Proper Gift Wrapping

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Proper Gift Wrapping

By Cindy Edwards

During the holidays, we spend hours purchasing the perfect gifts for our family and friends.  I try to do all of my shopping before December to avoid the lines and craziness during the holidays.  This gives me the chance to review my purchases, double-check my list and wrap the gifts in a timely manner. 

Today there is a plethora of papers and ribbons that can be coordinated to reflect your own personality or decor.  I usually select two or three papers with matching ribbons.  A fabulous—and inexpensive—wrap can be as simple as brown bag paper with colorful ribbons.

Simple Steps to Proper Gift Wrapping

1. Gather your paper, tape and ribbon. Remove the price tag on the gift, wrap the item in tissue paper and place it in a box. Tape the edges of the box to seal.

2. Roll the paper out to fit all the way around the box with an inch of overlap.

3. Place the box in the middle of the paper and fold the paper around the entire gift. Pull tight and crease each edge.  This is a very important step. Use tape to secure the paper to the box.  I fold the closing side for a more finished edge.

4. Fold each end to create a triangle.  Tape one triangle to the box and then fold the other end into a triangle and tape down.
Again, be sure to crease each edge as you go.


5. Use a coordinating ribbon to finish your gift.  You can just tie it around the box or make a big, festive bow.

Simple Steps for a Proper Bow

1. Wrap your ribbon around the package. Tie it in a knot with several inches left on each side.  Cut the loose ends at an angle to make a pretty edge.


2. Cut another piece of ribbon (mine was a little more than 3 feet) and make several loops while you hold it in the center.


3. Use an additional ribbon or wire to tie the center while you are holding it with your fingers.



4. Use your fingers to spread out each loop to create the bow.

5. Trim the edges at an angle.

6. Use the two loose ends from the first ribbon to tie around the center of the bow you created in steps 2-4. This will secure the bow to the package.


7. Fluff to make it perfect.

Whether your gift is big or small, the presentation of a beautifully wrapped gift adds to the excitement of the holidays.

May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed holiday season.

As always, thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas,


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Reader Comments:


Great tips!I love wrapping presents and always have compliments on my skills; however, the key is really just keeping it simple. Aside from using a ribbon,you can also wrap a box with paper and fastening the paper with multiple rubber bands! The bands can be multi-colored or red and green for Christmas.

By ConnieT on April 24, 2013


As always, I enjoyed reading your blog:) Merry Christmas!

By Viki Curtis on December 22, 2012


Very nice direction! Makes me want to buy something other than Amex gift cards :(....Merry Christmas.

By Jacob on December 17, 2012


You make it look so easy? Everyone loves to open a pretty package.

By Linda on December 17, 2012


Wrapping presents is something I have never been able to do very well. Thank you so much for the steps and visuals. Surely my gifts will look better this year!! A very informative and timely blog, as always!

By Sandra on December 17, 2012


What great tips! Maybe this year my gifts will be as beautifully wrapped as my mother's always are! Loved your instructions on the bows as well. Wonderful job! Merry Christmas!

By Landon on December 15, 2012


great tips !! maybe this year my packages will look better !!

By kim on December 13, 2012


Great tips! It's always about presentation and the finishing touches that helps to complete any gift. Looking forward to your next blog Cindy !!

By Ga girl on December 13, 2012


I have a three year old daughter and we have been wrapping presents since you posted the blog. She loves wrapping paper and really enjoys making the bows. I let her do them herself and then try to match her talents. Thanks for your blog.

By Tara on December 13, 2012


Thanks for the tips on wrapping presents. My mother always took pride in wrapping all the presents for Christmas. The children had to wrap the gifts to each other and we have gotten better over the years. I love the bow trick. Thanks again for the blog!

By Tracey on December 13, 2012


Thank you Cindy! So classy and informative as always! This will help make my gifts much for attractive this year. My bows always need work. Looking forward to your next blog. Have a Merry Christmas!

By Melanie on December 12, 2012


Great tips on wrapping gifts! Happy Holidays)

By Amanda on December 12, 2012


Cindy, One thing that I love about the holidays is wrapping all the presents. I also think that the presentation of a present is the best part really. Thanks for all the tips on gift wrapping. You look very pretty beside that Christmas tree. See you soon.

By kathie Phan on December 12, 2012


Thank you for your festive wrapping ideas! You are always finding new and creative things to try. I will definitely try using the brown paper bag trick for a few gifts this year and make them stand out with a proper bow. Merry Christmas!

By Lindsey Stone on December 12, 2012


Great Article! My gift wrapping techniques leave much to be desired. Thanks for the helpful tips. Hopefully, my family will notice the difference this year. Love each post. Thanks again.

By andrea on December 12, 2012


Love the helpful tips !! I'm awful at wrapping and I know this will come in handy ! XO

By Amelia on December 12, 2012


As soon as all of my Christmas shopping is done I will sit down and begin the stressful process of wrapping. I've noticed the past few years that my presents mysteriously migrate from the front of the tree (where I proudly placed them) to the back. My sister and mom's presents are always so beautifully wrapped and bow-tied - they sit pristinely in the front of the Christmas tree. It's so bad I don't even have to fill out the "From" on the tag! The wrapping says it all. Now, thanks to you, this year I may claim a spot in the front I the tree!! Merry Christmas!!

By Mary Jane on December 12, 2012


I'll tell you, wrapping a gift for my wife is one of the more difficult things for me to master and trying to make a bow is just out of the question. After reading this article, this may change. Your simple step by step instructions really made this easy! The picture instructions were the icing on the cake. I may have to put a bow on every gift I wrap this year. My wife will be so impressed with me! Thanks for the great article.

By Andrew on December 12, 2012


Wonderful tips Cindy! I love that the wrapping can be so simple. Our family saves the newspapers from Christmas Day and we wrap next year's gifts with them. It's fun to see what was in the headlines the year before. Simple wrapping goes a long way!

By Winslet on December 11, 2012


Wrapping is all about presentation. It can make a gift be as special as what is on the inside. Nice blog. Look forward to the next one.

By Michelle on December 11, 2012

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