Not My Mama’s Meals!

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Not My Mama’s Meals!

By Bobby Deen

Y’all it’s finally here! What has been a labor of real love and devotion is finally premiering tomorrow evening. I’m in NYC right now getting ready for the big day tomorrow.

If you haven’t heard by now, I’ve got a new show that will be airing on the Cooking Channel called, “Not My Mama’s Meals.” In it, I’ll be takin’ my mama’s famous dishes, which are known for plenty of butter, and making ‘em just a little lighter. That way y’all can feel good about enjoying our style of Southern cooking every day of the week, and not just for Sunday supper.

I’ll tell you, it’s been a real adventure, and I’m blessed to have such a talented and supportive family and team on my side. I’m real excited that Mom’s going to be making some special visits on my show to try my version of her recipes, and we’ll see which one wins! Now, I know that my recipes are delicious, but I think you’ll be surprised that we find that sometimes you just can’t touch a classic.

Y’all can learn more about the show on the Cooking Channel website, or I’m going to be on the Today Show Thursday morning, and I’ll be on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, January 11th. You can check your local listings for times.

I just can’t express how I excited I am to share this with y’all and I hope that you will enjoy it just as much as I have. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Remember, catch “Not My Mama’s Meals”, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4th at 9 PM ET on the Cooking Channel.

Love y’all,

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Reader Comments:


We love you Paula and love Bobby's show. My wife and I are wondering where we can by "Not my Mamma's Meals" cookbook

By Rich on March 17, 2014


I love you paula, thank god you are coming back, missed you a lot. Hope to see more good receipe By joyce Bourne 2-13-14 Middle Island, N Y 11953

By Anonymous on February 13, 2014


Does Paula Deen get paid when she makes her appearance on Not My Mamma's Meals? That is after she has been let go? Very curious is all thanks.

By Scott on August 02, 2013


Can't get enough of you Deens!! You never disappoint! Love all of your shows and Bobby's is no exception. The love y'all (if I may) have for great food and each other is evident and priceless. Glad to see Bobby's lightening up some of your dishes, Paula. We all need you around for many moons to come. Keep those "Best dishes" comin', please 'cause this girl feels the Love. And I certainly have tons for you Deens. Continued success. Lisa

By Lisa Eisenberg-Ferris on January 19, 2013


When is your son going to publish a Not my mama's cooking cookbook? love his show!! Jacquie

By Jacquie on December 28, 2012


Bobby, love your new show and the recipes. When are you going to publish a cook book with these? It would save a tree or so vs. me printing everything out. Good work and thank you. John Clements

By John Clements on November 04, 2012


please send me a copy of your latest book. I love your show.. Thank you

By chris atwater on October 09, 2012


I watched Bobby fry his chicken on Sun, 26th and wondered why he isn't using Safflower oil instead of Canola oil. It is scientifically proven that it does not enter the blood stream. It happens naturally not to do this. Just an FYI email for you.

By Pam Metcalf on August 26, 2012


Dear Paula Deen Some time ago I wrote you about make a show for people like me who need to lose weight. I love that your son is doing the new show. I would like to challenge Bobby Deen to make a poor person's meal, and make it healthy. Kinda like the poor man's stew Ramen Noodles Can Whole sweet Corn Can sweet pea's Can of Chicken meat Feeds 2 for less then 2 dollars. I would love to see some shows that can do this as nowadays money is so tight the you need to rob peter to pay paul. Your's Dwayne Bobby Dean show is good Paula Dean show is Great

By Dwayne Plasterer on June 16, 2012


How about the carbs in the low calorie versions of your Mamma's meals! Come on man!! Carbs are what really rule the fat world! Please, Please, disclose the CARB...content in your revised Mamma's meals! Carbs, Carbs, Carbs!!!!

By Scott on April 21, 2012


Hello Y'all!!!! smile I love how Bobby Deen is taking his Mama's meals and making them healthier!! I am a mama of 5 kids. I am a stay at home mom, college student, PTO Tresurer and Treasurer for imaginarium:Institute of Fine Arts. My Mama is a diabetic who refuses to try or even eat healthier foods and I am an emotional eater that has gained, lost and gained and in the process of losing again 150 pounds the healthy way! smile I am a Team Leader for The Pampered Chef and working on my Bachelors Degree in Health and Wellness. I love teaching people to cook healthier. So what Bobby is doing totally speaks to the passion that lives within me!! I would love to get my mama to try some of Paula's food cooked by Bobby!! It could make the difference between her life and her death. I was blessed with viewing the show today about baked coconut shrimp, fruit salad with Thai sauce. I wanted to let you know that we have sell a mango wedger and a pineapple wedger from the pampered chef. I would love love a heart to heart down home chit chat for my Mama from Paula!!! I think she has lost her will to live and to live healthier! oxoxo, Tina Griswold

By Tina Griswold on March 04, 2012


Love your Momma's recipes and I have really enjoyed the Not My Momma's Meals, lighter versions! I keep looking for lighter cheesecake recipes. I have found the best pan to bake cheesecakes in for a water bath. Check out You still need to bake the cheesecake in a springfoam pan, but the cheesecakemoat makes a huge difference in the cheesecake not cracking.

By cheesecakes on February 23, 2012


Love the show Bobby, Gotten several ideas. Love to cook myself. Keep it coming.

By Geoff Peters on February 20, 2012


I came across the following recipe "The Deen Bros. Enlightened Chocolate-Almond Fudge" and it sounds so easy. I do not like coffee and the recipe calls for the following, "2 teaspoons instant espresso coffee powder". I was wondering if I can just eliminate it, or if something else needs to be substituted and if so what?

By Vicki Bedford on February 16, 2012


Bobby, you are the greatest! I have been a fan of your Mom and family for years. I like your new show and I will always adore your mother. Best of luck to your whole family. You have what it takes to make this new show a hit. GO DEEN FAMILY!

By Lorie Goodin on February 16, 2012


WOW! I had faith in YALL!!!!! Just saw my first Not My Mama's Meals! GO Bobby! Kudos, Paula! I vacation at Hilton Head every summer and have been to the restaurant in Savannah! Great experience, and food! UMMM still remember my side of Fried Green Tomatoes! Great success and PR wished with your new WISE show! Lois Razek

By Lois Razek on February 12, 2012


this food are goood u got to put me on the show im 14 i like to cook

By zack on February 11, 2012


I myself recently found out i am type 2 diabetic.Also raised in the south in Alabama we learned to cook as Paula does.There is nothing better than dinner with fried chicken,mashed potatos with gravy,mac and cheese and can't forget those greens with ham hock and lots of butter ,not to mention a peach cobbler.I just have to say Bobby to you and your mama im so glad yall are finding ways to cook things healthier.I do have all your mama's cook books and love her to death but Ms.Paula as southern ladies in our early 40's wink Its time for us to get healthy and get our sexy back!!! Thanks Bobby and im waiting on your new cookbook to hit the stores. Love yall Mary

By mary higgins on February 11, 2012


Have watched your new cooking show. So love it. U are so trying to help us all. Paula u are a good Mom to encourage Bobby. Bobby, u need to hook up with the sweet thing, refering to Johhnny Cash;s granddaughter. u too work well together. Keep up the good work. We love u guys Rosie in Ct.

By R.Herdman on February 11, 2012


I hope you can get the food network to carry your show. I enjoy it but I don't get cooking network. Paula keep up the good shows and good work you do I follow you on food network and on Qvc when you are on. Love ya all Mary Ann Dekle

By Mary Ann Dekle on February 05, 2012

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