New Year’s Party Question 1

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New Year’s Party Question 1

By Sarah

Q. I’m having a New Year’s Eve Party at my home on Tybee Island, Ga. Just heavy appetizers. How many appetizers should I prepare?

A. First of all I want y’all to know that Sarah works for me. She does a great job organizing my schedule, but I guess she forgot to invite me to her party! Sarah, I always figure on 10 appetizer bites per person. The number of different appetizers you make depends on the size of your party. I like to use this rule.

Intimate Party (8-10 guests): Make 3 different appetizer choices
Small Party (11-16 guests): Make 4 to 5 different appetizer choices
Large Party (over 16): Make 6 different appetizer choices

I like to serve heartier appetizers such as The Lady and Son’s Chicken Fingers and Shane’s Sweet and Sour Meatballs when I host a party that will span over a mealtime. For parties that are held in the afternoon or evening after the dinner hour, you can offer more lighter appetizer choices, like Curry Dip and Homemade Salsa on the Fly.

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Love everything you do,very nice lady met you before in Lousiana. God Bless you

By hilda garza on October 16, 2011


well i have looking for good pie to make for my family.but i cant find a really good pie to make. do you have any ideas for me.thank you

By chris on April 21, 2011

These appetizer selections sound incredible!!!  We all need to be at Sarah’s home for New Years!

By diane kaufman on December 30, 2009

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