Jamie Deen Releases ‘Good Food’

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Jamie Deen Releases ‘Good Food’

By Paula Deen

I don’t think a mother ever gets tired of beamin’ over her children, so y’all forgive me if you think I’m gushing too much. The truth is, with every piece of work that my sons, Jamie and Bobby, accomplish, for every good thing that they do, I still want to hang it up on my refrigerator, as if it was their first piece of art they made in kindergarten.

That’s a kind of pride and admiration that you just can’t put a price on.

There’s not a night that goes by that I don’t lie in my bed and count each and every one of my blessings and feel the most pure sense of love and joy that a person can imagine. From grandchildren, to family dinners, there’s no blessing that’s too big or too small. I experienced the same kind of happiness when I got to see Bobby’s career blossom with his first solo book and television show. And now I get to live the whole thing over again with Jamie’s new cookbook, Jamie Deen’s Good Food. He’s already got his own show on Food Network, but now having his own cookbook has long been a dream of Jamie’s, and he, more than anyone, couldn’t be more elated that it’s finally here.

You see, Jamie has always been a natural family man. He’s a top-notch husband, an out-of-this-world daddy, and one of the two best sons this momma could have ever asked for. So when it came time for him to pen his own cookbook, he immediately knew the niche that he wanted to take: good, fresh food that parents can feel good about putting on the table for their families. And I’ve got to say, he’s really done it y’all.

The recipes in his new cookbook are the kinds of recipes that traditions are made out of. They’re the kinds of recipes that get passed down from generation to generation. As a mother and grandmother, it’s my hope that Jamie’s boys, Jack and Matthew, hold onto their copies of Good Food and pass it down to their children, and their children’s children. But that’s quite a ways away!

Your family is going to love cooking out of this cookbook, not only because the recipes are unbelievable delicious, but also because they’re practical, no-fuss, and use wholesome, fresh, and locally sources ingredients when available. For instance, Brooke’s Meatloaf with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella is an instant favorite that your family will ask for time and time again. The One-Pot Chicken and Rice with Leeks and Green Olives is perfect for a weeknight dinner; my mouth is waterin’ just thinking about it! Even the desserts are irresistible, like Jamie’s Peach and Blackberry Cobbler.

One of my favorite parts about Jamie’s book is that it’s got a special section in the back, called Rooster’s Café, filled with all of Jack Deen’s favorite recipes. They’re perfect for little hands, and are a great way to help encourage young ones to get into the kitchen and help out, as well as introduce them to new foods they normally wouldn’t be willing to try.

But, don’t take my word for it y’all! After all, in this momma’s eyes, her babies can do no wrong. You’ve got to find out how delicious it is for yourself!

For a sneak peek into of the recipes, click here.

To order now:

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Reader Comments:


Paula! Your mac and cheese recipe is a family favorite, especially for my teenage son. We love you and support you and your family. I will have to pick up Jamie's book too.

By Tami Pantzke on October 19, 2013


Congratulations Jamie! I Paula, I miss seeing you. I absolutely love your style of cooking. I cook southern food for my friends here in NM and they just cannot believe what they have been missing for all of their lives. I love and support you and your family and will not watch Food Network ever again.

By Brent Perez on September 29, 2013


I think the Food Network should have had a show of hands of anyone who had never made a mistake.The channel has now left a bad taste in my mouth.Love you and your family.Remember that the promises say that you will be restored, that no weapon formed against you will prosper, and you will be given double for your trouble.Thank you for being you.

By Dawn on September 28, 2013


Paula do you have a recipe for Toffee Fudge? My sister made it for me one time & I loved it but she won't give me the recipe. If you do I sure would appreciate it. Every time I tried to make fudge in my earlier years I either had to eat it with a spoon or it turn out wrong. Thank you for your help. Love you & your boys. Carol

By Carol Morgan on September 28, 2013


I just hope you know how much you are missed. You are the food network. I have been watching Jamie's show and it feels like you are still around that way. I so enjoyed seeing you for the "bag lady" celebration. We all talk about you here in Mocksville, NC. We support you 100% in any way we can. I cook from your Southern Bible on Sunday nights and my friends look forward to it. God bless you Paula!!!!

By Jeanne toyes on September 25, 2013


Love you so much, Paula!! Your family is precious!

By Anonymous on September 24, 2013


Was so wonderful to meet you, Michael, and Bobby in Dallas. Sure was good to get back to Crystal River. We'd love for you to come and see The River and King's Bay!

By Beverly J King on September 24, 2013


I can't tell you how much I and others miss you on the Food Network!! It's like a friend is missing!! Hopefully you'll be back on TV soon with something bright & new!! We miss you!!!

By Barbara Brinklow on September 23, 2013


Paula and Jamie, so glad for your new book, knew you would let a few people get you down. I do miss your cooking show, but will try to see Jamie's show. Love the cooking shows, your show was the best, easy down home recipes is just what I need. Love to ya'll. Cece in Virginia

By Cecilia on September 21, 2013


I just wanted you to know I support you 100% and no longer watch Food Network.This was all blown out of context. I am ordering your magazine and Jamies new cook book. Why don't you start your own network and get back on television. We miss you. People should look at their own lives and stay out of everyone elses. I will pray for you and your family.

By Christine Andrew on September 21, 2013


Ordered mine can't wait to get it!

By Bonnie Colvert on September 20, 2013


I have had the new cook book by Jamie Deen and Bobby Deen for a few weeks now. They are both excellent. If you like good food done right and doesn't take forever to do then you have bought the right cook books from these two young men. They are great chefs. They learned their cooking skills from the best in the business. That person is their precious Mother Paula Deen. What a great chef she is. Have all of her cook books. Bought the very first of her cook books when she appeared on QVC many years ago. And she has soared since that first delightful cook book. Love you Paula. God bless. Sara Stokes

By Sara Stokes on September 20, 2013


I bought this book on QVC.. I wanted them to know that your family can still pull in 'customers'.. It was not for their sorry actions!! It's funny but when you watch a show and see the boys grow up.. See their children growing up, you seem like family!!! I have read about the hard work and sacrifices that you made to give your family a future. This makes me sick of the people that work for you who try to get money by sleazy means!!! Good work Jamie Deen and I am so proud of you and Bobby standing up for your Mom.. LOVE this cookbook!!!

By Ruth Nesbitt on September 20, 2013


Love everything you do Paula Deen. I too have a son who I am so proud of, he's a sports writer. Keep those great emails coming and the wonderful recipes. I am looking forward to one day purchasing a cooking set and for a visit from you to Las Vegas!! Love ya, Paula Deen, you inspire me.

By Mariam Becker on September 20, 2013


I try to never miss anything you are on and have kept track of you and all you've done since the very start. True I'm an OLD fan as in fan but old in age. I just love you and your boys and can see where they get such a love for food. I've tried many recipes but haven't gotten any cookbooks as can't afford them at this time. Retired and being on a fixed income makes things hard but the recipes work fine for my food budget. Thanks to you all. I'll keep reading and watching.

By Rita Tarr on September 20, 2013


Congrats to Jamie Deen! Best wishes to all of your family.

By Teresa on September 20, 2013


Congrats to the dean family. I stand behind you and yours.

By Kay Wantman on September 20, 2013


9.20.13 Dear Ms. Deen: I am encouraging you to hang in there and keep the faith. Making mistakes and saying the wring things are a part of the life we live. You apologized and asked for forgiveness...I accept you apology and send you my support and love. You are a fine woman who reminds me of the summer days I spent in Arkansas with my grandmother as a child in the early 60's as she cooked and how the house smelled of all that good southern cooking. I am an African American Man, married 40 years, with 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren so I understand how these things can hurt the feelings of even those not involved. You will be back and come back stronger than ever, with the grace of God on your side and those who walk in a life of forgiveness and redemption cheering from the sidelines. Peace, Love, Soul and God Bless, Tyrone P. Dumas 5963 N. 78th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-462-6657 home or 414-690-4789 cell

By Tyrone P. Dumas on September 20, 2013

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