Paula’s Best Burger Recipes

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Paula’s Best Burger Recipes

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen
  • Bo Burger


    Fried egg and cheese make this burger great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.







    Portobello Mushroom Burger


    Vegetarian diet? No problem with this alternative burger!







    Hobo Burgers


    A slightly different variation on hamburgers. Potato slices make this burger recipe really unique.







    Onion Burgers


    An ooey, gooey burger with tons of flavor. You’ll be lickin’ your fingers!



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Reader Comments:


Just want to say I loved your show & I'm very upset w/food network. There is not a person who hasn't said or done something in the past or will in the future they wish they could take back. To do what has been done to you for something you said 50 yrs. ago is just stupid. My mom tried to get some African Americans to come inside her very small café to eat back in the late 50's-early 60's but they refused because it might cause her problems. She finally fixed them a small table by the back door of the kitchen (inside) & persuaded them to come in to eat.(They had been coming to the door & ordering food to go.) My mom didn't have a racist bone in her body & that is the way she raised me & my 6 siblings but I am sure we at some time in the last 50+ yrs. have said something that would be considered offensive or even racist without even realizing it might be taken that way. Again I loved your cooking show & really hope to see you again on your own show very soon.

By Helen Case on July 01, 2013


hi paula. love your books and your recipes. my granddaughter is one of your biggest fans up here in Missoula, Montana. wish you would come up this way as we would be right there to see you. Mikaela watches all your shows, I have your pots and pans. Love to cook with them. I also watch your shows when im not working. . God bless you and all your family.

By sandi hayes on May 16, 2013


Paula, you know I love you and have learned so much about cooking from you..Your family is so important to you I love that. I know how much I love my family. I pray God will continue to bless you and your family...

By Loretta Plemmons on August 25, 2012


Paula you are the best; I love your cooking! Your are the best entertainer on cooking shows because you are real, funny, sencere, charming I could just go on.....I have a shyness about meeting new people but I feel like I just could tell you anything. Thank You

By Anonymous on August 24, 2012


Truly enjoy watching you cook, biggest peeve is watching you lick your fingers and handle the after without washing your hands! Wash your hands..

By Barbara on May 17, 2012


Am a big fan of yours I love your show,and your reciepes are out of this world love yeah

By Surayya on March 15, 2012



By KIMBERLY FERCHAK on July 19, 2011


I just love Paula! She is one of my favorite people. I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi and listening to her talk makes me feel like I am back home again. Thanks for being so fun! Donna BUllinger

By Donna Bullinger on June 21, 2011


Hi Paula, Hope your day is going well. I would really like to flip out n idea here. How hard would it be to, take some of your "bestest" recipes and make them at least slightly for the Diabetic.? I know that changing them completely over woulod ruin them, but maybe just a little bit. You probably have no idea just how many of us Diabetics there are out thee, that are use to that good old Southern cooking, and to save out lives have to change them at least some. Okay hun enough for now. Thanks for the time Paula. Hope to hear from you on this. Luv ya hun Ashley

By Ms, Ashley L. on June 14, 2011


I missed your fried green tomato burger recipe.....looked and sounded WONDERFUL!!

By jan hyde on June 14, 2011


I'm not down with putting bread crumbs into Hamburgers, like the one guy said.. it makes it TOO dense and the wrong texture for what a hamburger should be. I guess I follow the Church of Ozersky when it comes to Hamburgers, since I haven't been let down by his stuff as of yet. Especially when it comes to something simple and basic like the New Jersey Smash burger... beef, onions, american cheese on a soft white bun.. dont even need a condiment cause the sweet onions give it such great taste. gps jammer

By gps jammer on June 09, 2011

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