glance.

The sign is still in progress and the elements you see in the photos will be even more aged and weathered looking on the final product. It will definitely give the appearance that the sign has been there for decades and taken quite a beating over time. As soon as it’s finished and out in front of the restaurant I’ll be sure to take a pic and post it on my next blog. Or you could just come to Savannah and see it for yourself!


Update: Here’s a picture of the sign during the day:

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Snow-Crab Stuffed Mushrooms 2 die 4! Yumness 2 the Fullest!!!

By Beverly Hollinger on October 28, 2011


Looks great, Evan! Great job!

By Nikki Villagomez on October 27, 2011


Hey Evan! I love to see your work! Great pictures, and great design. I'm a designer as well, it's good to see someone that's like-minded. Is that a real bucket? So Cool!!

By Pat on October 27, 2011

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