Paula’s Gooey Butter Cake

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Paula’s Gooey Butter Cake

By Paula Deen

I’m fully aware of my reputation as the “Queen of Butter,” y’all. But I have a pretty good sense of humor about the whole thing. One Halloween, I even dressed up like a stick of butter. Can you imagine? I was hotter than a fritter inside that costume—I almost melted right then and there!

I’m pretty sure all this talk about me and butter began years ago when I started selling my Gooey Butter Cakes from The Bag Lady basket. That cake put me on the map, y’all. Just one bite and you’d see what I mean. It melts in your mouth. It has won over the most finicky palates—even the health conscious ones. Granted, those folks may cut smaller bars, but they assure me that every bite is worth another lap around the track.

I first realized I was onto something with my Gooey Butter Cake when it became the dish people asked for time and time again. One lady wrote me sayin’ she’d kill a man for one of my cakes. Now, I don’t recommend doing any such thing, especially since the recipe is right here for the takin’. I also love hearing how people experiment with my recipe, adding things to make it their own. I’ve done some experimenting myself. I’ve made cakes with fruit, nuts and even peanut butter. Heck, you could throw just about anything into a mix of butter and sugar and it would taste like heaven. That’s how I came up with my new Lemon Lavender Gooey Butter Cake. When I added it to my list of butter-cake favorites, I figured I had so many varieties I could open up my very own Gooey Butter Cake Shop. So that’s what I did, right here in my living room! My friends practically ran on over to help themselves to the wares. We spent the whole afternoon sampling those lil’ sweeties and casting votes for our favorites.

I won’t deny that I’ve earned my title as the Queen of Butter, y’all. I do love butter. No matter what you’re fixin’, butter makes everything better. I need it like most people need air (I think it’s in my blood, which my doctor assures me is not a good thing). But butter isn’t the Devil—it’s not something to be feared. In fact, most every heavenly dish calls for a pat or two. All in moderation, that’s what I like to say. Just because you bake a cake doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole darn thing in one sitting! Savor the flavor. Enjoy the experience. There are plenty of things in the world tryin’ to making us feel bad about ourselves; eatin’ good food shouldn’t ever be one of them.

Get the rest of Paula’s Gooey recipes here!

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Reader Comments:


Paula's gooey butter cake show me how to make it.

By Donna marie eichhorn on January 19, 2013


Not a Paula Deen Original. Not a Southern dish.

By Anonymous on January 18, 2013


John Koppe, a St. Louis baker, also developed the Gooey Butter Cake in the early 1940s...he owned and operated Koppe Bakery during World War II on California and Arsenal Streets in South St. Louis.

By Shimie1 on December 06, 2012


dear paula, since istarted receiving your newsletter i have tried EVERY ONE of your recipes and they were all delicious. thank you for the love in the food. andrea

By andrea on September 22, 2011


Paula Deen, your recipes are the best! You are the only publicized cook on TV and in the news that I actually do some of the recipes. Food is SUPPOSED to be good, and you make it happen! Thanks a million!

By SoSerene on September 22, 2011


Made this cake yesterday and it was just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone enjoyed. I use many recipes from this website and they are all easy and great tasting. Thanks, ya'll, Rhena Melancon

By RHENA MELANCON on September 20, 2011


I've tried several of the gooey butter cakes & my family's favorite is the lemon. Such a wonderful flavor! Paula, don't know how I ever survived w/o your cookbooks! Being Southern, also, your recipes are what I like to cook. Congratulations on your new grandson! Aren't they wonderful!

By Judy Drennan on September 15, 2011


For me you are Mrs 'BUTTER-fly" because your recipes are like flowers on my table!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! wink

By Maria Cristina Baglioni kefalidou on September 15, 2011


AMEN AND AMEN. Anyone who doesn't like butter isn't right. Your Gooey Butter Cakes are heavenly. Love Ya and Mr. Michael. Studmuffin and Little Orphan Annie

By Anna Parham on September 15, 2011


Hi Paula, I met you once at the Metropolitan Cooking Show in Washington, DC, and was such a pleasure. We go every year, and looking forward to seeing you there in November. I am originally from Kentucky and could be called a "country girl at heart". I love butter also, and when my husband, Michael and I visited California we brought back a coolor full of Challenge Butter, made in California and sold only on the West Coast - that's how much we love butter. We are coming to Savannah in late October, and would like to know if you are going to be around "Lady and Sons" or anywhere nearby that we could visit with you and Michael for awhile. I am tagged by all our friends who come to our annual "Mardi Gras party" as a Gourmet cook - don't know how true that is, but I would like to share some of my recipes with you. Betty from Maryland

By Betty McGrath on September 15, 2011


Awww, Darn, you've burst my bubble...I thought for sure the rule was 'bake a cake, eat the whole darn thing" Teehee I made your Oreo Crack..and I am here to tell you, it was a huge hit. I can't tell you how many people asked for the recipe! I did give you credit. I cannot bake, now I finally have something that I can bring to potluck, work events, Christmas ...that is GOOD... LOL!

By Sandi on September 14, 2011


Love your show and all your recipes. Enjoy seeing your family on the show with you, especially that grandson. I watch your show every day and record it and then go back later and write the recipes down. You always have interesting guests. I'll be glad when some new shows come on.

By Ruth Hedgecoke on September 14, 2011


Born & raised just 30 some odd miles south of the Georgia state line in Florida and grew up eating fresh & home canned garden vegetables & dairy products. After coming to Houston 34 years ago I had lost the home style way of cooking but thanks to you it's all back right down to oxtails and grits. Love you, love your recipes and looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

By Linda Simmons on September 14, 2011


Paula, I just love your show, and try not to miss it. You taught me that butter makes such a difference in baking. And I have tried some of your recipes and we love them. But we love southern cooking anyway.

By JoAnne Nelson on September 14, 2011


Paula, Everyone is entitlted to their own opinions but when they start stepping on your toes, you just have to fight back. I love all of your cooking recipes. Found a SMALL version of your cakes at our local Walmart. Love them. Only problem cant always find them. & I know that they are full of calories but most people know that if you dont make a PIG of yourself you can have these kinds of things once in a while. One man's opinion will never change my mind. God gave us a mind & intelligence to use it. Love you. Keep up all the wonderful work that you do.

By Pat Powell on September 14, 2011


Paula, you are the greatest. Love your show and the recipes I love butter to not a sin in Laura September 14, 2011

By Anonymous on September 14, 2011


My sister, Sandy, introduced me to this cake back in the 80's. It's kind of a play on a St. Louis Gooey Cake, which is a little more intensive to bake. I fell in love with it in any of its variations and I have to thank Paula for some new combinations she has shared. My sister passed away almost 23 years ago. Every time I make this cake, though, or even just hear about it, I am transported back to Indiana, with Sandy, making that cake in her kitchen!! Thanks, Paula, for keeping us mindful of the good stuff. Life is short; enjoy a little cake here and there!!

By Melissa Andrade on September 14, 2011


I absolutely love you. I watch you every day and my 2 year old granddaughter watches along with me. She loves you as well. She really like it when you start tasting whatever you make. She yells, 'Give me a bite Paula, give me a bite.' We really enjoy and love you so much. We try to make your desserts but running back and forth to the pc to get the ingrediants makes us lose some them sometimes. We are saving up some money to get one of your cookbooks so we too can cook like Paula Deen. We love you. Have a blessed evening. Sandy and Peyton[granddaughter]

By Sandra Walker on September 14, 2011



By melanie on September 14, 2011


Love you and all your cooking butter and all!

By Jean Sparks on September 14, 2011

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