On the Road Again: Tricks to Traveling with Food

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On the Road Again: Tricks to Traveling with Food

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

It’s time for summer vacation! Whether that means a road trip from Texas to Tennessee, or trip across the river to grandma’s house, there is no need to depend on fast food to feed your brood. Here are a few tricks to start your voyage off right!

Pack a Cooler
The first thing to invest in when planning a trip is a good cooler! Make sure you have enough room for essentials, but don’t try to turn your back seat into a concession stand.
Worried about ice thawing and sloshing around on your leather? Instead of packing your cooler with ice, freeze water bottles and juice boxes. They keep your snacks cold, and when they thaw, you have ice cold beverages.

Notes from the kitchen:
1) Always use plastic bottles, not glass.
2) Open your water bottles and pour a little out of the top, then make sure the lid is securely back on. This will keep the bottle from deforming and exploding due to the expansion in freezing. Juice boxes are fine as is.
3) Stay away from carbonated beverages; they tend to expand even more than water in your freezer, might cause the bottle to explode.

Some Assembly Required
Once you have your cooler set up, it’s time to decide what to pack! A lot of great foods for travel are ones that you can build at the last minute. The standby is the trusty sandwich, but don’t forget about staples like potato salads and pasta salads! These two: Red Potato Salad, or Paula’s Italian Pasta Salad are great examples of elements that travel well on their own, and are easy to prep ahead of time and toss in a zip-top bag for easy storage. Keeping your elements separate not only insures that your salad will be fresh, but also that your meal will be safe and bacteria-free! Another option for quick safe ingredients is saving individual packets of things like mayonnaise and mustard from the grocery or take-out. Just use what you need without worrying about keeping it cool! Once you have all your ingredients packed, make sure you bring a bowl (or a large zip-top bag) for tossing your salad when the time comes.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Cold
The easiest tip of all? Don’t be afraid to serve hot dishes cold! Dishes like Oven Fried Chicken or Roasted Chicken may not pop into your mind when you think of foods best served cold, but they are just as tasty and much easier to pack up cold! Make your dish the night before and refrigerate it. Transfer it to the cooler to stay nice and chilled. Take it out when you are ready to dine. No heat required!

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Reader Comments:


Everything looks wonderful Paula your the BEST and ur loved by many best of luck in all u do LADY LOVE U

By karen johnson on August 17, 2013


Paula, can you make some recipe's that are dairy free. I am allergic to dairy and cannot have butter or milk but I love almond milk it is dairy free. Love you and support you. Food network has made a huge mistake losing you and the boys. Someday i am gonna visit you in Ga. Thank You Michele

By Michele on August 17, 2013


I love Paula Deens cooking. I have wanted to collect her cook books for a while but mostly collect the recipes posted. I am taking care of my elderly mom who has alzheimers and it costs a lot. I love the recipes posted and will continue to collect. One of my favorite recipes from Ms. Deen is her Magnolia Lace Trumpets. I have also used the filling for just about everything sweet to eat. I fully support Paula Deen.

By Debbie Rollings on August 17, 2013


I'm glad I read the road trip article-I didn't think to have the potato salads an in bags is so much easier, but I have a couple of more tips cheese crackers an wine are great to travel with for a quickie lunch,peanut butter an good bread.And the water bottles I take tea bags in the warm ones, get free ice from drive thurs.

By Sheila Smith on July 25, 2013



By Brenda B on July 25, 2013



By MERYLE FOWLIE on July 19, 2013


thanks for the ideals

By vickie stricklin on July 05, 2013


I really enjoy your shows and cookbooks. I do not understand how someone could try to destroy you. Being from the South you know God holds you in his hands and this is a time to shine with your bright personality. Many people will stand behind you and as you emerge as a brighter star your journey will be clear. Now is the time to emerge as the brightest of star in the country and look forward to the new path set before you. You can't fail when you stand by your principles of faith, love and goodness for all.

By chandra lucksho on July 02, 2013


I just want Paula to know that all my support is behind her. I've let Food Network, Wal-Mart, etc. know that I will no longer be doing business with them. My opinion of you has only gone up! Praying for you all! Donna McKinney

By Donna McKinney on June 28, 2013


Great website and wonderful suggestions. God bless you Paula Deen. You are not alone in what you are facing publicly. Stand for the truth and the truth will prevail!

By Wanda on June 28, 2013


We love you Paula. And this too shall pass. We are behind you and will boycott all of the stupid companies like Target and Wal-Mart. They are the fools. You have earned what you have and I have watched you for years and will continue doing so. The public knows that this is a smear campaign. The comments on the Yahoo story today were ALL in your favor. Everyone is behind you! Love Ya and keep up the good work.

By anonymous on June 27, 2013


Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius Don't worry Paula, there a lot of folks who believe in you. Everybody has something they wish they didn't say or do, I do! There are always people who are looking to take you down if you have built an empire. Just breath, hold on. It is always darkest before the dawn. You will be ok. Bless you! Debra Usay

By Debra on June 27, 2013


Hang in there Paula!! This too shall pass!

By Carla on June 26, 2013


I love you and support you and you family. If God is for you who can be against you. Please remember this always. As for Me and my House we will serve the Lord. All those fools out there just want to say I'm going to be a follower. Don't let that fool Wendy Williams bring you down or Whoopi they too better watch out Oh how the mighty can fall and fall just as hard. Please pray and stay faithful. God Bless

By virginia on June 26, 2013


Asked whether she regrets telling the truth in the deposition, Deen answered, "No. Because there's a couple of kinds of people that I don't like, that I am prejudiced against: ... thieves and liars." Loved your answer!

By Anonymous on June 26, 2013


Pola I think that polas best dishes are swum

By Anonymous on June 25, 2013


We love you, Paula!! The potato salad in this article looks a little like what we grew up with, Hot Potato Salad or German Potato Salad...I need to make a batch. My girls and myself love everything you make and we love you!

By cinblr on June 24, 2013


I have tried some of your recipes from 3cookbooks of yours and we like what has been fixed so far.My husband says you & I will get along just fine because I love butter to.My son Elijah is leagally blind but can see, just not like us.He loves your show.He is 9 but has a mindset of a 4 or 5 tear old.He's very sweet but does have his melt downs due to his condition. When he has a spell I hope I can find your show on because he will hear you talking and come running to watch paula.He and I love you. You are a lot of fun to watch.We will keep trying some more recipes. Take care of yourself.Hopefully we'll get down your way this year and that you will be at Lady and sons.He and I would love to meet you. Love to you and yours. Thanks for the good food. Ginger Futrell

By Ginger Futrell on June 14, 2013


Paula i love your recipes my husband watches you every day looking forward to eat at the Lady and Son very soon love you Paula

By Angela Wells on June 11, 2013

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