Ready, Set, Go! Travel Etiquette Guide

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Ready, Set, Go! Travel Etiquette Guide

By Cindy Edwards

Summer is upon us, and many families will be traveling.  Vacations should be all about fun and relaxation, but getting to our destinations can be stressful.

Flying can be particularly exhausting. In my opinion, it is just not as pleasant as it used to be.  Extra security measures, longer lines and flight delays add anxiety to the trip before it even gets started.  This simple guide will hopefully help you be a kinder traveler and have more patience with the people around you.

1. Be prepared when you go through the security line. You know you will have to show your travel documents and remove some articles of clothing, so be ready.


2. Be respectful of airline personnel.  Their job is to help you reach your destination as comfortably and safely as possible.  They are not responsible for delays and cancellations.  Listen while the flight attendant gives instructions. 

3. If you do not want to talk with the person beside you, put on headphones or pull out a book to read.  If he or she continues to talk to you, kindly explain that you are tired and need to rest. You could also try an old cliché: “Excuse me for not feeling chatty today, but I have a headache.”

4. Be kind to those around you. Do not talk loudly on a cell phone or to others seated close to you. If you want to recline your seat, do it slowly. Share the armrest.

5. Be patient with families traveling with children. If you have ever traveled with little ones, then you know how stressful it can be.  Offer a smile or encouraging words.

6. Be prepared when YOU travel with children.  Bring plenty of snacks. Coloring books, crayons or a small DVD player with movies (and head phones) are great activities for children during flights.

There are definitely times when you have legitimate complaints with travel services, but you should always remember that simple acts of kindness and good manners could really pay off!!  If you handle the situation in a calm, respectful tone, you may receive a special reward, upgrade or the great feeling that you get when you stay in control and do not lose your patience.
This summer, make it a point to be a well-mannered traveler.  Keep your cool and try to take others’ bad behavior with a grain of salt.  Do not let the acts of others ruin your special vacation. I hope that you have a wonderful summer with family and friends. 

As always, thanks for reading.

Properly yours,

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Reader Comments:


Also if you want to keep listening to your music while taking off. Try to get the kind of ear pieces that wrap around your ear. Leave in the one opposite the isle, tuck the cord behind you and easy listening while all the travel rookies yell and scream throughout take off. Makes for much more enjoyable time but is technically breaking the rules.

By Jacob Thompson on August 03, 2012


Thanks for the article on travel, which would be a more pleasant experience if everyone followed your suggestions. Keep up the great blog posts.

By meredith on July 19, 2012


What great advice!! Thanks for the information on making travel more civilized. Megan

By Megan on July 19, 2012


What a great blog. Thanks for the helpful tips. Always important to remember to stay calm when put in those not so pleasant travel situations!

By Melanie on July 18, 2012


What a pertinent blog! Thanks for reminding us all of ways to make a vacation fun and relaxing.

By Viki Curtis on July 15, 2012


Great info!

By linda on July 14, 2012


Excellent thoughts as the summer travel season gets underway. While there are many people who follow your suggestions, there are also many who desperately need to read your blog. Thanks for an informative and timely article.

By Sandra on July 13, 2012


Cindy! This article is great. I cannot wait to see more of what you write in the future

By Lisa on July 10, 2012


Great advice for traveling. Thanks again for your great words of wisdom. Looking forward to the next blog!

By Michelle on July 09, 2012


Perfect timing for this blog!!! So easy to be impatient when standing in long lines. Everyone benefits if just one person is kind and considerate of others. Also, great activities for keeping children entertained while traveling. Thanks, Cindy, for always reminding us of proper etiquette and the importance of always being considerate of others.

By Ann on July 09, 2012

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