Never Fail Chocolate Souffle

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Never Fail Chocolate Souffle

By Libbie Summers

I’m not French, but my husband says I am.  He may be right…he usually is.  I do love anything Hermes, studied Traditional French Baking, worked in St. Tropez and have idled away many an hour at the Carl Gustaf Hotel bar on St. Barths.  Am I French?  No, but I like to kiss that way and along with this chic flowery French apron…my chocolate soufflé is.

Never Fail Chocolate Soufflé
Serves 6


1/3 cup granulated sugar, plus 3 tablespoons for sprinkling
5 ounces quality bittersweet chocolate, chopped finely
3 large egg yolks, room temperature
6 large egg whites, room temperature
1/16 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons butter, softened
1 tablepoon cocoa powder


Preheat oven to 375º F.  Liberally butter 6 individual soufflé ramekins and sprinkle with sugar; set aside.

In a metal bowl over simmering water, melt chocolate whilst constantly stirring.  Once the chocolate is melted, remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the egg yolks one at a time.

In the bowl of a standing mixer, beat egg whites with salt on medium high speed until they hold soft glossy peaks. Continue beating egg whites on high speed, gradually adding the remaining 1/3 cup sugar, until the egg whites hold stiff glossy peaks.

Gently stir 1/3 of the eggs whites into the chocolate mixture.  Carefully fold in the remaining egg whites. The chocolate mixture should be full of bubbles, even colored and without egg white streaks. 

Spoon your soufflé mixture into the prepared ramekins and bake for 12 – 15 minutes until risen with a crusty exterior.  Dust with cocoa powder and serve right away.

Cook’s Note:  Don’t open the oven door until ready to take out!  You have about 40-60 seconds to make it to the table before your soufflés will begin to fall.  If they fall…c’est la vie. 

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