Just Add Salad, A week of affordable easy meals

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Just Add Salad, A week of affordable easy meals

Casseroles deserve a place in your home cooking repertoire, not only are they the ultimate comfort food, they are also a busy mom or dad’s best friend. Easy to cook, they can be prepared the evening before and just popped in the oven when you get home.  Plus casseroles are economical, stretching your budget by including inexpensive ingredients.  Here we present five of our favorites sure to warm your belly on a cold fall evening.

1. Chicken and Rice Casserole

2. Three Meat Pasta

3. Walk Away Baked Spaghetti

4. Hot Chicken Salad

5. Bobby’s Goulash

We hope you enjoy them.

From the Paula Deen Test Kitchens

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By Wholesale clothing on November 23, 2011

just wanted to stop by and   tell you I   made bobbys   goulash my family ate the whole   pan no left overs   where to be found they couldnt get enough   the next day my son asked when i was making it again..  thansk you so much   for sharing this recipe

By terri decker on August 31, 2010

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