Peek at Paula’s: Aunt Peggy’s Guest Room

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Peek at Paula’s: Aunt Peggy’s Guest Room

By Paula Deen

My dear Aunt Peggy is one of the most important people in my life, and I’m always so thrilled when she’s able to come to Savannah and visit me. I go to extra lengths to make sure that everything in my home is just right for her visits. I guess it’s a way that I can express my love for her, by giving her a warm welcome and a comfortable stay. One of the ways that I can do this is by giving Aunt Peggy her very own place to stay at my house. I’ve got a sweet little cottage on my property that’s so darling and precious, and I just know that Aunt Peggy feels right at home.

Do you have out-of-town guests staying with you over the holidays? I’m sure that y’all want to give them the absolute best stay that you can! Here are some ways that I prepare for when Aunt Peggy comes to stay.

Fresh Flowers
Putting some fresh flowers on a beside table is an instant way to warm up a space, and make your guests feel right at home. Aunt Peggy loves hydrangeas. Brandon, my creative director and all-around style guru, always picks the prettiest hydrangeas he can from my garden and sets them out. When Aunt Peggy leaves, she’ll take them home with her so she can dry them out and decorate her house with them.

Clean Linens
Nothing says home like a bed with clean linens. I always take extra care to make sure that her bed is freshly made with crisp and clean sheets and blankets. Your guests, too, will appreciate having a soft, comfortable bed to sleep in.

Aunt Peggy loves the ocean, so I decorated her guest cottage with accents from the sea. Seashells, starfish, and light blues and greens create a soft and calming space where she can relax in after we’ve spent a long day cuttin’ up and cooking together. What do your guests like? Try incorporating some of their favorite details into your guest’s rooms and they’ll appreciate all that you’ve done for them.

Pictures and Memories
Y’all, one time Aunt Peggy came to visit me, and after she finished looking around the house, she said, “Paula Ann! There are no pictures of me!” I was so embarrassed! I still don’t know how I could have forgotten to a picture of me and sweet Aunt Peggy. Needless to say, after that visit, I took extra care to have some of my favorite memories with her framed. I placed one of the best ones right on her bedside table, so now she can look over and smile before she falls asleep for the night.

Remember, when you’ve got guests coming to stay with you, you don’t have to break the bank to make them feel at home. The best hosts and hostesses are the ones that make special details really shine! Most importantly, enjoy the moments you get to spend with your loved one, and they’ll love that you opened up your heart and your home to them.

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Reader Comments:


Love the guest room for Aunt Peggy! My mosaic piece I made for you would look great in that room, the colors are perfect together!!! Looks so comfy and warm!!

By Vicki Waldon on September 29, 2013


2 yrs ago I purchased about $15,000.00 of Paula Deen furniture in Linen I need to add a door nightstand however I see that the name has changed to Steel there a dye lot difference...and will it be noticable next to my Wrap around bed frame...thank you...

By hazel on February 19, 2013


I love the way Paula has her pots and pans hanging from a rod I would like to purchase one of these rods.

By Evelyn P. Sanchez on March 05, 2012


Please advise where I can get a lamp like the one shown in the Aunt Peggy guest room article. I have been looking for a lamp like this for a few years now. Any information you can provide would be a great help. Thank you

By Julie Williams on January 24, 2012


I love everything you do Paula!! Some day I hope to make it to Savannah,it's been on my list of things to do for a LONG time! Barbara in Ocean Beach Ca.

By Barbara Sandidge on December 07, 2011


Aunt Peggy's cottage, as are the other guest cottages, is beautifully decorated and very tastefully done. The beautiful furnishings and decor, which I believe are from your own furniture collection, Ms. P, make quite a "homey", downhome setting.

By Claudia Signal-Leon on December 03, 2011


Hi Paula, I made your Chicken Pot Pie from your cookbook that has alot of the Lady and Son's recipes in it. I have eaten there and I really loved it! When I made the pot pie, I used turkey that my husband had brined and we put traditional spices on and then smoked on the smoker without the smoke chips. When I cut up the turkey, I did not have enough turkey, so I added some honey baked ham to make up the difference. O.M.G. It was soooo good with the sweet and salty together. The two soups in the dish really made the dish. I sauted some mushrooms and carrots and onions to add to it. I will make it again with chicken to try it your way. How much chicken will I need if I make my own chicken? I do not like dark meat. I make alot of your recipes, and also have 3 of your cookbooks, and watch your show alot. You inspire me and I love to eat anything that you and your sons make!!! Thanks, and keep inspiring all of us to cook and entertain! Lanis Panny

By Lanis Panny on November 30, 2011


Paula the lamp in the guest room is exactly the same as the one I have been looking for PLEASE tell me where you got it. The lamp I have is in the pink/purple family and I havent been able to find a match. Is there anything you can tell me about it. Thank you your fan Julie

By JULIE on November 29, 2011


I think you were put on earth to make people feel welcome and to spread the joy of your heart with those you come in contact with whether in person or on TV. You have lightened my heart many times. How blessed your Aunt Peggy is to have you for a neice. Continue to shine and bloom where the good Lord planted you. What a blessing you are. We all feel like you are our best friend even though we've never met. God bless you always Paula Deen!

By Jan on November 29, 2011

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