Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible

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Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible

By Paula Deen

What is Southern cooking?

For me, Southern cooking is a way of life. It’s more than just a recipe, a pot of fried chicken, or fresh biscuits. It’s that welcoming sense of warmth that you feel after eating this wonderful food. It’s saying “Hey y’all,” with a grin to a stranger, or opening a door for someone. It’s hospitality on a plate.

When I set out to write the Southern Cooking Bible, I wanted to keep all this in mind. And I remembered the great cookbooks that I grew up with in the past. You know, the ones that you got from your momma and your grandmother, with tattered and worn pages, and recipes that never fail. Well, I wanted to make that. I knew that this cookbook was going to be special to me, and I wanted it to be special for y’all as well, this cookbook is filled with over 300 hundred Southern recipes that I’ve come across in all my years of cooking.

Recipes for Every Course
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a recipe for a baby shower, dessert, or side dish; there are recipes for everything! For the past few weeks, I’ve been teasing y’all with a brand new recipe from the cookbook. Well, believe me, there’s more where came from. Now you’ll recognize some of the recipes, like The Lady’s Cheesy Mac or my Famous Foolproof Standing Rib Roast.  But there are tons of new ones that I can’t wait to share, like Artichoke and Smoked Cheddar Bake, Decadent Double Chocolate Cream Pie, or the Perfect Char-Grilled Filet Mignon.

Helping Hands
Have you read a recipe and thought, “Now how in the heck am I supposed to do that?” I know I have, and I’m sure plenty of you have as well. The Southern Cooking Bible is meant to be a teaching tool, in addition to being a cookbook. That’s why many of the recipes have helpful illustrations that accompany some of their trickier steps, like how to peel and devein a shrimp properly.

Takeaway Tips
One thing that I love the most about this cookbook is that each recipe comes with little nuggets of wisdom that I thought everyone should know. There are tips and recipe variations and plenty of substitutions.

Being Southern, we strongly believe in tradition. We have this inherent need to pass our heritage down to our children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. And in a way, I feel like I’m doing just that with this cookbook. It’s important to me that I share the specialness and traditions of Southern cooking with you, because well, I just wouldn’t be a good Southerner if I didn’t!

As always, I’m sending y’all love and best dishes, from my kitchen to yours.


Order your copy of Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible today!

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Reader Comments:


I need a recipes black berry clobber the one u have in southern cooking bible please and thank u I love your recipes

By Tammy Pritt on July 19, 2014


We love you Paul.

By Peggy Baumgardner on August 08, 2013


Julie Gorbett, The Southern Cookbook can be bought through the online Paula Deen Store, here you can also purchase other Deen books. Currently it is: $18.99, if you want a signed copy it costs : $29.99. Here at Paula Deen, we thank you for visiting us!

By Anonymous on February 07, 2013


I was wanting to know how much your Southern Cookbook is thank you

By julie gorbett on January 20, 2013


dear paula do have book cook need let you know hold dave c let you know that have know that have know little gril let you know thave know that hadknow need we need know too know that that know that have knowtha book let you know thave know rememember you 12 year old ACCICE

By rebecca fleishman on September 15, 2012


I'm 19 & I'm just recently married. My husband bought this for me because he knows I loooove Paula Deen! This is the BEST cookbook I have in my collection! The Decadent Double Chocolate Cream Pie is AMAZING!

By Casey on January 06, 2012


Loved your episode with Rose Rock,Ya'll should do more together.Not that you need a sidekick but it was funner to watch.

By Kelly on November 06, 2011


i love your new cookbook!!!!!!!!!!!! i have all of yours and the boys.

By cathi panfil on November 05, 2011


Paula, my friends, childern and I thank you for the time that we shared with you and Captain Mike last Monday here in Atlanta. We had a blast at the book signing! We each got a copy of "The Bible", and my children were so happy to finally have made your acquaintance. And that bus of yours! "The Bible" is a great cook book, and it makes me proud to be a Southern cook as I read through it. Thank you!

By Dr. Claudia Signal-Leon on October 24, 2011


Hi Paula I love your recipes, and I'm getting better at cooking thanks to you,I recently purchased a small beautiful red pan I could'nt afford the whole set but I would love to have the set but things right now is very tuff is there any way that I may receive this set? please help me to keep cooking like a pro! thanks paula I rally love this set theres nothing like it!!!!!!

By Rhonda on October 24, 2011


I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Paula Deen herself tell us about how Southern Cooking is so close to her heart today at a book signing. I came home with the 'Southern Bible', and made her Chicken n drop dumplins tonight for my 3 kiddos who happen to be ALL be sick with a cold. Let me tell you...this is now my GO TO recipe for sick children...not to mention just a warm-your-tummy recipe for any other day!! My youngest daughter wouldn't eat ANYTHING for 2 days until I made this...She ate 3 bowls tonight!! Paula, you are my inspiration!! I told you 'thank you for teaching me how to cook' when you signed my cookbook today ( and you said my tattoos were pretty;) !BONUS! hahaha...but I truely meant that.I have been watching you for over 10 yrs, and losing my own Mamma to mental illness cut me short of all those special moments I wish I had with a Mamma in the kitchen.You filled that gap! My kids love getting in the kitchen with me on Holidays to make our (your)traditional Dressing...not to mention all the other special 'treats' we make!I could never thank you enough. Much love to you and your beautiful family!!... from my kitchen to Yours! Love Angelia!!

By angeliasheets on October 23, 2011


This new Cookbook is awesome! It truly is a bible of sorts in that it is a handy manual for much southern cookery.

By Tom Grant on October 22, 2011


This new cookbook is amazing! I Love the little tips on each page instead of them being in a section all by themselves;it's very handy! I have been using your cookbooks for years now and have learned all of my cooking skills from watching your shows and reading your books! Now, everyone thinks I am this great cook when really all I am doing is just what I have learned from you!

By Erin Baker on October 21, 2011


I would love to meet you and taste your cooking you remind me a lot of me the way you eat i love butter too. I love fried chicken thats one of my favorites. I am visting your tour spot in Savannah Georgia in August of 2012 and would love to meet you then i cant really afford a ticket but i saved up for hopefully i can afford a vip to meet you and take a picture with you, and hang it on my wall in my living room. You are my favorite cook on TV i love watching you your funny and seem like a sweet person thanks for giving me some recipes to share with my family. Love you buy

By Bridget Marie Brown on October 21, 2011


Paula Deen, I love you!!! I am one of your BIGGEST fans!! I am so excited to finally meet you!! I was at your restaurant a few years ago. Your food was awesome. I really enjoyed everything!! I have pictures that I will forever treasure!!! I was disappointed that you were not there. Savannah is absolutely beautiful! I will get back there someday. I also saw you in Bossier City LA. I didn't get to meet you at that time either. Bummer. I so wanted to be the one to go on set with you to cook those collard greens! smile I love your cookbooks and can hardly wait to get this new one!! I love your recipes. You are the best!!! I will see you in Tyler TX!! Oh boy, I am so excited!!!!!!!!! Much love, Cherry Cheeks (aka Shannon)

By cherrycheeks on October 20, 2011


Paula Deen, I love you!!! I am one of your BIGGEST fans!!! I am looking forward to finally meeting you! Cannot wait to get your new cookbook! I was at your restaurant a few years ago and enjoyed your food so much. Everything was delicious!!! I was disappointed that you were not there. I also went to Bossier City LA to see you. I didn't get to meet you at that time either. Bummer! I so wanted to be the person to go on set with you to cook those collard greens. smile I will see you in Tyler TX!!! I can hardly wait!! Much love, Shannon

By Shannon T. on October 20, 2011


Watch your shows a lot. Would like to know how much your cookbook is and how I can get one. Like your shows. Thanks Sandra

By Sandra Kelley on October 18, 2011


When do we get to view your clothing line? Loved your outfit on RR today. I cannot tell you how many people tell me I look like you. In airports strangers have come up to me and asked "do you know you look just like Paula Deen." Even in the hospital where I worked as a nurse, a woman came thru to visit her daughter and told her, "you'll never guess who I just saw on first floor...Paula Deen." I view these statements as a compliment! Bring on your clothing line soon!!!!!

By P Varner on October 17, 2011


Saw Paula teasing Matt Lauer and mentioning her new book. Being a huge fan ordered it immediately. As usual, the Lady delivers. Her Bible is worth twice the price. I am ordering several more for Christmas gifts. What cook wouldn't treasure this? Thank you, Paula. You are adorable. So enjoy watching you and have made many of your dishes. All splendid. Richard Livingston

By Richard Livingston on October 15, 2011


great book! i just bought it with my kids at your book signing at Wegmans in Fredericksburg, Va. My children have learned to eat through eating thought cooking through your shows, they creat these recipes then the will normally eat what they make. Unless there is a nuatural disisaster. My only wish was to go through the line at your pace. have a great trip.

By kelly valko on October 13, 2011

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