Life is Like … Well, You Know

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Life is Like … Well, You Know

By Paula Deen

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, y’all might be feelin’ pressure to come up with some big romantic gesture for someone you love.  And while it’s too late and too expensive to book a trip to Bali or hire Barry Manilow to make a house call, it’s never too late to show someone how much you love and appreciate them by giving ‘em something homemade from the heart.  It doesn’t need to be a big production; sometimes the simplest gestures are the sweetest ones.

This doesn’t mean doing a last-minute dash to the grocery to pick up a box of chocolates, like the ones with the little maps inside to let you know what you don’t want to eat.  Store-bought chocolates just say “re-gift”—not exactly the best way for someone to feel the love.  Of all the days, Valentine’s is just not the time to be settling for less.  The whole point of the holiday is to find a way to say “I love you” without even having to move your lips. 


Whatever you may have heard about the complexities of candymakin’, rest assured that these Valentine’s Day chocolates are so easy.  “Simple and sweet” is the best way to describe these handmade boxes of chocolates that I’ve put together.  All you really need is your favorite brand of chocolate and some inspiration.
I found my inspiration in dozens of darling little molds used to make chocolate pops.  I fell in love with these lips that I wrapped tightly in bright red foil.  All I had to do was melt the chocolate, pour it in the mold, let it harden back up and pop it out.  I also made “nut clusters” by mixin’ in my favorite nuts and spooning it into festive paper liners in a mini-cupcake tin.  Once the chocolates set, I put them in a decorative container with my Valentines’ names written on them, keeping in mind that while presentation isn’t everything (taste is!), it still counts for something.


Of course, no box of chocolates would be complete without a couple pieces of homemade fudge.  My simple recipe makes fudge that will just melt in your mouth.  And forget about drawing a map for your box of chocolates.  Your loved ones won’t be discriminating—they’ll eat every single morsel.


You know, Valentine’s Day and a box of chocolates go hand in hand.  Like two people madly in love, they can’t be pried apart—not even with a crowbar, y’all.  Likewise, you won’t be able to pull these wonderful chocolates out of the hand that receives ‘em, so be sure stash away a few for yourself!  The cook deserves some lovin’, too.

*You can find similar supplies in your local craft stores!

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Reader Comments:


So nice to have you in for coffee once again. Now I see the whole family as I watch the boys on their shows. But, I've been ill and need to know. Bobby did you marry that gal yet? And Jamie we need more shows I know those boys are growing like weeds. Is a girl next? I'm so very HAPPY for you Paula. God Bless J

By Jacque Thornburg on July 09, 2014


dear paula deen my name julia gonzalez and i watch your show everyday and i just love it,i would like to know when you will come back on your show because i misse you very much love julia gonzalez

By juliagonzalez on June 27, 2014


Hi Paula, It's good to have you back. Missed the Southern- charm-cooking along with the personal stories. May the healing be complete soon.

By Marge on June 06, 2014


Hi Paula, love it when you make a blog post. I hope you and your team will find a good way to keep you in touch with your fans. Blogs and websites can do that well if they are updated regularly. We're all still here hoping to hear from you. Take good care!

By Paula on May 21, 2014


Paula, The cooking channel is not the same since you have been gone! They keep trying to get it better, but it will not be until you are back on! Keep up the good work! I very seldom watch since you left! I do watch the Pioneer Woman some! This whole thing was too ridiculous for words! Keep up your good Spirit!

By Jackie Weatherl on March 15, 2014


Had to let you know the Caramelized Vidalia Onion and Blue Cheese Hot Dip is wonderful! Also, I bought your spring magazine today and was so glad to see it back at our local supermarket. WhooHoo!!!

By jbeal on March 05, 2014


Paula you are a beautiful lady inside and out. We love you and miss your show so very much. You always made me feel as if you were talking just to me. Have used many of your recipes. Hope everything will now be great for you and yours. Sending my love!!

By Linda Hickman on March 01, 2014


I still subscribe to Paula magazine and buy all the special editions and own several of your cookbooks. I hope to see you in some new endeavors. Hold your head hi and move on from the bad stuff Love you and your recipes Bee

By Bee Frahm on March 01, 2014


So happy for your return Paula. As an African American woman, I have also said things in the past that could have cost me dearly if it had not been for that good ole' thing called forgiveness. Heck, I may even say something today. All of us are guilty at one point or another for having 'kitchen table talk' outside of the kitchen. You don't know how many times I've said, "Oh Lord, please get me out of this one!" I have had to learn not to dwell and self-condemn myself. As a retired military woman with Southern roots, my mouth can sometimes be my worst enemy. It took me a long time to realize that everyone does not know my heart or get my jokes sometimes (and some of them are funny) but the people who really know me. Oh well, such is life. I commend you for being yourself, taking accountability, and for going forward. Life is about learning and growing. If we are not allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow then what is the point? Best of wishes to you and God Bless! Oh, I could use some southern recipes that are healthy but taste good. grin A sista needs more than wheat germ and twig leaves for these hips. See, I did it again!!! grin

By Lisa on February 27, 2014


I truly miss your shows. I am confused, r u going to have a new show? We love your recipes and your family is awesome. Our family is a very close family and I love how you talk and cook with your grand kids. We r truely blessed. Bless you! Thanks Paula

By April Dill on February 21, 2014


Your recipes help me bring quality of life to my family.

By Marilyn Rodriguez on February 19, 2014


What a wonderful person you are! Thankfully all of the ridiculous carryings on are behind you and yours. I've missed you soooo much. I've just found your website, Paula. I'm thrilled with it and know I will be visiting it several times a week. It's wonderful to see you and the boys. I've always been a big fan. Keep up the great work.

By Joanne Hart on February 14, 2014


Miss your show! Cooking channel is not good anymore.

By Kay Vincent on February 14, 2014


I really miss your show. I feel like you are a good friend. Hold your head up high and keep up the good work. Go to another network. We miss you! I love to cook for my family and friends.

By Kay Vincent on February 14, 2014


I miss Paula, hope all is well with you and your family. I pray that God continue to bless you....

By Dariann on February 13, 2014



By marie pabon on February 13, 2014


Mz Paula, I don't know if you have ever seen any of my posts concerning the fracas in 2013. But I said it then, I say it indeed are a Lady, you also happen to be gorgeous! You shall always and ever have my support, and distant love! You remind me of some of my favorite friends from some of Biloxi's sweetest families. May God keep you well, and continue to richly bless you!!!!

By Ricky Romero on February 12, 2014



By pamela hash on February 10, 2014


Your Great Paula...... when are they going to get smart and get you back on the air..... or have you moved on to better things? any way, god bless and ill keep checking out your recipes, so keep them coming.....

By Roger Shykes on February 09, 2014


WOW everything looks sooo good! Thank You Paula for the recipes I will be making some goodies! Happy Valentine's Day!

By Conni on February 09, 2014

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