Paula’s Birthday Bash

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Paula’s Birthday Bash

By Paula Deen

Last week was my birthday, and y’all, it was fabulous! I am so thankful that I have such wonderful friends and family. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve so much love in my life, but I can tell you one thing: I sure am one lucky gal.

My Design Director, Brandon Branch, planned such a wonderful party at the beautiful Delta Plantation on the romantic Savannah River. But y’all, we could have had that party any-ol’-where, and I still would have had just as much fun being with the ones I love the most. The house itself was gorgeous, though; it was filled with rich chocolate browns and earth tones, and old plantation-style artwork.

The dear Susan Mason and her lovely team did the catering, and it was to die for! Her quail and grits were absolutely finger-lickin’ good. And let me tell you something, folks, Cheryl Day, from the Back in the Day Bakery made me a cake that was simply divine.

imageIf y’all can believe it, not all of my candles would fit on that cake!
imageMy sweet son Bobby planted a big ol’ birthday smooch right on my cheek. I just adore that boy.
imageMichael and I got to coo over Michelle’s baby boy, Henry. That little guy is such a love. I can’t wait to watch him grow up and to be a part of his life.
imageMy son Jamie and his beautiful wife, Brooke, originally weren’t going to be able to make my party. They sure surprised me when they showed up, and I was so glad they did!
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Reader Comments:


Happy,happy, Birthday,Paula! What a year its been for you and I love that you just kept rollin'! What celebrities go through with the media is insane. Just know that your fans still love you and support you through anything. My husband and I are planning a visit to Lady & Sons. Hope this Chicago weather lets up a little so we can do our road trip soon. Happy Birthday to You! Cindi Cook

By Cindi Cook on February 16, 2014


Happy Birthday Paula, We love you here in Mocksville and take turns cooking our Paula Deen suppers every Sunday night. You are amazing! Jeanne

By Jeanne Toyes on January 31, 2014


happy belated birthday paula love your show keep on living home girl bye now

By unspoken on July 29, 2013


Happy late birthday ...u have a beautiful family....

By Bobbie on July 20, 2013


Dear Paula, I am so glad you had a delightful birthday party that was described on this page earlier. I hope I will be able to see your shows again, soon. I appreciate all of your posts on-line. You are a brilliant, talented baker, entertainer and blessing to people. Blessings to you Paula Deen and to your family! Diana Hovey

By Diana Hovey on July 06, 2013


I love you, Paula Deen! Angels all around you! Let the haters fall to the side. XOXOXOX

By John Higgin on June 26, 2013


I am glad u had a Wonderful Birthday you look good Paula I love you recipes you make son good food and desserts.. Thanks a lot Lucy..

By Sharon Sanchez on March 04, 2013


Happy belated Birthday Paula I've watched your show since you first can on and have tried alot of your recipes you look good then but your even more beauiful now I guess being happy doesn't hurt we have a lot in common I found out I am a type 2 diabetic not long after my mother pasted away and I just lost my father this past August to altimizers I love to cook and I come by it natually my Grandmother Selvage was a great cook and my Mom & my two Aunts and people say they love my cooking I hope you have many more birthday's and we can beat awful diabetes so we can enjoy our grandchildren for a long time I will keep you in my heart and prayers love ya Kathy never give up

By Kathy Smith on March 25, 2012


Happy belated birthday Paula. Love you show but most of all your books. You keep smiling, you are a beautiful person.

By Lynn Grubbs on February 15, 2012


Happy Birthday, Paula! So glad you enjoyed your birthday party. You deserve the BEST!

By HappyCook42 on February 07, 2012


To: Paula Deen I watch your slow with my cousin every weekday and weekend. My dream is to be a chef just like you and to cook with you one day.

By keisha on February 05, 2012


Happy Birthday, Paula ! Don't you dare let any of the negative feedback you've received get to you. Those people aren't worth your energy ! I wish you the best of luck always and take care of yourself now that you've got Diabetes Type 2. People improve their conditions all the time and either lower their meds or get off them totally. You stay positive, Ok ? Sincerely, Suzan in Texas

By Suzan B. Smith on February 05, 2012


I love you Paula Deen. I hope you had a great birthday!

By Debbie Whittaker on February 04, 2012



By Anonymous on February 04, 2012


I just love you,and would like to have a good recipe for banana bread.

By brenda strickland on February 04, 2012


I love your pots, pans and dishes as well as everything I have tried that you have put out. I take it as a real compliment as people do a double take and say "Paula Deen?" I say "No" and they say "Oh, excuse me, you look just like her". I love as I think you are beautiful. I love your cook books too. Hope you had a great birthday as I can see you did. Beverly Tant

By Beverly Tant on February 03, 2012


I watch your show everyday if possible, but I hope as I turn 65 I will look as good as you do. I just recently turned 61. How do you do it. Sincerely a fan and Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!! Cathy Spainhour

By catherine t spainhour on February 03, 2012


Paula, You look wonderful, I hope I look that great in five years time as I'm soon to be 60. Your skill, techniques, and recipes have made me a better cook and I thought you should know what an inspiration you are to so many. Happy Birthday and continue to fight the diabetes with your open heart and lovely personality. When times are tough, I can always count on you to cheer me up on TV....wish I could return the favor. And oh, by the way, I wish everyone who has to comment on your private health issues did as much for charities and openly shared their affection for their extended family and friends. All the best!!

By Marybeth Amerson on February 01, 2012


Happy Belated Birthday Paula!!! I love your show. I love your recipes. And I admire all that you have accomplished!!! I have been a fan since your first show on the Food Network. And I hope you keep on doing them for a long, long time. God bless you and your family. Sincerely, Teresa

By Teresa Luther on February 01, 2012


Happy Birthday and many,many more. I wish you all the best in the future with your health. Best Wishes to you and your Family. Love, Paula Rawls

By Paula Rawls on January 31, 2012

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