Making Mother’s Day Special

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Making Mother’s Day Special

By Susan Greene

Where do I begin!!  March roared in and before I knew it, April arrived like a whirl wind and this month is almost over!!  There is a very special day fast approaching in May –MOTHER’S DAY!

The month of May is already filled with a lot of activities for us!  End of the year parties for the girls, Graduation for Gil (our Godson), Gil’s 18th Birthday Celebration, Cathie’s Birthday, my BIRTHDAY (without a celebration!),  weddings of close friend’s children in Albany not to mention the 2 destination weddings, announcement party for a close friend that is getting married and that very important day MOTHER’S DAY, MAY 13!  I cherish the treasures that I have kept over the years that Cathie gave me for Mother’s Day!  Old, tattered, faded and stained but they all have sentimental value to ONLY me!  Do not throw that special gift away that was made for you with those precious hands. 

Collins and Carson have already talked with me about what they want to give their mother.  A DAY OF REST!  My comment was, “What about Bubbles???”  Cathie is a wonderful mother and does a lot for and with the girls!  She deserves a day off!  They want to make her a cake and I said of course!  I know that we will use the pound cake recipe that Paula has in her BIBLE! There might just be enough time to whip up a batch of LOADED OATMEAL COOKIES, a favorite of Cathie’s and the girls. I wish that Kiran could be here to help crack the eggs and lick the batter bowl with Collins and Carson.  YUMMY!!  Phil likes the batter bowl also!!!

Phillip, Holly and Kiran are coming for a short visit, but it will be after Mother’s Day.  We are all so excited about seeing them! Rene-Rene, my mother, wears many titles Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  She asked if we could have a belated MOTHER’S DAY celebration when Kiran arrives.  Believe me we will do just that!!! 

Ivy Inman gave me the neatest gift.  She saw this idea on PINTEREST.  Now that is an addictive website!  Get started on this and the hours will fly by and that “to do” list will surely not be completed in a day!!! The wreath that she gave me is a great gift for Mother’s Day!  The initials are cut out of metal and then secured in a grapevine wreath.  Greenery was added to mine but you could put whatever you want.  LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! Collins told me that she was sure that her Mom would like it also, maybe a hint??  Probably will work on this for them for Mother’s Day!  If you like it and want one just send me an email!  I will be glad to check on the availability of the completed wreath and cost.  Check out the picture!!

The girls know that their MOM loves jewelry.  A friend of Cathie’s, Allyson Jones, makes discs with names imprinted on them and then ties them on leather to make a necklace.  Mine has the “Grands” names on it without pearls.  Collins and Carson want Cathie’s to have a pearl or two added to her necklace along with the discs.  Whatever!  Just keep the girls happy!! OOPS!  Better add that phone call to Allyson to my list of to do’s!  I love mine and as you can see I wear it with another leather necklace with pearls!  Want one?  Just let me know!

Mother’s are special everyday not just May 13th!!  I am so blessed to have my Mother, my daughter and Grands just around the corner and Kiran on Facetime from California!  Modern technology is AMAZING!!

Be sure to remember those very SPECIAL AUNTS also!


Love and hugs!


P.S.  Thank you to those of you that have responded to my BLOGS via email!!  That is what I am here for to help you with your “to do” list!!

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Reader Comments:


I would love to have information on the wreath and the necklaces. They both look wonderful!

By Carole Lowe on February 16, 2013


I love the necklace's. I love reading the information on every one. I am so proud of Paula for loosing weight. She doesn't look a day over 49! I would love to have some of her tips on how to loose weight. Exercising is very hard especially when you are overweight to begin with. How much are the necklace's. Keep the information coming. Thanks for all you do and give Paula a big hug for me.

By Donna Neiner on June 27, 2012


Bubbles: I love the wreath. Where can I get one quick?

By Hazel Grainger on May 08, 2012

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