Meet Bubbles!

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Meet Bubbles!

By Bubbles

Hello!  Let me introduce myself to y’all before I get started with my blog!  I am a Wife, Grandmother, God Mother, Mother, Aunt, Cousin, and Chief Cook and Bottlewasher!  My occupation is: Domestic Engineer.  This title allows me to do most anything at anytime of the day or night for whomever!

I married the most wonderful man, Phil Greene, almost 12 years ago and life has been a dream come true from day one of our relationship!  I hope and pray that my grandchildren will find someone later in their lives that will give them the love and security that I have been blessed with.  Together we have 3 children, or should I say married adults, Cathie (Chad), Phillip (Holly), and Harrison (Payton).
Now, my grandmother name is BUBBLES.  Collins, the oldest granddaughter, gave me my beautiful name!  Needless to say, I am Bubbles everywhere I go to everyone and I just love it.  I am so glad that my name is unique. Phil says that it just fits me. I shudder to think what she could have come up with!

We have three precious grandchildren.  Collins (13), Carson (9), and Kiran (9 mos.) are the light of our lives.  Two girls and a boy what more can you ask for!  I have a God Son, Gil (17), Ivy (21), and Little John (24) that I also call mine, and many more- too many to name.  I would love to be like the Old Woman in the shoe…  The more the merrier!  I just love to hear the pitter patter of little feet and laughter in our house!

Now that I have given you a brief introduction to who Bubbles really is, let me tell you how to put a star in your Grandmother Crown. Kiran, our grandson, lives in California and we do not get the opportunity to spoil him like we can Collins and Carson, our granddaughters.  We all want so badly to go visit and play with Kiran. He is a cutie pie and you will see from his pictures what we are missing!

Carson and Collins love to spend the night with Bubbles and Phil.  There is usually an activity planned by them before they come to our house.  Lately, the girls have had their friends over and they have wanted to cook, imagine that!  You know what, they can make the biggest mess in the kitchen, but who cares, not Bubbles!  The time we share together is so precious and the memories that they will have to share with their children are priceless. I let them tell me what they want to cook and away we go.

OK, all of you 20th Century Grandmothers here is a recipe that will knock your socks off!  Collins and Carson have mastered this gourmet delight with the greatest of ease, also eating them!  You will want to rush out and get the ingredients ASAP and make some with or without the Grandchildren.

Recipe for CRACK, OREO CRACK, that is!!

1 package of regular Oreo cookies
1 8 ounce package of Cream Cheese (room temperature)
2 packages of Candi Quik (Vanilla flavored)

Ready, set, go!  Put the Oreos in a large zip lock bag.  Give one of the little darlings a hammer or wooden mallet.  Let them pound the cookies until they are crumbs.  They like to take turns taking their frustrations out on the cookies!!

Pour the cookie crumbs into a mixing bowl and mix with the cream cheese until smooth.

You can roll the mixture by hand into small balls or use a small melon scoop to form them and drop onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  By this point a lot of finger tasting has gone on, so you might be short a few pieces of CRACK.

I do not let them melt the Candi Quik in the microwave for safety reasons.  Just follow the directions on the package.  When the Candi Quik has melted, let the children drop the Oreo balls into the mixture to coat.  Scoop balls out of mixture and place on the cookie sheet.  Place in the refrigerator until firm.  If you want, you can drizzle some milk chocolate Candi Quik over the Vanilla Candi Quik for a more gourmet look!

Oh my gosh!  These are to die for!  Take them to your next Sunday School party or office party and see what kind of reaction you get.  I cannot tell you how many recipes that I have made over the years.  Actually, I am thinking about buying some Nabisco stock now that I have given out this wonderful recipe!

P.S.  Collins and Carson prepared this for “Miss Paula” and “Mr. Michael” and it was indeed a hit!

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Reader Comments:


It was such a pleasure to meet you today July 8th at Target in Albany, Ga. I can not tell you how much me and my girls appreciated you taking the time to give my 10 year old grand-daughter your autography. That just shows me that what we see on tv is really what we get in real life. My grand-daughter Avery can not wait to see what Paula might have for her. That would truely be a delight if she did indeed received something. Thank you for being so nice. Please tell Paula that Wanda, Tonya and Avery are hugh fans!!!!!! Again, from one grandmother to another... Thanks for making a little girl's day...

By Wanda Walker on July 08, 2012


Hi Bubbles,my attention was drawn to your blog after going on Paula's website because my husband calls me "bubbles", it's always been my nickname. I really wanted to just tell Paula that when I see her picture pop up on an advertising screen her infectious smile makes me instantly smile, and then I read something about Anothony Bourdain, mean people really do suck and Anthony is a horses ass. I've watched his show and seen him make mean snarky comments about "voluptuous women". Paula just has the warmest smile ever! Lori

By lori gracida on April 25, 2012


Bubbles - you sound like me! I have 6 kiddos and 2 grandchildren..I love my grandbabies who are 4 and almost 2! I'm a young gramma, mama to kids ages 26-10, and we regularly 'adopt' young people who need some good family influence in their lives.

By Kristy W on January 06, 2012


I would like to say it was an extreme pleasure to have met you and your family on a brisk thanksgiving morning in New York. This especially knowing Paula was at home cooking with her aunt. I hope you and your family had a great time. I am still amazed at the chance of meeti g you and your family. It is a small blessed world we live in. Jill and i looked forward to becoming friends with you and your family. Have a great day and a wonderful Christmas holiday season.

By Shawn & Jill Giggey on November 25, 2011


You are such an inspiration. It sounds like you have a wonderful family. God has truly blessed you!

By Susan Salmon on September 14, 2011


The above recipe really sounds great. I don't know what Candi Quick is nor where to buy it. Can one of you let me know the answer to above. Thanks in advance. Shelba

By shelba on September 13, 2011


Reading you Candy Quick recipe brought back a sweet memory of a friend in the neighborhood. Tracey was a sweet neighbor around the corner who never had a bad word to say about anybody. One of her best qualities was her wicked sense of humor. I say was because we lost Tracey to cancer about a year & a half ago. She made the same recipe & called them Oreo Balls. Every Fall we have Oktoberfest in the neighborhood & Tracey put out a platter of Oreo Balls. I'd never had one & the first bite was heavenly. I said, "Tracey! How do you make this?!" And true to form, her deadpan answer was "if I told you I'd have to kill you." Thanks for the chance to reminisce about one we still miss in the neighborhood.

By Sandy on September 06, 2011


Having spent some of my early years in the company of both Paula and "Bubbles" I can honestly say that it appears the party that they started in their youth has not stopped. It is great to see both of them share with all of us the fun that they are having now. Good food, good memories and more to come. Jim Samford Radium Springs Alumni

By Jim ( Jimbo ) Samford on September 06, 2011


I am not quite sure, but I don't think I have every seen candy quick in our area. Can I use any kind of melting chocolate? These look like fun to make with my granddaughter for the holiday's.

By jennette pillius on September 06, 2011


Why in the world would you call it Crack? Crack is another name for Cocaine.

By Juanda Krebs on September 06, 2011


Paula my name is kathy and just wanted you to know. That I have always thought your hair is so pretty. So can I ask what do they call your style because mine is the same size . And would like to have my design like that. One of your fans Thank you

By on September 06, 2011


I was in Hilton Head Island, S.C. a couple of weeks ago....Love, love SC We went on a wonderful dinner/sunset cruise and the next day wanted to on the Paula Dean Restaurant cruise to we were signing up for the Paula Dean Restaurant cruise.....we learned we were not going to Paula's restaaurant but to Bubba's we immediatly cancelled Irene cut our vacation we did not drive to Savannah. I hope there will be a next time as I love Paula Dean...... Love, Peggy

By Peggy Miller on September 06, 2011


Candi Quick is another brand of Almond Bark found in the baking section by the chocolate coating. I have also crumbled cake or brownies and mixed with the cream cheese and dipped in the chocolate coating. Yummy and always a big hit.

By deevrdn on September 06, 2011


Sounds like fun to make but not sure where to get the candi quik? thx

By Peggy on September 06, 2011


I do a similar recipe except I cover the whole ball. I have people that beg me to make them, that they are better than sex!!!! Crazy

By Tami Carder on September 06, 2011


Where do I get candi quik. I never heard of it before.

By Marsha Null on September 06, 2011


I would very much like to try this great recipe.. but I have a question... What is the CANDI QUIK AND WHERE CAN YOU BUY IT? It sounds great.. I'm going to a family reunion this month and this would be the perfect treat to take for all to enjoy.. would appreciate a reply back soon on my question.. thanks Bubbles... Paula is a great lady and would love to meet her some day... WHAT A WOMAN!!!' Sincerely, Wanda Bolen, Salem, Ohio

By wanda bolen on September 06, 2011


My friends and I call those Oreo Truffles/Oreo Balls. We've made them for years. We absolutely love them. Friends and I gather in my kitchen and make a ton of them, and then we divide the truffles equally. (: To call them Oreo Crack is hilarious. I will now refer to them as that, because they ARE really addicting!

By Christopher on September 06, 2011


Thanks Bubbles! (Love that name)! I am so making this for the holidays, thanks so much for the recipe? Who doesn't love oreos, cream cheese and chocolate? Cheers! Sherry

By Sherry on September 06, 2011


that receipe looks very good i am going to try that receipe thanks for sharing

By dottie henderson on September 06, 2011

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