Paula’s Feast of Fish Recipes

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Paula’s Feast of Fish Recipes

By Paula Deen

Just recently, for the 4th of July, my brother Bubba came and spent the weekend with me. Well, y’all I was just dying for someone to put out my crab traps for the weekend. Finally, Bubba agreed and I was so thrilled! Altogether in the five traps we set out, we caught about 25 to 30 crabs. It was a hoot, just hanging out by the water with my brother and the rest of our families. We sat right on the dock, eatin’ our crabs and watching the fireworks overhead, just like we were kids again. It’s moments like that that make me so glad to live in Savannah.

But of course, if it’s one thing that us Southern girls love, it’s fishin’! As a little girl, I remember tugging at my daddy’s pants leg while he would cast out his line, hoping that he’d catch something to bring home for dinner that night. Today it’s always great when I have a few hours to myself, Michael and I can grab our rods and head out to our dock. It’s so quiet, listening to the water lap on the shore. We don’t even need words. We just sit back, dip our lines in the water, and relax as the Savannah sun warms our skin.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips is a great go-to dish. Sometimes Jamie and Bobby come over and they always like to grill. Bobby loves to make Grilled Tilapia with Peach BBQ Sauce.  My friend Trisha Yearwood was just recently on one of my shows, and she shared this delicious Saucy Catfish recipe. It was scrumptious, y’all!

Try some of these summer fish recipes for your family. I guarantee you’ll find something your family will love!

Recipes for a Fish Feast:
Grilled Tuna with Olive Tapenade
Bobby’s Baked Tilapia
Southern Fried Catfish
Can’t Miss Red Snapper
Fired Up Rosemary Salmon
Baked Trout with Romano Cheese
Seared Mahi Mahi with Zesty Basil Butter

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how do you cook calamari steaks & what do you use for breading. thank you

By virgina jespersen on September 04, 2012


Hi Tori, You might like this recipe:

By Jonathan Able on September 06, 2011


Hi Nancy, You might try this recipe:

By Jonathan Able on September 06, 2011


Paula is very cool. She is keeping the Southern cooking tradition alive. Thank you for all you do for America and beyond Paula. I am looking for anything your sons wrote on bbqing too. Email appreciated if you have something for me about that. P.S. Boudain has eaten pure D swill, I've watched him do it, so what does he know about good cooking anyway. Keep on keepin on Paula. Everett

By everett pruitt on August 21, 2011


Paula, My whole family loves you. That's a whole lotta lovin. There's over 70 of us here-n-round bout. Don't you get one bit disheartened when some pinhead like Bourdain opens his trap. No other southerner gonna listen to him, so, why should you. Tell him to go eat saw briers, and drink horse piss (he probably has anyway, and probably likes it). You keep your chin up lady. You got folks on your side. Love ya, Eric

By Eric on August 19, 2011


i am lookin for a brisket receipie that i can do in the oven just something simple or i can use one for baby back ribs.

By nancy wells on August 18, 2011


Regarding the Simple S'mores Bars, that you layer in a qt mason jar. When you get ready to bake these, do you mis everything together in baking pan, or should ingred. be layered? I mixed them together as directed, and the bottom came out very soft, choc chips ended up on the bottom. Would love to make these again, but would love to know the correct way to prepare for baking. Thank you in advance for you're help Tillie Smedley

By Tillie Smedley on August 12, 2011


how do you make chocolate fudge cake

By tori on August 10, 2011


Paula, I am sure that the 4th of July gathering was just what Bubba needed after suffering the loss of Jay a few months ago. I hope you were able to get some smiles out of your baby brother. It is good that your family is so close and everyone seems to live nearby so it's easy to throw an impromptu family event. I enjoyed the 4OJ weekend at the lake with my family, a place called "O'possum Creek." I hope you are enjoying those new little grandchildren, too. This past weekend I made your Key Lime Mousse Pie. It was so delicious! Love and all the best from Mary in Tennessee.

By Mary on August 10, 2011


Dear Paula This is with great pleasure I got to know u on the tv cable on Food Network th program u run Paula party. I really love it God bless u

By ruth lawore on August 10, 2011

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