Peek at Paula’s: The Lady’s Bed

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Peek at Paula’s: The Lady’s Bed

By Brandon Branch

We’re pretty sure that by now, most of you have a tried and true method of making your bed. But even if you don’t need any help, here is a fun look at how Paula does it. Paula describes her bedroom as her sanctuary, so it’s no surprise that she takes extra care in making her bed everyday. What do you love most about your bedding?

image1. This is the before picture. Notice that all of the pillows are removed, so that only the top sheet and comforter remain.
image2. Begin by pulling the top sheet up towards the head of the bed, making sure that it’s taught. Do the same with the comforter. Paula likes to the pull the top of the top sheet and comforter back, as well. Next, she applies the first layer of pillows.
image3. A second layer of pillows with shams is added. Paula enjoys the soothing neutral colors of this bedding set, found in a local Savannah boutique, One Fish Two Fish.
image4. Lighter pillow shams are added, with beautiful scalloped edges.
image5. Finally, a few decorative pillows with ribbon detailing compliment the beige and brown theme of the bedding.
image6. Voila! A few more throw pillows finish the look of Paula’s bed, and it’s as pretty as a picture!
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Reader Comments:


I should have been born 20 years earlier. I just love doing things like this. My girls ( daughter, daughter-in-laws, granddaughters etc. are now starting to can and decorate along these lines and what fun we have. We simply love anything Paula.

By Sharon Grant on March 28, 2014


Any chance you could have a diabetic friendly section on your web site! My grandmother and mother were wonderful southern cooks. The love for sweets and carbs are a constant struggle. Thanks , Carolyn

By Carolyn Adams on September 29, 2013


Dear Paula: I love your shows so much it brings me back home. I use to live in Tennessee and I spent the weekends with my grandmother in Georgia. It brings me back with so many wonderful memories. My grandmother and my mother was brought up on Southern food and so was I. But now I have a family of my own and my two daughters love Southern food but my son doesn't. I miss the times I would go into my garden at home and pick vegetables and they were so nice and fresh. Then we would go to the farmer's market and just look around. It is very hard when you have a son that doesn't like Southern food. But I fix it for me and my youngest daughter at home. As a single mom it is hard to please my son. I love your cookbooks and your shows so much. But I have trouble fixing fried green tomatoes so I was wondering if you could send something that would help me. In Florida we hardly ever get green tomatoes down here. And when I ask at the store they look at me funny. They just don't know good food when they see it. I would love to meet you and your sons but its hard cause I am on a fixed income. Thanks again Paula and keep your programs on the air. Sincerely yours, Julie Mcdavid

By Julie on July 25, 2012


Dear Paula, This world is full of nuts and I am sorry that they all seem to be picking on you right now. Just a note to say, keep your head up, do not let any of the negative press bother you, and please do not ever change! We all love you and your show and your ideas! You and your family do a great job! Sincerely and with Love, Mindy

By Mindy on March 06, 2012


Paula, Ilove your books,your show and your family, I think this world is full of jealous people and will say anything to call attention to themselves. I have diabetics in my family and I believe all things in moderation. You and Rachael Ray are my favorites, I love to cook and my kitchen is the heart of my home even though it is very small I still love being in it. I am sure you know people in New Orleans know how to cook those fattening dishes, we werer raised on everything that spread far. I wish that I would someday have the opportunity to meet you in person, you seem so much fun to be around.My husband and I have one son and have often wanted to come to Savannah and have dinner at your resaurant, however my husband is disabled and makes it difficult financially and hard for him to get around, he is in a wheelchair and a rolator around the house. I have all of your cookbooks and have fixed a few of your recipes. The pumpkin bread was one of their favorites I did quite a few of them for Christmas. I hope you read this, because I enjoyed posting this. Love and Happy Thoughts, Patricia Dietsch

By Patricia Dietsch on February 26, 2012


Not to be boasting...but I could add some touches to your bed. Need a small amount of long stem flowers tied with a pretty bow, at the edge of the bed. Then my dear add a small hand made afghan on the other side of the bed. Shall I go on then you can add a small lap tray and a lovely tea or coffee set, with some pretty napkins. Add some good small books and you are all set. I am sorry to hear of your illnes. Hope all is well. Love your show and your cooking. Love, Pearl

By Pearl Trotter on February 25, 2012


I love to watch your show

By Anonymous on February 21, 2012


Hey Paula. Just want to let you know, don't pay the fools who are attacking you because of your diabetes any mind. Heck, I've been a nurse for over 20 years and a diabetic most of those. Just because I have diabetes, doesn't mean I stop cooking southern dishes...I just try not to do it every day. If being a diabetic would stop nurses from working, there would be a lot less nurses.....Same goes for wonderful cooks like you! I just wonder what kind of medical diagnoses the cooks or chefs who talk bad about you have.... I love you and your boys and hope you do well with your diabetes and know you will continue to be the greatest cook ever..

By Vicky Braddy on February 19, 2012


Hi paula ,we love you My granddaughter is 7yrs.old she want to come to see you for her birthday,which is in June,I told i will try to see when we can come to see you or come to your town to eat at the Lady's and son.Please try the way you are I love you.Ihave cook so many dishes and I love it.

By Ellis west on February 18, 2012


Hey Paula, I am a southern girl, born & raised in Port St. Joe Florida. My Mom was from Harlan Kentucky, my Dad was from Dalton Georgia. I would love it if you could/would add a beautifull butter crock with lid to your line something that will not scratch granite counter top's, also a bacon grease container with lid to match to put on my stove, & maybe a utensil holder to match, that new green you have would be lovely also in black or red. I have an old butter crock ( blue ) it keep's the butter soft & it last's forever not losing it's good taste, I prefer to leave it out but am afraid it will scratch my new counter top, it would make a fantastic set if all three could match. I have talked to my many cousin's in Ky. & Fl. & many friend's on F.B. & in Mi. & they all have agreed with me. ( we need this ) Sooooo, How bout thinking aabout it ?? Love your show's & your son's too.

By Ann Demsky on February 15, 2012


Your chicken pot pie is good, But TRY it with crust under the pie and crust over the pie. Rectangluar cassarole dishes work wonderful for this task. Oh my gosh. UMMMM.

By Sharon Hindman on February 14, 2012


Paula, I just love your show. Wish I lived closer, I would come and see ya'll.

By Eva on February 13, 2012


Paula, the word is "taut", not "taught."

By Dale on February 12, 2012


I am a southern girl here on the island of guam. I love your shows, even your sons. thank you for making cooking and everything else so comfortable. i continue to watch and learn, thanks. with love from an island girl fan

By marie tajalle on February 09, 2012


Miss Paula - i'm hoping as a southerner you can help me locate a recipe. Years ago a good friend made a rice salad using white rice and Big Red as the main ingredients. Unfortunately she moved shortly after and I was never able to get the recipe. This was an awesome salad, very light and tasty. Have you ever heard of and/or seen this one? Thank you mam.

By Jo on February 08, 2012


I just watched one of your shows on the foot network (February 6, 2010 at 5:00) You were cooking with a lady from New Orleans. An apple cake that reminded me of an upside down cake in a way was made. It was mouthwatering to look at. However, I did not catch the name of it. The cake had cinammon in it and it had the brown sugar, butter and sliched apples on teh bottom of the pain like an upside down cake. It also had almonds. I hope you can help me.

By Kathy Houghton on February 06, 2012


love your show wish you were on later as i work till 3.30 in afternoon but catch you as much as possible .Your laughter and love are all over your show , can almost feel it through the screen. Thanks for sharing with us. Truly Wendy



I think your show ansd books plus your magazines are the bomb. I get them every month and have learned a lotof tipps. You are a inspiration to me in your life because becaus I have worked 2-3 jobs as a nurse to raise my 2 children.I am not rich like you infact i barely get by. my son helps me now that I am on disabiity because i had neck surgery and it did npt do well I do all my walking with a cane but i still love to cook. maybe one day i will meet a friend like your husband if God wants it to be.i was so sorrry to hear you had diabetes but you are a strong woman and you will get through it. You have a loving family and they will be with you..take care of your self and keep your cppk books coming. I love you and you are a great and generous person..I will say a prayer for both of us....Robbie

By robbie hayes on February 03, 2012


paula i love your show's and you. You are a very beautiful lady. I use a lot of your recipe's. Im 69 year's old and i can't cook very much anymo

By joann powell on February 02, 2012


Paula, you are awesome! I am from mississippi, but have lived in Louisiana for over 30 years. Have Watched you bring the two worlds of southern cooking and louisiana cuisine all together! It has been my pleasure! Lots of Love!

By Lisa sylvester on January 30, 2012

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