Paula’s Love of Orchids

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Paula’s Love of Orchids

By Brandon Branch

Paula and I both have a great love of orchids, but I seem to keep them alive in my home; she somehow kills all of them. 

So I was recently at a friend’s house and noticed they had stunning orchids.  I asked her what her secret was, her response LiveOak Orchids.  I couldn’t get the number quick enough from her to give to Paula.  This company has transformed Paula’s home into an orchid showplace.  Now everyone who visits the house comments on Paula’s orchids. 

They are low upkeep and add great color to any home.  Check out LiveOak Orchids on Facebook, they ship too!  Paula has a great collection of containers that we place the orchids. 

We change up the containers often and put in different locations.  We love to keep white orchids in Paula’s bathroom to blend with all the marble.  I like a punch of color in the foyer to welcome guests. Take a look at my pictures I took this morning and I hope it inspires you to bring an orchid or two into your home. 

Here’s a picture of Paula’s foyer. Doesn’t the pop of color seem so inviting?

Another punch of color down the hallway.

imagePaula loves the majolica container that these orchids are in. We use it throughout the year and fill it with seasonal foliage – something for each holiday! It’s also really good for her orchids, too!

imageHere’s a silver container we found at an antique store. It’s also really useful for storing plants. It looks great against all of the blue and aqua tones in Paula’s living room.

imageLook at how pretty this all white orchid is! We put it in this really pretty and natural sea sponge container. It really accents the coastal theme that’s found throughout Paula’s home.


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Reader Comments:


I love Orchids but fine it hard to kept alive for very long. I love the way you display

By Syndie Reynolds on May 13, 2013


To Ronald Bryant: Try Paula's apple cake recipe "Grandgirl's Fresh Apple Cake From Georgia." It is sooooo good. I think you'll like it!

By Mary on May 11, 2013


To Kara M. The current trend in watering orchids is the ice cube method. However, I've been told that ice is too cold for orchids and I tend to agree (they are native to the rain forest after all). I water mine just as the bark has turned dry, about once a week. I use tepid water out of the faucet. I also feed my orchids, especially now during the growing/flowering season. I use Schultz Orchid Food I got at Home Depot. Food to water ratio is very small, it doesn't take much. Good luck!

By Mary on May 11, 2013


To Kara M. The current trend in watering orchids is the ice cube. However I've been told that ice is too cold for orchids (they are a rain forest plant after all) and just tepid water is good for them. Also, don't forget to feed your orchids. I use Schultz Orchid Food I got at Home Depot. During the time they are putting on new leaves I feed my orchids. Good luck!

By Mary on May 11, 2013


I too love orchids. I have a 21 year old orchid that is getting ready to bloom once again. It is like a pet to my husband and myself. It is not the most beautiful orchid, but I 'll bet it is one of the most loved.

By Pam Jones on May 10, 2013


We share the love of the same beautiful orchids.. I love your show. You and Michael love fantastic..keep up the great work. love and best to you Alisa Steffan

By ALISA STEFFAN on May 10, 2013


Paula, I love the orchids very much. The girls in my sorority group can't get over how my orchids bloom 3X a year. Have been given theirs to recoup, which about 2 out of 5 make it. They over water or too dry. My mother gave me a book on orchids last Christmas. I could not get over all the different varieties. Have had 42 until I got sick. Now about 28 growing or blooming. Bread pudding is my favorite!! It is really hard to find it made correctly. Thanks for the recipe. Watch you on the cooking show. Enjoy what you like to do best! Jacque

By Jacque McAlister on May 10, 2013


Great pictures

By My Inf. on May 09, 2013


Hello Paula, You can send me the Uncle Bobbe's APPLE CAKE, THANKS. Happy Mother's day to you have a nice day.

By ronald bryant on May 09, 2013


Is there an Internet sight to tour Paula's new home!

By Vicki on May 09, 2013


I have 2 orchids. But they lost all there flowers, what am I doing wrong? I water/ 3 ice cubes every Sunday. Medium light. Help they are so darn pretty. Thank you smile

By Carmen Meyer on May 09, 2013


Love them too!

By Anonymous on May 09, 2013


I have the same problem. I love orchids but they keep dying. Any tips for caring for them? A lady told me to put an ice cube in the pot once a week. That that's how much water they need. Is this true or will the cold kill them?

By kara m on May 09, 2013


Hi Paula, Your Orchids are beatifull. I also love the Phalaenopsis they are such perfect flowers. If ever you should come to South Africa, you should visit our Orchid Farm in Darling, They export all over the world (Duckett Farms). You must have a great day and love your sense of humour and your shows. Lots of Love from South Africa Frans Kleingeld

By Frans Kleingeld on May 09, 2013

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