Prepare a St. Patrick’s Day Feast!

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Prepare a St. Patrick’s Day Feast!

Eating, drinking, parades, and shamrocks are often the images that come to mind when we think of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Originally a Christian holiday celebrating the Irish patron Saint Patrick, it has widely become a more secular day honoring Irish heritage and culture.  Whether you are Irish or not most of us have taken part in some St. Patrick’s Day festivities over the years.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to enjoy some delicious traditional Irish fare, cuisine that’s not on the menu everyday.  This St. Patty’s Day why not put on your green sweater, invite some friends over and celebrate the right way with some fantastic Irish recipes from!
St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be complete without corn beef and cabbage.  Interestingly, this dish comes more from Irish American immigrants than from the country of Ireland.  Paula Deen’s easy corn beef and cabbage uses canned corn beef, which greatly reduces cooking time.  With only four ingredients and a huge amount of flavor you can whip this dish up in no time.

You would be hard pressed to find an Irish recipe that doesn’t have potatoes in it.  The “roots” of the potato go far back in the history of Irish food, once relied on as a staple in their diets.  Paula Deen’s Irish Potato Salad (colcannon) speaks true to this traditional food.  The kale and cabbage add an exciting new flavor and lots of nutrients to this classic dish.  Perfect as a side with your corn beef.

For most people making bread is a scary and daunting prospect, recipes filled with confusing instructions for proofing, kneading and rising.  Who has time for all that?  Irish Soda bread is a delicious homemade “quick” bread that is so simple to make, you won’t believe it, without all those time consuming steps.  The caraway seeds give it a distinct flavor and the raisins a sweet bite.  The perfect vehicle for slopping up some of the extra sauce from your corn beef and cabbage.

What is a celebration without dessert and what is St. Patrick’s Day without some stout beer?  Wow your friends and family this year with Paula’s flourless chocolate Guinness cake.  Rich and decedent this chocolate cake will be the ultimate finish to your feast.  The Guinness gives the cake a distinct flavor and tang, enhancing the richness of the chocolate.

After enjoying the parade or other local St. Patrick’s Day festivities head home and whip up this delicious and easy Irish feast for your friends and family.  Don’t forget to serve some lovely green beverages (just add a little food coloring) to wash it all down with.

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I am so glad things are looking up for you !!! I seldom watch the Foodnetwork since you have been gone. Congrats to Bobby for getting married. Hope everything works out for you and your family !!! 3/5/2014

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These look really good!!

By on March 15, 2012

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